Author Topic: Boxing Ring titles for new characters  (Read 241 times)

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Boxing Ring titles for new characters
« on: January 09, 2019, 03:01:29 AM »
With the Boxing Ring stage, each character gets a title , if you were to choose some new characters, what would their title be?

Slime: Goo Guy
Birdo: Dream Demon
Waluigi: Lean And Mean
Jibanyan: Real Charmer
Min-Min: Noodle Dragon
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Re: Boxing Ring titles for new characters
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2019, 02:58:08 PM »

Mr. Krabs: Krusty Krap
Squidward: Rather Be Playing His Clarinet
Peter Griffin: The Killablle Family Person
Corrin: Screaming Syrup
Wii Fit Trainer: NOOOOO!
Waluigi: Fabuseless Spider
Shrek: Getting Shrecked all Ogre
Baby Luigi: Ugly Duckling
Baby Mario: Hit By a Frying Pan
Simon: #simonsaysgetwhipped
Richter: #richterremarkssomething
Inkling: *plays irritating music*
Pichu: Fat Man-Killing Mouse
Ice Climbers: Always Stepping On Mines

(I did characters already in the game but hell)
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Re: Boxing Ring titles for new characters
« Reply #2 on: January 09, 2019, 07:02:40 PM »
Well, this thread is for new characters, but I'm just going to run through the MBST file I have for Smash 4...

Bayonetta:Bacon Binger
Captain Falcon: The Crappy Captain
King Dedede: Wii Fit Trainer Killer
Diddy Kong: The Masked Kong!
Donkey Kong: Disgusting Ape Thing
Dr. Mario: Quack 64
Duck Hunt: Duck, Duck, DIE
Falco: Hey Einstein! I'm on your side!
Fox: Leader of Star Bucks
Game & Watch: The Mister!
Ganondorf: The Main Character
Greninja: Master of Being Dissected
Ike: The Famous Candy Bar
Corrin: Syrup of Maize
Kirby: Dumb as a Brick
Bowser: Wowser, you da best!
Bowser Jr.: Pac-Pwner
Link: The Ultimate Joke
Little Mac: The Tiny Big Mac
Charizard: Doofus Dragon
Lucario: Lucardiac Arrest
Lucas: Brownie Boy
Lucina: Look How Pretty I Am
Luigi: The Gayest™ Brother
Mario: Badass Fatass
Marth: The Tiara-Queen
Meta Knight: The Meaty Murderer
Mewtwo: Aborted Cat Fetus
Mii Fighter: The Barlwer of Wario's Bellies
Mii Gunner: The Gunner of Wario's Noses
Mii Swordfighter: The Swordfighter of Wario's Smells
Villager: Mayor of Starcraft
Ness: The Funny Fudge Freak
PAC-MAN: THE Sorriest Excuse EVER
Palutena: Goddess of Pie
Peach: Princess... PITCH!
Pikachu: Oh my gawd!
Olimar: Veteran Wii Fit Killer
Pit: Needs Deodrant
Dark Pit: Too Late for Deodrant
Jigglypuff: Pop Goes The Puff
Robin: The Burger King
R.O.B. :RRRRR! Freak
Mega Man: The Blue Soda
Rosalina: Laser Surgeon
Ryu: Talk is Cheap
Samus: Research Robot Extraordinaire
Sheik: Sheik Shookoo Shaka
Shulk: Are you feeling it?
Sonic: The Fast Freak
Zero Suit Samus: Robot Stunt Double
Toon Link: Farore-Forcing Failure
Wario: Cute Man with a Fart of Gold
Wii Fit Trainer: Pikmin Fodder
Yoshi: The Green Snotbag
Zelda: Hyrule's Famous Yelling Woman

Metal Mario: You Can't Kill the Metal
Ellis: Have I Told You About Keith And
Mr Krabs: The Crustaceous Cheapskate
Another Mario variant?: Sugar Makes You Fat!
Peter Griffin: The Killable Family Person
Waluigi: Walu-Useless
Wendy: The Brat Who Wants America
Alph: Wii Fit Killer in Training
LeftyGreenMario: KlutzyGreenMario
Mario (swim trunks): Flabulous Italian


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Re: Boxing Ring titles for new characters
« Reply #3 on: January 10, 2019, 11:24:56 AM »
Lucardiac arrest

I can't believe you referenced that.

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Re: Boxing Ring titles for new characters
« Reply #4 on: January 19, 2019, 01:23:25 AM »
New Characters
Paper Mario: Paper-Thin Hero
Bandanna Waddle Dee: Master of the Spear
Maxwell: The Super Scribblenaut
Aloy: Nora Brave, Seeker, Machine Hunter

Changes to Existing Ones
Pokémon Trainer ♂ (whom I'd rename Red): Kanto's Champion
Pokémon Trainer ♀ (whom I'd rename Leaf): Pallet Town's Lesser-Known Girl

Shameless Inserts
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Z (my brother): The Zany Not-Twin (we look nearly identical but he's 2+ years older than me and he wouldn't be an echo)
Siph: Gemtone Mini-Yoshi with a Sapphire Gleam
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