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  1. Luigifreak

    Rabbids go Home

    The latest Rabbid game in the collection, in case you didn't know. So, the Rabbids finally leave "our world." Its supposed to be better than the last one or two, but I'm excited for it because of something else. Maybe now we can finally get new REAL Rayman games. Your thoughts?
  2. Luigifreak

    Have you ever cried during a video game??

    And if so, what game? I have, on several occasions. I hate to admit it, but when I was younger, I cried at the ending of Link's Awakining.
  3. Luigifreak

    The translation game!

    Not sure if this belongs here or in off topic, but whatever. Basically, just take a random quote or stupid fad and translate it into another launguage. Extra chuckles if you go here: and translate it back. Also go there if you know no other launguage. I'll start. Es...
  4. Luigifreak

    Favorite old TV show

    And when I mean 1990 or before. For me It's gotta be a show called "Whos line is it anyway" Its basically about 4 guys that have to improvise about random things, for example they have to sing songs about crying babies in movie theaters. Hopefully you like old shows..... (your all gonna say the...
  5. Luigifreak

    Reveiw Section Suggestions.

    Yeah.... as no one is giving me suggestions for games on the wiki, ill post something here. I just wanna know if there are games you think more people need to know about, or if you need to know whether to buy something.... tell it here! So far I have done: PMTTYD, NSMB, Wario World, SMB2, SPM...
  6. Luigifreak

    How do I put pics in my messages?

    I know that you have to put the img/img thingy, but do you put, like, Picname.jpeg or what? Also, what types om images can I put in my messages? thanks in advance.
  7. Luigifreak

    The wierdest/ creepiest video game character.

    I hope this hasen't been made before, but what is the creepiest video game character? I don't mean one from a horror game, but the most demented, insane, person, one who despretley needs therapy, one who probrably has taken some sort of drug. For me so far, It has to be Bear Hugger, Aran Ryan...
  8. Luigifreak

    Most over rated game/part from mario series

    I mean which game or part was said to be really really good, easy, hard, ect. but when you played it it was different (boring, hard, easy) For me it was the shadow queen, who I beat on my first try, barley any powerups needed.
  9. Luigifreak

    what game to get?

    My little brother and I are going on a long trip spending a lot of times on trains, planes, ect. We have a ds for each of us, but which games should we get? We will probrably get one for each, and my little bro. is pretty young, and is pretty inexperienced at video games. Right now, my brother...