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  • I guess we're gonna see how much Garfield sounds like Mario in the coming months...
    Well I'm back home now, among other things I found a big crawly white nymph on the floor of the airport. I took my Booster Juice bag, and I trapped the nymph in it. Currently the bag is in my backpack, I haven't opened it yet, the nymph hasn't eaten in almost 24 hours, and I'm still not entirely sure if it's still in the bag after traveling like 1000 miles.
    Xbox says they are going to invest in microtransactions because it is a lucrative business 🫤
    I just bought the world's gimmickiest item... sunglasses with built-in speakers for surround sound. They were dirt cheap, let's hope they last more than 2 days
    I made it to the big city, what did I miss! I had to walk down the freeway for a little while with all my luggage because all the dang black friday shoppers clogged up the city and the roads didn't work. I saw a Cozy Coupe that was "broken down" on the side of the freeway LOL (not joking). Went out for lunch and saw Kiefer Sutherland. City city city. Busy busy busy.
    I tested my new cargo pants and the big boy side pocket can hold my 5 pound weight, my laptop charger, a t shirt, and my DS all at once
    Who needs a gym membership when you have a floor to do pushups on and a 5 pound weight you found at the thrift store? Total expenses: 1 dollar USD
    Hey guys, I saw a shooting star last night. What's cool is that the peak of the Leonid meteor shower was supposed to be 3 days ago. I was just lying in my bed, looking at the stars, when I saw this huge bright thing fall vertically down from the sky. I saw it through just a narrow strip of window, centered right in the middle of my view, so it was really amazing.
    I've been listening to the same 15-second loop of BGM for like 4 hours now, I'm not really sure why, and I'm starting to get a genuine headache
    Hey guys do any of you like stereograms or autostereograms? All you have to do is diverge or cross your eyes enough to view the 3D image
    for example this one is a shark
    oh right a New Master® video style color game entered production today for the Nintendo Switch®®® game console brand royal family of console system.

    [ads as of yesterday] Nintendo seems eager to tell people their game exists.
    did you know that Scrooge McDuck canonically died in 1967
    :| I loved, and still do love, Ducktales and wherever else this geezer was. Sad day


    Oop there he is
    you wouldn't believe how my $60 cheapo Under Armour kicks get way more complements than the many guys with $300 Air Jordans
    when you fall down the stairs then immediately after put a can of Red Bull in your pocket then immediately after sit down then it immediately after spills down your pants, then you realize you cut yourself when you fell down the stairs and the Red Bull seeped into the wounds 😑
    I see no one said bye bye to smurf, honestly I don't blame you at all, he was kind of a bum.
    Anyways, introducing, for the
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