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Re: minecraft games 2018
« Reply #60 on: September 04, 2018, 12:23:07 PM »
loot hunt what if we do everything like it is right now except we score it once after the first hour and a second time at the end of 3 days and treat those as separate events
of all the suggestions ive read for loot hunt this is the best one ive seen and i think it would fix everyones thirst for loot without compromising unijus sanity

theres a lot of other great ideas in this post (changing the milk is not one of them you LACTOSE INTOLERANT SKELETON) but this is the one that stood out to me

if new events are being planned following the great *bleep* you of 1.13 id like to make a suggestion for a fishing/deep sea diving event with the advent of viewable fish if thats possible


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Re: minecraft games 2018
« Reply #61 on: September 04, 2018, 02:59:39 PM »
use replaceitem or wahtver the *bleep* its called to put the fishing rod in offhand by defaul
pretty sure he did this part way through because i remember i needed to manually get rid of the *bleep*ing thing so that i could actually see the left side of the screen anywya please don't do this
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Re: minecraft games 2018
« Reply #62 on: September 04, 2018, 04:39:51 PM »
gonna respond to stuff on my events and things I have opinions on:

to shed more light on that yea so the idea really was that itd be an all out turf war, i imagined people would take high ground and stuff but lag really made it so that you can just run to the opposing side and grab and run out of there with no penalty because of lag. so its pretty much just whoever can sprint the fastest lol

i think areas like the pool house would be good for like pushing the area and stuff since it provides cover, and also the skydome as well if you get up there from the sniper tower

or you could be sneaky and take the underwater pool route without being detected i guess except ur glowing lo

Not to speak with all certainty but you may be overestimating how feasible it is to shoot people from that far away, maybe if theres like some kind of sniper bows up there that kill in one shot or something itd work out better

i also want to suggest maybe having a pretour of the map for all players so they get an idea of how to navigate it. putting myself in another players shoes i feel like 2fruit is really complex and confusing for someones first time, but maybe having like a 5 min tour of it would help people understand routes and places to position themselves to defend/attack

yeah when ctf is finished and polished in the year 2000 i might just put in a Demo mode where you can play the map without any flags for a while

specifically, have only one "flag" in the center of the map, a bow. having some kind of breakable barrier around it would be nice, but idk how feasible that is. picking it up gives you slowness and glowing, but the bow itself is made more powerful, with fully charged arrows ohko'ing. your goal is to put it in an item frame inside the other team's base. the bow carrier has... however many seconds to take it to the item frame or else they blow up and die, leaving the bow behind for others to pick up (with a regenerated barrier around it again if possible)

This sounds a lot like an escort/collect gamemode, which is probably pretty well suited for minecraft, but that said, Im probably not gonna make it myself given that I've got enough on my plate to upgrade this year

if someone else wants to step up and get it running, be my guest

my only suggestion is that you have to bring it back to your own base to score, and possibly that if the bow gets dropped it goes back to the middle immediately (it may even be that each map could decide its own specific rules like that, but that might make it too complicated)

  • enderman spleef. lots of endermen spawn and pick up blocks, making holes. maybe make the blocks unbreakable so you have to home run bat people into the holes?
This sounds like an interesting game in theory but I have a few concerns:

a) Relying on mobs entirely to break the floor and having to beat people around might make this feel like its not spleef at all
b) I don't know if endermen can be neutralized and made to pick up blocks in the floor quickly
c) The endermen would probably escape and leave the blocks all over the place, which I don't really want. They could even place a block and cut a wire in the programming somewhere if we don't make the command block areas teleport proof, which would also make them a real pain in the ass to get into a modify

Ok I guess we could just kill any enderman that's not in the arena, but I'm not sure if it'd be possible for them to teleport out of range of the block

shulker spleef. floor made out of shulker boxes and some actual shulkers that shoot at you, probably with weakness so that they dont kill you

Still not sure what the gimmick with the floor being made of shulker boxes would be, but I do have plans to try and do something with a levitation effect somehow

Suggestions for Construction:

-Tear down the barriers surrounding the old lots and widen the protective area to include all lots so that people can fly over to the entries from previous years and look at them. The reason I was told for having the old lots inaccessible is to prevent griefing, but that really doesn't hold up. Construction is already operating on a trust system, because people could just fly over to one of their competitor's builds from the SAME year and damage that. The fact that everybody has enough restraint to not do that tells me they would also have enough to not destroy the old builds.

You're right I'm sure, but it is worth pointing out that if someone griefed old builds, we would not notice for weeks or at all, whereas if someone griefed the competition, we'd know just about immediately

Suggestions for Porkchop:

-The goal of the game is to kill the enemy pigs. Why not just make the gunners invincible to prevent stalemates?

I still think that being able to kill enemy gunners adds a bit of alternate strategy to the game (and helps compensate how you really can't control your arrows)

I noticed gunners were shooting their own drivers when attempting to hit close range pigs, so a lone driver having to bum rush enemies might actually be a little viable

Suggestions for KOTH and CTF:

-One thing I've noticed is that when you pick up a shield, you have to go into the menu to equip it. The game might flow a little better if it auto-equipped shields.

It's probably not that difficult to do, but my gut tells me there'd be unintended consequences of this somehow

As someone who never uses shields and never remembers to actually block things with them when they have them, I'm fine with rolling to it and hitting F to swap it to the other hand, but if there's public demand for it like with the fishing rods then I'll do something about it

Suggestions for Spleef:

-Once the game goes into sudden death, have it delete blocks starting with the outermost ring and steadily move the deletion zone towards the center. That will put a damper on campers.

This is an idea I've had among many to try and give spleef better stalemate handling, I just have to get brave enough to rewrite it all

Suggestions for Hunger Games:

-As I already said: Allow players to keep their inventory upon death. There is a monumental disadvantage placed upon people that have died, to the point where after a certain time threshold it is functionally impossible to recover.
-The implementation of death milk was successful in flushing people out of their hiding spots. However, it introduced a new problem: Forcing the action to relocate to the upper portions of the map is counterproductive if there isn't actually anything up there to relocate to. People just dirt tower under the ceiling at the other side of the map and the action slows to a crawl. That's why I propose the following:

Not only will this infuse a healthy dose of Truman Show into the Hunger Games, it also gives players a place to escape to late-game, and makes navigation (and elimination of tower campers) much easier.[/spoiler]

Keeping inventory is kind of a gray area for me because I think there are cases where it'd be fair and a just reward if someone underpowered was to gain the upper hand on someone stronger than them, however unlikely that may be

Granted, in last game's case, me and tfp were so loaded that we needed basically nothing that we got from killing anyone, and I'm sure that this has been the case for just about every reasonably prepared hunger games fight

To sum up: keeping inventory is probably a good idea just about all of the time, but if someone defending themselves to the death was left to just suffer and die after winning then that'd be kinda lame from a cinematic standpoint

Catwalks on the ceiling are a good idea to combat the point I brought up about how every game would end the same way if we keep doing the snow filling arenas like this

Suggestions in general:

-add a 30 minutes to 60 minutes break to each day. We have a lot of side games and other activities, but there isn't really any time allocated to playing them. We had one experimental break on day 1, and I feel like that was refreshing. Maybe it should become part of the actual schedule.

Timings always tricky because the schedule always seems to slip around, and letting the action die down for a bit, or split everyone up and leave people struggling to find where the action is always feels dangerous because you expect people to get bored and leave

Judging from past years, Day 1 always has enough interest to keep people around to check out hub and play a couple of side games throughout, but once Day 2 rolls around, people who were around yesterday don't tend to have the patience for that anymore

That said, if we do make a schedule based around having more break time, I'd suggest keeping this in mind

murderer replace the bow with snowballs because they arent as lag sensitive and you dont have to wind them up

I'd consider it if I knew how to make snowballs do appreciable damage

Though now that they appear to damage players this might not be as difficult

Anyway I feel the bow as it is its somewhat more true to the real game, because when you're the cop in gmod it always feels like you're fumbling around and trying to get the dang gun steady and aimed before the murderer pops around a corner

spleef is good and next year itll be possible to buff fishing rods and then itll be a true reckoning. use replaceitem or wahtver the *bleep* its called to put the fishing rod in offhand by default though because i get annoyed flipping it each time even thoguh its literally just one extra keystroke because im lazy

I did do that midway through the game

ctf dont make tfp drop infinite regen potions.


also you know both of these team battles have this thing where, the only points that matter are the two spawns and for koth, the control point, and the rest of the map is almost superfluous because everyone just runs straight for whatever the goal is and ignores everything else. or at least, that's what i do. i wonder if there's anything that would change that or if maybe lbs rainmaker game would have less of it, because i really feel like its too bad that people spend all their time in one spot when the maps are so nice

I feel like Atrium forces you to overcome a few obstacles and is small enough that it doesn't really need rebalancing around this, but 2fruit might be a different story


connect 4, snail race, sheep derby did anyone play this

No, but given that they were mostly the same, no harm done in my eyes

bowser's big blast will anyone ever WANT to play this now that tpg has thoroughly sullied it

I do

hub was the best hub ever and thats hard for me because it means im no longer in the running to be the person who made the best hub ever

when u make a stomach room and ur hub is the worst  :'(

hotel let everyone customise their own hotel room next year but that means we need to figure out kanohi storage

Might just put up storage right beside the buying booth next year and make it easier for everyone, given that putting them in hotel rooms would be possible if everyone's got creative mode in their hotel rooms

kanohi i think if you make an exp converter youll regret it because the value of widgets will immediatley drop to zero because everyone will have as many as they could ever want from the enderman farm in newprinceton. wait for lunar labyrinth 2 and put widgets as a prize in there. also we could try and come up with other forms of solitaire too

You're probably right, but in the downtime I might be giving out daily widget counts that will expire before 2019

use replaceitem or wahtver the *bleep* its called to put the fishing rod in offhand by defaul
pretty sure he did this part way through because i remember i needed to manually get rid of the *bleep*ing thing so that i could actually see the left side of the screen anywya please don't do this


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Re: minecraft games 2018
« Reply #63 on: September 18, 2018, 01:57:47 AM »
added tokens to the op sorry it took so long
see you next year

me when im not the last one to put out tokens
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Re: minecraft games 2018
« Reply #64 on: September 18, 2018, 03:05:16 AM »

Are you sure you have looked at EVERY redstone entry for construction?

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