Author Topic: Mario Awards Killing Game 2: Despair Moon (7/15 start, check back for updates!)  (Read 5911 times)

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Now that the dust has settled, I'd like to take a moment to make my first completely out of character KG post since the game started, and to share my thoughts and feedback on the whole game itself.

First and foremost, I want to express a huge amount of thanks to all four hosts, Perch, Smasher, GBA and LB for all the work that they put into this game, all the way from planning to running the game itself. I loved all the roles in this game, there were so many creative characters and powers, and it was so fun finding out what role each person had. I really liked the designs of the maps, which all shared a few places in common, but then also each had many of their own features which made them completely unique to the other mansions, meaning that no mansion felt like a carbon copy of another. I'd also like to thank Perch and Smasher for stepping up to take on Treacherous when GBA was unable to host it. While there ended up being a few roadbumps along the way, I still think it went quite well and I'm glad you guys decided to see it through until the end.

As for my thoughts on the game itself, this was my first Killing Game (although I did spectate most of 'Shroom KG) and I had an absolute blast. The crazy things the other players were able to come up with was constantly astounding and hilarious, and it was pretty fun coming up with my own night actions, even if I never ended up doing anything too crazy myself. Shoutouts to the Old Clockworks gang and all the memes they came up with, and also for making Clockworks Night 2 what it was. And a shoutout to MCD for coming up with Ernest Cline, that's one of my favourite memes and I'm sad that you ended up dying Treacherous Day 1. I'd also like to thank Fanta for being willing to approach me and work together early in the game when I was still working out how everything worked, even if we never did end up collaborating on a kill.

As far as feedback goes, I feel like the hosts are probably aware of most things that didn't quite go too well in this game (*cough* Ghost Night *cough*) but I guess I'll throw my thoughts out there anyway. I think the biggest problem this game had was probably activity, especially once we got to the start of Treacherous, which I think was mostly down to people losing interest after the month long break required for Ghost KG, plus the other delays caused by personal circumstances which is something out of the host's control and shouldn't be held against them. I also feel like this almost suffered a bit from being a little too big and ambitious in the lore department. Don't get me wrong, I loved the Escape ending and finding the Dark Moon shards and all that, and I'm super glad that it was all included, but I also think that it meant that the focus began to shift from the core purpose of the game, which is to kill people. I know that a lack of kill attempts was a bit of a thing in this game, and I can't help but feel that it was at least partially due to the lore being more enticing. Personally, I had started planning a kill as early as Clockworks, but once Beowulf approached me to help figure out the lore, I put that on the backburner and then eventually forgot about it completely.

But with all that said, I do still appreciate the time and effort put into crafting all the lore elements. I think it's always good to try out new ideas and apart from it possibly causing a decrease in attempts, I think it worked really well and was just really fun to work out. I liked the idea of clues to find and puzzles to solve before being able to obtain the shards, and I especially liked how we had to work together with others to end up escaping instead of just being able to do it by myself. Huge shoutout to Beowulf, Vruet, MK and Luigi64DD for being bros and helping in their own ways to get out of the mansion, it was heaps of fun (even in spite of Vruet going and murdering someone behind our backs).

Finally, I just want to thank the people who've expressed in some form or another that they liked my roleplay. Jungle Mafia was personally one of the most memorable mafias I played solely because of my choice to roleplay Atmey (which was the only time I had really done something like that), and I remember being dissapointed that I had died so early because it meant I had to stop. So when I first learned about KG and how people did RPs, I immediately wanted to bring him back, and here we are. I know that a 1,300 word backstory summarising an otherwise unnoteworthy mafia from 5 years ago was probably not what anyone was expecting, but I'm glad that people appreciated the effort I put into the RP throughout the game. I'd also like to give a shoutout to those who put work into their own roleplays (especially to Beowulf for Clockworks Night 2 and to MCD for everything Ernest Cline), it was really great to see that kind of stuff and made it fun to work my own response in with my roleplay.

So yeah, that's my thoughts on the game! I'm not sure when the next time I'll be able to play KG will be, but I just want to thank all the players for making this game as fun and crazy as it was, and congratulations to those who got a KG Award, you earned it. And once again, huge thanks and round of applause to the hosts for putting this all together, please take all the time you need to recover because you've definitely earned it.