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    What game did you last play?!?!?!?

    I really do think it's good (SNES, not GBA). It's absolutely too difficult if you play as Mega Man, borderline unbalanced really, but I honestly don't see why people complain about Bass' version. Definitely check it out!
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    What game did you last play?!?!?!?

    I think Mega Man VII is the best of the main entries from the Classic series, but I'd personally put Mega Man & Bass above it just because playing as Bass is so smooth and satisfying, like a cross between a Classic & X experience.
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    suggest some stuff such as media

    The Dragon Ball Super manga. It started off with the same problems the anime had but became the stronger one of the two and is only getting better.
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    Princess Bros. Worship Thread

    This could be a funny idea for a game with Peach and Daisy saving them instead.
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    Do you think the Switch should count as a console or a handheld?

    It's primarily a handheld which is now even more obvious thanks to one of the models being exclusively handheld. I mean, nobody would argue that a phone is a home console but you could set it up to a TV it you really wanted to.
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    Your favorite Mega Man characters.

    Data, Bass, and Duo are great. Data is cute, and Bass and Duo are cool in different ways (Bass being the typical type of anti-hero/rival sort of design and Duo looking really imposing but still sort of "heroic"). All of the different versions of Roll gets an honorable mention. Data from the...
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    What inspired YOUR username?

    I had a question that I wanted to ask here regarding sprites in a game from the Mario series, so I just combined elements of my purpose for signing up and the Mario series into a username.
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    Would you like to see a Nintendo VS Capcom crossover game?

    If it employed more traditional 2D fighting mechanics like Street Fighter or Marvel VS Capcom then it would be cool. If they tried making it 3D I'd prefer Nintendo VS Namco.
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    What game did you last play?!?!?!?

    Fantasy Strike (Switch). If they added some more command moves and crouching then it'd be a better game, but it's still got a pretty good core even if the aesthetics are bad.
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    If you had the choice to make the next Mario game, what would it be?

    A 2D Mario & Sonic platformer (2D sections by Sonic Mania team, 3D sections by Nintendo). If it had to be just a normal Mario game, Super Mario RPG 2 in conjunction with Square-Enix.
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    Can someone help me with information about Super Mario Land 2?

    Thanks for the info! When I follow the first link you provided it shows a list of all of the characters, but when I click one I don't seem to be sent to the same kind of page as in your second link where the "tightly cropped" data is. Sorry for the trouble, but how do I navigate to that section...
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    Can someone help me with information about Super Mario Land 2?

    It's not hard to find the sprites but I want to know their size since I'm making a Game Boy platformer with similar dimensions, so knowing Mario and the basic enemies' information would help a lot. Thanks, sorry if this is the wrong area for the question.