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my favorite part is the front face view in the first panel

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ok Nass T. is the most genius name I've heard today


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Posting on behalf of Cirdec

Hello everyone. For this year's awards, I, Cirdec, will have the honor to present the favorite 3D level award. Mario 3D platformers are the reference for this genre. So level design plays an important part of it, let's see what are the best 3D levels, or not?

Spoiler: #18 (click to show/hide)

Spoiler: #17 (click to show/hide)

Spoiler: #16 (click to show/hide)

Spoiler: #15 (click to show/hide)

Spoiler: #14 (click to show/hide)

Spoiler: #13 (click to show/hide)

Spoiler: #12 (click to show/hide)

Spoiler: #11 (click to show/hide)

Spoiler: #10 (click to show/hide)

Spoiler: #9 (click to show/hide)

Spoiler: #8 (click to show/hide)

Spoiler: #7 (click to show/hide)

Spoiler: #5 (click to show/hide)

Spoiler: #5 (click to show/hide)

Spoiler: #4 (click to show/hide)

Spoiler: #3 (click to show/hide)

Spoiler: #2 (click to show/hide)

Spoiler: #1 (click to show/hide)

That's all for your favorite 3D levels. I hope you enjoyed the presentation. Can Super Mario Odyssey levels win this award for next year? Stay tuned.

results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

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Thanks to the 250 other people who voted Bob-Omb Battlefield!


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results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

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watch this video


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Hello everyone, and welcome to the Septuacentennial Wario Awards’ third anniversary!

Oh come on, we can do better than that! Come on, give some festive cheer!

That’s more like it! Today we gather to celebrate our great leader Wario, who brought us to the promised land, lead us out of sin and redeemed us, held our hand in our darkest hours. In honor of this, the Mario Wiki Awards Association has contacted none other than the creator of Wario, Hiroji Kiyotake, and the legendary guy who does stuff, Shigeru Miyamoto, to give us…

The Oral History of Wario.

Chapter 1: Why is Wario?

Miyamoto: Well, as you may know, back in the 80s there simply were no good video games. Nintendo was planning on breaking into the video game business with a title called Pencil Seduction, in which a piece of paper said to a pencil, “Hello, I want you to write all over me with your sexy black ink.” It was very good, but unfortunately, it just wasn’t clicking with the players.

Kiyotake: It was a great, epic love story, but people didn’t think that the sheet of paper was a very relatable protagonist.  We began to look for other options.

Miyamoto: Suddenly, one day while I was walking on the street, a large, overweight man in purple overalls attacked me and stole my wallet.

Kiyotake: The same thing happened to me too. Reports were coming in all over the country of mustachioed men dressed in yellow and purple robbing people of money.

Miyamoto: I lost all of my money and my wife and I had to live on the street for a month, but inspiration had struck.

Kiyotake: What we realized was that large, greedy yellow-capped men were severely underrepresented in video games, and that was causing them to steal money out of anger.

Miyamoto: We changed the game to be about a large, greedy yellow-capped man winning the heart of a beautiful young pencil, and instantly the game was a hit with test audiences.

Kiyotake: Unfortunately, our boss made us change the pencil to a human princess to avoid accusations of bestiality. Even worse, we found out that the Famicom wasn’t powerful enough to render a large, greedy yellow-capped man. Technology simply wasn’t powerful enough to handle his largeness, his greediness, or his yellowness.

Miyamoto: Every time we started up the game, the Famicom would burst into a humongous fireball. We lost several good employees because of that.

Kiyotake: Eventually, we had to change the large, greedy yellow-capped man to a normal-sized, selfless red-capped man named Mario. The game became Super Mario Bros.

Miyamoto: The game sold well, but it was a piece of *bleep*. It wasn’t art. It wasn’t what I wanted to make.

Kiyotake: We would have to wait years until our dream was able to be realized…

Chapter 2: The Christening of Wario

Miyamoto: The Gameboy changed everything.

Kiyotake: It was 1989, and new, advanced technology was shaping the world. I remember that was the year I found out about pocket watches. Until 1989, whenever I wanted to know the time, I would have to buy a plane ticket to London, run up to Big Ben, and yell, “What time is it?” and wait until the hour changed so Big Ben could tell me the time. But now that pocket watches were invented, I realized that anything could fit into your pocket. So I went to Miyamoto.

Miyamoto: Kiyotake came to me wearing large pants with a Famicom shoved inside each of his pockets. Immediately I knew we were going to alter the gaming industry forever.

Kiyotake: I thought, what if we could have an NES that could also tell the time, and then put it in your pocket? And that’s how the Gameboy was born.

Miyamoto: We had to come up with all kinds of futuristic technology to make it work. And because of that, we realized we could do anything on the Gameboy. The time had come for Wario’s first game. But we had a problem: Wario wasn’t Wario yet.

Kiyotake: We were unable to think of the right name. We tried “Greedy George” and “Greedy Greg” and “Mario But He’s Yellow and Purple and Steals Your Money”, but none of them stuck.

Miyamoto: Then, the most amazing thing happened. One day I heard a knock at my door, and there stood a man who came into my house, ate all of my garlic, and then proudly proclaimed, “I am Shigeru Wiyamoto, your long-lost brother. Bring me more garlic.”

Kiyotake: The rest is company legend. Miyamoto went to the president of Nintendo, and drew a large “M” on the whiteboard of the room. Then he tore the whiteboard from the wall, turned it upside down, and hammed it back on.
Hiroshi Yamauchi, President of Nintendo in 1989: I was so blown away that I went up to Miyamoto, shook his hand, and told him: “Please adopt my children. I can never be as good of a father to them as you are to Wario.”

Miyamoto: And so Super Mario World 2: Six Golden Coins became the first game to feature Wario, and our dreams were finally realized.

Chapter 3: Wario Where?

Kiyotake: Everything was going good up until 2003. I logged onto my computer, and suddenly, Wario was gone.

Miyamoto: It seemed that Yamauchi was secretly jealous of Wario. When he left Nintendo in 2002, he got really drunk and got in a shouting match with Wario.

Yamauchi: We all do stupid things when we’re young. Me, I went up to the computer that hosted Wario’s files and repeatedly shouted “NOSES ARE NOT PINK! NOSES ARE NOT PINK!” before passing out. When I woke up, Wario’s files had vanished.

Miyamoto: At this point, we had to go back to the drawing board and make a new game for Wario. But by this point, I was an old man, and bored of making games. Long gone were the days when I could design Pencil Seduction 3: Ruler Romance HD in one night.

Kiyotake: We came up with a solution: we would make games so short that no one would possibly want to play them.

Miyamoto: We called them “microgames”. We figured if no one played the games, it didn’t matter how much effort we put into the game. It was brilliant.

Kiyotake: Unfortunately, it was so brilliant, soon no one in Nintendo wanted to make games anymore. Everyone just made microgames. We ended up with hundreds of them. Soon, Nintendo wanted to publish them as a full game, Wario Ware: Mega Microgame$!

Miyamoto: It was a complete disaster. We had designed microgames to be short and unplayed by anyone. Now they were a full game and played by thousands. That’s why I always say, “A delayed game is eventually good, but a Wario game is forever bad.”

Kiyotake: The night Wario Ware: Mega Microgame$! released, Miyamoto and I made a blood oath to lock Wario away and never let anyone else taint his innocent hands.

Miyamoto: We locked Wario’s core files in an untraceable password-protected folder deep within the confines of Nintendo’s computer system. And ever since then, there have been no Wario games.

Kiyotake: I hope to god no one ever plays a Wario game ever again. If you ask me, everyone should burn their copies.

Miyamoto: Take this as a lesson. Sometimes, you set out to create a beautiful, innocent golddigger, and end up with a corporate scam. Nintendo has perverted my one true dream, and nothing I’ve done since has been able to make up for it.

And there you have it! The true story of Wario. I hope you all have a very happy Septuacentennial Wario Awards Anniversary, and make sure to eat lots of garlic!

results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

Snack is up next with M29 - Favorite Classic Game (N64/GBC and older)!


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« Reply #49 on: August 11, 2017, 07:20:44 PM »
Posting on behalf of 4td0 in a code because it suddenly stopped working

Superchao's note: We fixed the thing

: Hellooooooooo, Mario Awards 11! 4td0 here, and I am here to rock your socks and break some blocks!

 : What did he just say?

: shhh I haven't told anyone you are here yet. Silence.

 : OK.

: *ahem* As I was saying, I will be your presenter for this years Favourite Donkey Kong Game!

An old “Applause” sign lights up. No one claps.

: I thought that sign was supposed to make you clap whether you want to or not. Do your job audience!

Silence continues

: …
: Well, whatever. We have awards to present. Let us begin!

: thrilling.

: alongside me to present will be 2 lovable characters from these games! I think you know who they are, you know them well! Give it up for Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong!

 : Thank you! Thank you! It's a pleasure to be here!

: Happy to be here to help!

Audience applauds.

: Oh now they clap.
 : Who?
: The audience.
 : You mean everything beyond the stage?
: yes, that'd be the audience
: It's just a bunch of empty chairs.
: *worried laughter* ha ha, what do you mean? You're both silly, look at all of these bright shining fac-

 :mario: Production :luigi:: *Krztt* Hey sorry about the early disruption, the applause track wasn't working. It's running now.

: Don't say that! Now we have to start over! We have to make it seem like this is live!

 :mario: Production :luigi:: *Krztt*  we only have the budget for the one take. We can't pay anyone after this. This is our only one.

: Oh for… Okay. Let's just do this.
: Audiences are overrated anyway.

: Yeah, you're right. Onwards!

: So you all managed to submit 2019 votes. That's incredible!  And the top 3 made up over half of the votes, so at least it seems you all mostly agree with each other!

 : So who won?
: I'm getting to that. Besides, you know the results too, remember?
 : Oh yeah.
: I knew that

: Alright, let's not delay any longe-
: Hey 4td0.
: *sigh* what?
: The guy last year rapped. Are you gonna rap?
: What? No. I'm not rapping.
: That sucks.
 : This award presentation now is a little less cooler than last year now.

: But you guys are here! Doesn’t that make it cooler?
: No, we just steal your spotlight
 : We distract everyone from the presentation so it doesn’t seem as bad
: Whatever, let's stop delaying and present this thing before my ego deflates entirely.
: Okay!
: In 3rd Place, It's none other than-
 : Donkey Kong Country!
: Which one?

: The one where I'm… In the Country?
: That isn't even correct. The winner of 3rd place is Donkey Kong 64 with 15.26% of the votes.

 : Why wasn't it named Donkey Kong Country 64?
: That's not a question for me.
: Maybe you were out of country.
 : Did I ever leave the country?
: This is out of the scope of our presentation, can we move on please?
 : Ok.

: In 2nd Place, with 18.28% of the votes is-

 : Donkey Kong Country!!
: Which one?
 : We already did this joke.

: Diddy has a point this time though. There is multiple Donkey Kong Country games. Which one won?

 : Ohh oh, ok I see. 2nd place goes to Donkey Kong Country Returns! Congratulations to me!

: Why are you congratulating yourself.

 : Well I've got 2nd place now!

: We're awarding the games, not you. You're in basically every game in the poll.
: Except Diddy Kong Racing. Hey, shoutout to the one vote for Diddy Kong Racing DS. I personally like that remake more than the original.

 : And I'm technically not in every game. Just Returns and onwards.

: What?

 : The games go through generations of DK. I'm the latest.

: For the life of me I can't fully understand your games timelines

 : Best not to worry about it.
: Does that mean the Mario games have gone through generations of Mario, Bowser and the Princess?
: We're going of scope again. That isn't important. What IS important is that it is now time to announce the game that is earning 1st place. Ready with the correct results this time, DK?

 : Yes sir.

: With 20.46% of the votes, 1st Place goes to-

: …

: Which one?
 : I wasn't done yet.
: What's with the pauses?
 : Dramatic effect.

: Okay okay. DK, Just say the name please.

 : Okaaaayyy. 1st Place goes to… Donkey Kong Country Returns: Tropical Freeze!

: Congratulations!

 : To who?

: I dunno… the game?

 : I guess so.

: HEH! Of course that one wins. It's the only one I'M playable.

 : You were playable in games when you were younger too, you old fart.

: What?

 : Timelines.

: ugh. Okay. Anyway, That concludes this year's Favourite Donkey Kong Game presentation! We hope you enjoyed! Full results can be seen below!

 : Wait.

: What?
 : Where did Mario Party and Mario Kart place in the polls?
: Those are series, not single games. And they arent Donkey Kong games. You're just in it.
 : But the arcade version of Donkey Kong would technically be a Mario game, wouldn’t it be?
: Jumpman.
 : So do Mar- err, do  Jumpman and I share the spotlight?
: Out of scope again guys. We are already done the presentation. And we are out of time anyway! Let us get to our next presenter. Have a great Mario Awards 11 everybody!

results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

Nabber is up next previously with M6 - Favorite Wario Game!
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anyways nabber i hope you paid for those stock photos or so help me

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« Reply #51 on: August 11, 2017, 07:25:03 PM »

Getting the band back together

Four people had responded to my classified ad. First was Uniju, who had less responded to the ad and more just came because my time machine is stored in the basement of his home and office. Second was Turb, who had started anger managment classes after retiring as Super High School Level Ultra Director of the awards but still couldn't stop yelling about Fanta pulling shenanigans in his mafia game. Notably absent was Perch, who broke up with Turb both as a boyfriend and a sidekick. Next was Uniju's former secretary, having long since quit and opened a cafe selling $13 a slice artisanal pesto toast to unsuspecting milennials. Lastly was Toadbert, who needs no introduction.

"Ok! Everyone's here so we're going to do codenames. Let's see... Adric, John Turbor... Homura... Uh... Xenophilius Foob."

"Please don't call me Homura," replied Homura/Uniju's former secretary.

"...Do you even have a real name?", I asked. "No", she sighed. "Do you even want to be here?". She glanced over at Uniju. "No". She turned and left.

"...Uuhhhh... On second thought, no codenames". I stepped through the doors of the blue box reluctantly followed by the rest of the party. "Hopefully the password is still the same...". I dialed it in. "Ok, DHS never changed it to something stupid. Now just to dial in the date... Uh... Where are we going?".

"Why do we even need to time travel to review Mario games?", Uniju asked. Not being able to think of a good answer I replied; "Listen, if you had a better idea for this presentation YOU would've signed up for it". I still couldn't remember the date and decided to key in the first one that came to mind; the 27th of November, 1995.

Going back in time...

"Ok, now that the time machine is set, let's get some fitting music". I keyed AC/DC Who Made Who into the computer.

"What does AC/DC have to do with anything?", Toadbert asked. I rolled my eyes. "It says 'video games' in like the first line AND it's from like the 80s... But... It's a moot point. All we have are songs with some relation to time travel on here". I glanced at the list, "Power of Love and Back in Time by Huey Lewis from the Back To The Future movies-" I ignored Turb making some strange comments about bees and American Psycho, "-Push It to the Limit, the Doctor Who theme, Dreams of an Absolution from-", I shuddered, "Sonic '06... the Madoka Magica opening... Oh, it looks like we're in 1995 now. Let's take a look outside." (I already regret this paragraph and the sentence before it, among other sentence and paragraphs)

Bringing it up on the monitor, we saw a hellscape of red and black, so painful it cannot be shown here (I didn't want to find Virtual Boy Wario Land screenshots and figured they'd be bad even if I could). Quickly we decided to move on, not wanting to make fun of the one guy who wrote in Virtual Boy Wario Land for Favorite Classic Game any more. Seriously, who else can even say they've played it to make a judgement? It might actually be a pretty good game.

"Snack! Where are you?!". I turned around and saw Anton up on my monitor. "Don't you mean when am I?", I corrected him, which didn't seem to amuse him. "You were supposed to be doing the top five. You don't get paid extra for doing more, so-"

"Ok, ok, but, uuuhhh... So, it turns out the power has been run down a lot, because for all those holidays they used it Uniju and DHS didn't realize they needed to refuel the reactor". Uniju rolled his eyes. "I asked DHS for fuel for Christmas, but he never came through. Although come to think of it there hasn't been a Christmas comic for him to deliver it since, like, 2013."

"If you don't make a comic doesn't the holiday still exist?".

"Believe it or not, legally, no", Anton answered. "Anyway," I continued. "We only have enough power to make four jumps, so a top three will have to do" (You wouldn't do more than like a top three if you had to make all these .GIFs, either). Anton looked annoyed. "I'm cutting your chex mix wages in half."

"Wait, we only get paid in chex mix?", Turb asked. "I need to be writing my own presentations! I only took this job for the money! I could be transcrib-" Anton abruptly cut the line. "You know none of us can quit anyway," I explained. "Why do you think Anton asks for so much incriminating information in the application form? Anyway-" I checked the award results to see where we were actually supposed to go "-I've got it now!".

We were greeted by a surreal, but much less painful sight; the lush, but strangely flat vegetation of Goomba Road. We'd arrived at the Japanese release date of Paper Mario, exactly 17 years ago today! "I'm in this one! I mean, Duplighosts are! We get so little respect you know... Did you know we only got [anton/turb fill this in later; number of votes should be spelled out in all caps; if duplighosts received no votes, write "ZERO" and also remove the word "only" from the sentence] votes this year?! It's practically-" Uniju rudely interrupted Turb, "Hey, this is like, the day before my birthday. Let's play some Paper Mario!".

These sprites were a good investment

Uniju grabbed the controller away from Turb. "Ah, good ol Goomba Road... It's uh, Goomba Road alright. This isn't very entertaining for a review, is it?". I fiddled with a dial on the console, skipping forward to the end of chapter one. "This is more like it. The Koopa Brothers! This music is classic!". As Uniju toppled the tower of turtles with a one-two punch from Mario and Bombette, sending the Koopa Brothers sprawled on their backs and vulnerable to a rousing Power Bomb, while ironically complimenting their shooting prowess, I read off the bronze medal results from the script I'd been given. "Paper Mario gets paper cut back to third place, from second last year, with 315 votes, exactly a hundred less than 2016's results". A few more hits and the Koopa Brothers were shelled... That actually doesn't even sound like a synonym for defeated, but whatever. I stuck the microphone (when did we get a microphone?) in Uniju's face. "So, why didn't you use Kooper here?".

"Who upgrades Koopa partners."

"Hard to argue with that... Well, we need to move it along. Onward... Err, backward, actually, to 1990!".

We checked the outside monitor to see a bird's eye view of the grassy, rolling hills of Yoshi's Island. Ten years earlier than Paper Mario, we visited the original release of Super Mario World! "Hey, me and TFP did a romhack of this one!". Toadbert picked up the SNES Controller and started playing. "Yeah, I remember that," Uniju replied. "Didn't it get you banned from some SMW romhack site because of how bad it was?".

"Kind of, yeah," Toadbert conceded as he made his way through Yoshi's Island 2, stomping a few dozen unsuspecting Koopas, then took a short detour through Yoshi's Island 1 and onward to the Yellow Switch Palace, deftly dodging Banzai Bills and Rexes along the way.

I shuffled around my notes as tb continued on to the hills of Yoshi's Island 3 and the watery Yoshi's Island 4 as he beat a path towards Iggy's castle and the road to the Donut Plains. "This year, Super Mario World super jumped over Paper Mario to second place. Yoshi's tongue grabbed 389 votes, and although that was just twelve more votes than it did last year, not exactly a dino-sized amount, it was enough for the game to soar to the silver medal spot!" (Get it? Dino... Soar... Dinosaur... Oh my god... Let me out of here Anton... Please?...).

"Who even writes these scripts?! And why?! I thought I was the presenter?! Why do I have to read these stupid scripts??!!". I sighed. "You know what, just forget it. I can't think of much good to write for these review bits and I want to finish the presentation and go home. We're just going to move on now...". I wearily keyed in the last destination. "Gee", Uniju deadpanned. "I sure can't guess what game got first place."

TOTALLY UNPREDICTABLY, we gazed yonder at the beautifully landscaped lawns of Princess Peach's Castle, having touched down in the timeless classic and Anton is now under police protection for threats he received for suggesting otherwise in his Half-Baked Reviews column... Super Mario 64! "Turb, you've speedran this game a lot, why don't you review it?", I asked. "No", he replied. "But we can't go home before we finish the award! We accidentally changed the past, and now everything in the present is the same, except The 'Shroom staff took over the world and Anton's 'Shroom Police will arrest us if we go home!". Tb rolled his eyes, "Snack that's stupid," he said. "Is that actually true?", Turb asked skeptically. "Uh... Y-Yeah, totally", I lied. "Turb do the run."

"Ok, god, I'll play Mario 64."

"Good old Super Mario 64, it's just like I remembered it," I said to no one in particular as Turb launched right in to his best speedrun strats, landing a successful Lakitu skip and making a bee line for chain chomp on Bob-omb Battlefield, before resetting after chain chomp hit him. "No resets, no regrets!", Uniju heckled. I shuffled through my notes and found the gold medal script. "And in the number one position, last years winner holds on; Super Mario 64 takes first place with 512 votes...". I trailed off reading as I looked at my closing script. Turb was just starting Whomp's Fortress after a less dramatic, non-Lakitu skipping post-reset start. "I give up. I'm not going to read this, this is garbage. We're going home."

I typed in the time and coordinates for home. Everything went perfectly fine and normally, except the computer crashing, lights going dim, smoke starting to billow out of the control console, and the loud ringing of a bell. "Oh no!", I yelled, "The cloister bell!". Given the sudden feeling of acceleration downward, I decided to check outside just in case.


"So, uh, not to alarm anyone, but, we ran out of power halfway through the jump and we're falling now, but I think we can get through this. We just need to uh, surf down to the ground or something". Everyone was completely calm, except for Uniju, Turb, and Toadbert, and to a lesser extent me, who were panicking. I rummaged around for the crowbar under the console and managed to break the door off its hinges, allowing everyone to clamber onto it before I pushed off, sending us sailing through the air separated from the time machine. I thought about how we'd found ourself in this bizarre predicament.

"*bleep* YOU DHS!", I screamed at the time machine as we glided further away, just before it exploded in mid air over the city. "No, god! Now how am I ever going to finish my todo list?! I just managed to get this thing back from DHS!".

Artist's rendition

We somehow, despite riding on a broken-off door, safely glided down to earth while dodging the lake, finding ourselves stuck, likely unable to finish our awards presentations in time now. "So, do we even know anyone near here who could help us?", I asked, turning to the others. "Where am I?", Turb responded, rhetorically. "I dunn-" tb started, as the four of us looked up at the sign by the roadside; MICHIGAN WELCOMES YOU.


"Wait," I said, "I think I figured it out."

results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

The intermission is up next.

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we'll be right back after these messages from our sponsors

oh wait


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It's time for bloopers!

((Disclaimer: Some of these responses are nsfw))

M1 - Best Sound Design
“warios farts”

M2 - Favorite Mario Kart Game
“Expand dong”
“mario kart 8 deluxe, NOT mario kart 8 which is bad”
“mario kart 8 deluxe (not mario kart 8​)”

M3 - Favorite Mario Platformer
“Kirby’s *bleep*land”

M5 - Favorite Donkey Kong Game
“Bluster Kongs Bananas Adventure”
“Diddy's Dong Quest For The Crystal Ass”
“Expand dong”
“i havent played any of it so :^)”
“NONE. i only like mario”
“The Donkey Kong game that Adam Sandler played”

M6 - Favorite Wario Game
“WarioWare: Shove It Up Your Own Ass Game”
“The newest Ashley 3DS menu theme”
“Waluigis Taco Stand”
“Wario And The Crystal Dildo”
“Psycho Waluigi”

M7 - Favorite Yoshi Game

M8 - Favorite Art Style
“ALL OF THEM (My abilaty to make up my mind died when i was born)”

M9 - Favorite DLC
“All of the Mario Kart 8 DLCs (1 vote each)” - This is a common write-in but the specific instruction I thought was cute
“DLC as a concept sucks.”
“*bleep* dlc”
“Dlc is trash”

M10 - Favorite Partner Developer
“wario and his microgame crew.”
“Corp6GameDevelopers (Mario Football, Mario Hockey, Mario Volley, Mario Lacrosse)”

M12 - Favorite Supporting Character
About 50 votes for Main characters
“In retrospect, I realized most of these are kind of unncessary.”
“Waluigis Boss at his Taco Stand”

M13 - Favorite Level Theme
“ur mum lole”
“Wario’s Dick”

M14 - Favorite Species
Several votes for “Waluigi”
“All Shown Except Toad”
“Dry bones (I love them!)” was cute
“Mario (species)”
“White People”

M15 - Hardest Boss
“i dunno man i never play the rpg ones all the way through boi”
“None I can win them”
“The First Goomba”

M16 - Favorite Item
“Bowser’s Feet”

M19 - Favorite Actor
“Adrien Brody”
“Robert Downey JR”
“that fatass who does shy gu's voice its dam cute” - I actually merged that in with Nate Bihldorff

M27 - Favorite Boss Battle
“Mario games aren't known for their bosses.”
“Deer Man (MW:KG)”
“Periodic Table”

M30 - Favorite Modern Game (GCN/GBA and newer)
A bunch of votes for Odyssey

★CORDOVA★ in literally every poll
Waluigi in literally every poll, but working for quite a few of them actually
The guy who tried working Hotel Mario into everything and actually succeeding most of the time

F1 - Worst Character
“Anyone that defeats me on Super Smash except my mains.”
“Everyone is good eat my entire ass”
“Why mimi is here? *bleep* you”

F2 - Worst 2D Level
“Bowser's Giant Cock”

F3 - Worst 3D Level
“Any repeat levels in the special worlds of SM3DL & SM3DW”
“Any Super Mario Sunshine level where the game's physics break”
“What? NONE OF THESE ARE BAD! (face palm)”
“Bubsy 3D, I dunno what the level's called, but it's probably dumb too”
“Tick Tock Clock (PM)”

F4 - Worst RPG Area
“*bleep* You, Those Areas Are Awesome”

F5 - Worst Level Concept
“Everything (SM3DW)”
“Level where Miyamoto says you suck”
“Wario's Ass Levels”

F6 - Worst Spin-Off
“Mario *bleep*ing Kart 8”
“Mario & Luigi: Supersex Saga”
“Star Wars Holiday Special”

F7 - Worst Enemy
“Bob from Work”
“My Mother In Law”
“the writer of this question. Srsly though?, dark muths”
“The stairs to the Overthere”
“The Time Limit”
“Chris Brown”

F8 - Worst Mario Kart Course
“baby park, why is baby park not an option, F U C K B A B Y P A R K”

F9 - Worst Direction of Series
“I can't choose there's so many bad series listed here!”

F11 - Biggest Missed Opportunity
“not getting rid of mario and replacing him with WARIO!!”
“Not Including Smack My Ass Mode in Super Smash Bros. Wii U”
“not changing mario and luigi to just "luigi"”
“You cut 12 voice lines out of MP6 you FOOLS”

F12 - Worst Game Objective
“saving mario. who needs him”

F13 - Worst Mario Party Minigame
“having friends”

F14 - Worst Setting
“anywhere mario likes”

here's another gif just for you ltq

In 10 minutes, Turb is up next with M18 - Favorite Mario Party Game!
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I've loved all of these so far!


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My name is Umeko Takanaka, age 15, residence Kanagawa Prefecture. I'm just a shy, clumsy high-school student, and I have been for a while. I-it's a little embarrassing to still be like this, but... I have my friends with me, so that's all that matters! My goal was to become a confident, beautiful high-school student, so I'm a third of the way there already!
...I still can't help but raise my arms in triumph in front of the mirror every morning, though, ehehe. Even a third is important...
After getting ready, making myself some toast, and shoving it in my mouth in a hurry, I practically jumped down the steps of my house and ran to school; the sun was blazing today as usual, and I could almost feel the heat of the pavement under my shoes. Yep, today's going to be another normal day, for better or for worse.
...or so I thought.

As I went through the halls and skidded to a stop in front of the door- making sure the sign said "Shin Ojimachi High School Minecart Club" this time, unlike when I barged into the Fowl Tax Club a few doors down only a week ago...- I turned the knob, and when I stepped in, I was greeted with a very strange sight.
Subaru, Yasuko, and Ran were all gathered around the table we usually meet at, staring and poking at a large chest sitting straight in the middle of it. They all turned their heads toward me when they saw me come through the door, and Subaru waved at me.
"Oh, Umeko-chan!" She motioned for me to head over there. "You should see this! It's really weird!"
"Uueee... did we get a delivery?" I pondered for a moment. "We weren't expecting anything, were we, Subaru-chan? I-I thought the new pickaxes were for later in the semester..."
Yasuko smiled and put her hand up to her mouth to stifle a laugh. "Oh, it's nothing like that, Umeko-san. Well, it actually seems like... this was supposed to be delivered somewhere else. Somewhere a lot more important than our club room."
"Hey, what's that supposed to mean?! We're important, we're important!" Subaru fumed, and puffed up her cheeks. That reaction even got a smirk out of Ran, and Yasuko just giggled again.
I finally made my way over to the table and took a seat, but I couldn't see the top of the chest, so--
Subaru noticed this and put her hand on my shoulder. "Oh, Umeko-chan, you have to see the address! That's the important part!"
"Uuueeee?! Why are you keeping this a surprise, Subaru-chan?!" I rose up from my seat, and got up on my toes so I could get a full view of... whatever was on there. Subaru clasped her hands together and smiled, and I could hear Ran quietly saying, "'s definitely a surprise, alright."

I finally got to see what was printed on the top, and started reading it out loud.
"Deliver to Sysop Tower, 1349 Main Street, Shin Ojima-"
I froze, as the redstone of my brain finally activated and connected the dots.
"Oh my gosh!" I flailed around in a panic; how had they screwed up the address this much?! And besides, these are official government documents! The other girls in the room just stared at me, Subaru and Yasuko looking more pointedly concerned than Ran, and I turned straight towards them to voice my thoughts.
"Su-Subaru-chan, isn't this illegal?! I mean, if we open this chest, we're intentionally opening someone else's mail- OFFICIAL mail, and, a-and," I continued, taking a moment to catch my breath, "we'll be ruining Shin Ojimachi's awards show- no, the entirety of Kanagawa Prefecture's awards show! The one taking place TONIGHT! And, it's just..."
I... ran out of arguments, I think, and my arms slumped to my side. Before I closed my eyes in defeat, I noticed Yasuko getting up from her chair, and Ran facepalming in the corner.
"Please, wait a moment." I opened my eyes again at the sound of Yasuko's voice, and saw her clearing her throat, putting her hands firmly on her hips, and preparing to speak again.
"I did not consent to opening this, and I certainly do not think it is a good idea. Ran-san, Subaru-san, I hope you two were listening to what Umeko-san was saying. We should send it back to the tower!" Uueeeee, at least someone here has some sense...
Subaru looked dejected for a minute before replying. "If it's that big of an issue, yeah, we can just take it back... I don't wanna do anything bad..." She turned to Ran, who had somehow already buried herself in a book... titled "General Awards Procedures"? "What do you think, Ran-chan?"
She said nothing and simply turned the book towards us, pointing to a paragraph off to the side in particular. We all got closer so we could read it, making sure not to bump our heads together, and...

"In the event that the results and review material is lost or misplaced, and found by a third-party, they are encouraged to release the results at the correct time in whatever way possible, even if this means announcing it themselves instead of returning the package."
I blinked a few times in disbelief, and finally processed the info a moment after. "I-Is the mail system really that awful?! They have to have a rule for this?!"
Yasuko held her chin and took a deep sigh. "I still don't like it, but... if that's what the procedures say, do we really have a choice?"
Ran gave both of us an unsettling grin, closed her book, and finally spoke up. "...I was going to suggest opening it anyway. Now we just have an excuse."
I pouted at her. "Uueeee... that's awful, Ran-chan..." I noticed Subaru was being particularly quiet, but only a moment after I thought that...
She slammed her hands on the table, both surprising us and rattling the chest around a small bit. "Okay! I've decided! If that's what the rules are, we're going to take all of this stuff into the broadcast room and review it! We have access to the entire town's system from there, so we can get the results out on time tonight just fine!"
Yasuko and I both leaned towards her in shock, while Ran just nodded. "R-really, Subaru-chan?!" "Isn't that a bit of a tall order, Subaru-san...?"
Subaru put her hands on her hips as if she was decreeing something, and told us, "Yep! As citizens of Shin Ojimachi, we have a duty to get these results out! ...Or, the book sounded that way, at least! I trust that book, and more importantly, I trust Ran-chan! So, help me move this chest off the table and up to the broadcast room, you three!"

All four of us picked it up and carried it through the hallways, trying not to bump into any other students, though even with the four of us, it was a tall order... uueee... I think my back is going to give out.
Once we got there, shut the door, and set it down, Subaru ruffled through the compartments of the chest, looking more and more frazzled the more things she pulled out of it. "Mario Party Advance, Mario Party: Island Tour, Mario Party 5, all of these systems and controllers... does anyone have the list of results?! There's way too much stuff in here! We won't be able to play it all!"
I looked around and spoke up. "Subaru-chan, I don't know about you, but I'm exhausted... can't we rest for a minute before we try to plug these into anything?"
Before anyone else got a chance to respond, Ran stuck her hand into one of the chest compartments and pulled out a long sheet of paper, distracting all of us. "A-Are those... the results?", I questioned out loud. "Eh, there's so many things written on there..."
She handed the paper off to Subaru, who started reading it and mumbling a bit. "Yep, these are the results, alright. And..." She paused and squinted at the top of the page for a moment, before... doubling back in surprise? "E-eeeeeeh?! What's with this first and second place?! They're one vote away from a tie! I didn't know the competition was that tough!"
Yasuko responded, a sheepish smile across her face. "Oh my, don't spoil it for the rest of us..."
Ran rested her head on her arms and looked up from the table at us, seemingly bored. "...Doesn't matter to me. I never read ahead, though."

I finally got a chance to cut in and brought up my previous concerns again, feet still aching. "W-well, spoilers are bad, you know? But really, shouldn't we take a break...?"
Subaru looked at me with the same surprise plastered on her face. Di-did I say something bad...?
"Umeko-chan, we don't have time!" She pointed at the clock on the wall, which read... 2 PM already?! "We need to present these results at 7:45 sharp! No ifs, ands, or buts!"
"Uueeee... this is so nerve-wracking... we have to review a-all of these in under six hours?"
Subaru lost herself in thought for a moment, while we all waited for her response. Finally, she slammed her fist onto her open palm and perked up. "I've got it! We'll just play the top three, and wing it from there!"
I wracked my brain trying to remember last year's ceremony, and I could distinctly pick out times where they did just that: only review the top three or five. This just might work...!
Before I could say anything, Yasuko asked the very question I was thinking of.
"Hey, Subaru-san... what ARE the top three, in that case?" She quickly realized what was wrong with her wording, and corrected herself. "Er, just the third place for now, if you don't mind. Ehehe, I really don't want to know in advance... it's not fun that way."

3rd Track
Umeko is Invited?!? Get the School Jumping!

Subaru whipped out and placed on the table... a bulky game console, four controllers, and some kind of cartridge? I don't really know anything about games... and I don't think she does either, since she took a look back at the printing on it before announcing it to all of us.
"Mario Party 2, for the Nintendo 64!"
I felt sweatdrops forming on my forehead and nervously responded. "That doesn't really mean a-anything to me, Subaru-chan..." Just from looking around the room, I could see that Yasuko felt about the same way, and I couldn't read Ran's face at all.
Subaru... looked about as awkward as us when responding. "E-eh, well... I don't know anything about it either, but..." She paused for a moment to think before picking right back up. "We should just plug it in and get going!"
I can't really argue with that... we all helped her set up the console, plugged in the controllers, and popped in the cartridge. Once we turned it on, we saw the CRT fade from a series of logos straight to a title screen with "MARIO PARTY 2" right in the middle. After some time fiddling around, and wondering why the controllers seemed to be made for people with three hands... we made it to the multiplayer game screen, and were treated to a high-speed chase down a pipe. And a character select...? Uueee, I didn't even think about who to play!

Subaru nodded her head in determination. "Okay, everyone! I don't think it matters who you pick, but... I'll give Umeko-chan first choice." She winked before continuing. "Maybe she can stop being on edge then."
"Uueeeee... that's mean, Subaru-chan..." I looked back at the screen, though. Who WOULD I pick? After a moment of thought, I settled on a blonde girl who reminded me a bit of Yasuko... Princess Peach?
Subaru frowned. "Aw, I was gonna pick her... well, it's okay. I'll take second pick, then!" She fiddled with the cursor before eventually settling on a green dinosaur-looking thing... Yoshi? "It's pretty cute, Subaru-chan, so don't feel bad about having to settle for that!"
"I'm not settling for it! I-It's just the second best choice." She gave me a pout again... I feel like I was a little bit rude... I turned back to the TV and waited for the others to pick.
"Oh, it's not any matter to me what character I play, so..." Yasuko flicked the control stick and selected... Donkey Kong?
She REALLY doesn't mind who she plays, huh... "We-well... that's not really what I expected from you, Yasuko-chan... but, I guess it works!" I mentioned to her.
I looked over to my right and saw that Ran had finally picked up her own controller, and turned my eyes to the screen to see... Wario running down the pipe?!
She had a slight grin on her face...?! Ay-ay-ay, Ran is so weird...
"Hey, I noticed you looking over here, Umeko-san. Well, this character wasn't really my first choice, or anything. The one I wanted to play isn't in the game, you know...?"
I had no idea how to take that! "Y-you were going to pick an even creepier one...?"
Ran just stared back and shrugged her shoulders... I don't know if I'll ever understand her thought processes.

Subaru-chan put down her controller and clapped her hands together. "Okay! Let's start!" She squinted when it came time to select the map. "Oh, it says Pirate Land is the easiest one, so I guess we should go there... any objections?"
I shook my head, and so did Yasuko. But... Ran looked like she was about to speak up?
"I'd prefer Horror Land, Subaru-chan..."
She doubled back in shock. "Whaaaa?! No way, no way! That map looks way too creepy! I can tell just from the preview! And plus, it's supposed to be really difficult!"
Ran puffed out her cheeks slightly, and just went back to looking at the screen, replying in her usual monotone. "Fiiiiine..."
Subaru said nothing else - selecting a 10 turn length, which no one seemed to mind - and simply started us off-
-and so, we watched our characters finally head through the light at the end of the tunnel.

When the game finally loaded, we ended up on a huge island-themed board on top of a pirate ship, and... all of our characters had pirate hats on? I-it's not at all unexpected, considering the name of the map, but... it looks silly.
Almost as if she read my mind, Yasuko immediately pointed her finger in the air and voiced her own thoughts. "Oh, they're all pretty cute with those on... even Wario."
"Uueeee... you have really weird taste, y'know..."
Almost immediately after, some mushroom thingy-- Toad, Subaru called him-- came up to explain the rules of the game to us, something about getting stars and coins and minigames... what a ton to keep track of, and now we have to roll the dice for our turn order. Let's see...
Subaru first, Yasuko second, me third, Ran fourth... at least I'm not last. I looked around the room to see how the others felt, and of course Subaru was thrilled about her roll. Yasuko seemed content, and I could barely read Ran's expression... but she definitely wasn't upset, that's for sure. Did she want to go last...? Uueeeeeeeee, is that a real strategy in these games?!

Blue spaces, red spaces, a ton of green spaces, a bank, stars, minigames... I can't keep up... we just kept taking our turns over and over, inching towards the star space more and more every turn. Yasuko was surprisingly good at the minigames and usually landed on blue spaces, somehow... and it seems like Ran had the exact opposite luck. Subaru and I weren't doing too hot, being in fourth and third, respectively, by the end of the fifth turn, and the only reason I was above her was because I had two more coins. Yasuko kept getting stars and using map shortcuts to her advantage, and it was kind of scary... I had to mention SOMETHING.
"H-hey, Yasuko-chan, I thought you said you hadn't played this game before?!"
She looked puzzled. "I have not. Why do you ask, Umeko-san?" And then she turned back towards the screen, rolling the dice and stopping right on the bank space for the bonus. "Oh, interesting! I didn't know that was possible."
Sweatdrops formed on my forehead. "Ne-never mind..."

Some more turns passed with our rankings staying relatively the same, Yasuko with a whopping three stars already, Subaru and I with one, and Ran with... zero. Subaru seemed like she was actually worse off than Ran was, since the only time I saw her face light up at all was when we got to play the minecart minigame. Of course, she won that one, and the computer teamed us together, so we both got 10 coins despite me barely pulling my weight. Eeehh, I'm really not good at this game... but, Subaru still gave me a high-five for helping, which I reluctantly returned.
And after a while, it had become the end of the 10th turn, with all of us scattered around the archipelago at various positions.
Ran stared down the dice block, and I could sense her intensity from a few seats over. Uueeeeee, will her roll really change anything? Yasuko has a huge lead. And she got a 4, which seems really bad, but...
...she landed on a ! space? I wonder what those do.
...It wasn't long before we found out.
"Welcome to Chance Time! Aim for a complete reversal of fortune in this lucky event! Good luck!"
I hesitated a bit and looked over at the others. Yasuko and Subaru were surprised, but Ran had nothing but determination plastered on her face. And she looked like she was about to bore a hole in the screen with her sight alone... it was scary...
Not even Subaru dared to say anything to break Ran's concentration, and she started off with hitting the middle block. Exchanging stars...? The blocks began spinning even faster afterwards, making Ran even more alert. She went to hit the left block, and it landed on... Wario? E-eehh, there's no way she could be doing what I think she is, right? These are spinning way too fast to be intentional! Well, the chances she lands on Yasuko are about one in three, so--

--and then it happened. I looked back at the screen right as it happened, even, when she hit the rightmost block.
"The results are in!
DK and WARIO must exchange Stars!!!"
My jaw just about dropped to the floor. Everyone's did, I think, even Ran's.
"Oh my gosh!" Subaru shouted as loudly as she could, dropping her controller and cupping her hands to her face. "It's the curse! The curse of DK! Ran-chan, how did you...?!"
Ran paused for a moment before replying, her previous surprise still apparent in her voice. "I... just tried to time it. I didn't think it would work."
Yasuko just watched as the game ended and the results were announced, showing Ran in first place after all that had happened. Subaru was still yelling indiscriminately, and Ran had finally calmed down again. All I could do was just take everything that had happened over the past 5 minutes in...
And then, Yasuko's expression got rather reserved.
"Ah, you played well, Ran-san. I cannot fault you for that."

Subaru started off into another rant. "Aaaah! I still can't believe that happened! Chance Time is so stupid!"
I just stared at her, a dumbfounded expression on my face. "You're not even the one who lost to it, you know...?"
She wiggled her finger at me as she rambled on. "It's the principle of it, Umeko-chan!"
Yasuko just shrugged. "Well, such is the game, right? I lost to both luck and Ran-san's skills and timing. As I said, she played well." She gave Ran a genuinely warm smile, and I could see her almost blush a bit because of it... uueeee, I didn't think Yasuko could actually get through to her...
While we were discussing the results some more... the broadcast room's door suddenly swung open! In that short moment, a million possibilities swept across my mind: is it someone who needs to actually broadcast something? Did they get award results, too?! I-Is it the student council president, coming to shut everything down?!
And then I saw who actually barged through the entrance...!
"Oh, is something going on in here? I'll join, I'll join! I've already finished my mining for the day, after all!"
It was... Hinagiku Akane?!

To be continued...
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2nd Track
Hinagiku's Here! The Wildest Party Ever?!

H-How did she stumble in here?! "A-Akane-san, do you even know what we're doing?!"
She set down her backpack, pickaxe, and headlamp near the entrance, and gave me a thumbs up. "Nope! Not at all! But I could hear you guys yelling from the hallways, so it sounded like you could use some help!" Once she actually saw our game setup, it was like a light turned on in her head, and she walked straight over.

She took in the sights and seemed like she had some weird admiration for the console... I was really confused, but then she turned back and explained it to me. "If you're all playing Mario Party, I'm definitely in! It's my favorite series! Are you playing 2, or are you going to switch to another one, 3 is good, and..." She kept going on and on about different games, and I really couldn't keep up...
I tried to mention what we were doing. "Actually, we're switching games, but it's for a reason--"
"Oh, that's fine! Which one are you playing next?"
"Well, Subaru-chan is the one who would know that." I waved to her across the room. "Do you have the paper still?"
She held it up in the air, the side with the results printed on it facing her, and read it off.
"Mario Party... 8." She sounded a lot less enthusiastic than before...
In response to this, Hinagiku mentioned that she liked it, and questioned why Subaru seemed to feel the way she did about it.
She sat down for a minute and gazed straight into Hinagiku's eyes. And then she admitted it.
"Well, motion controls aren't my favorite... but it was mainly because I read that the minecart minigame was two-player only."
Yasuko and Ran had to stifle their laughs, and I just pouted at Subaru. Geez, she's really judging a book by its cover... Hinagiku was more understanding, saying she got why Subaru felt that way, but assuring her nonetheless that it was "a perfectly good game!"

After Subaru's admission, we got to boxing the N64 and setting up the Wii. I did notice Yasuko sitting down in the back of the room and looking at the others, and asked if she intended on playing another game, but she politely declined. ...I swear I could hear someone blowing raspberries behind us, though. And I did see Ran quickly turning away when I walked back to the TV...
It didn't take us too much time to turn it on and get to the character select screen after all of that, although that flying thing with the hat was really weird and kept jabbering on... sort of like Subaru, almost. I picked Peach again, and now that Subaru had more options, she almost immediately picked this orange-haired girl- Daisy, apparently, as Hinagiku and Subaru herself pointed out. And I get what Ran meant now, I think, because she moved her remote past Wario and right onto... the creepy purple stick guy. Uueeeeee, so that's what she meant by wanting to pick a different character...
"E-eh, Waluigi?" Hinagiku asked her. "You definitely have interesting tastes, Ran-chan." When it came time for Hinagiku herself to pick, she very triumphantly announced that she would play as Toad, her favorite character... oh, right, the cute mushroom thing from the last game.

"Hey," Ran spoke up in her usual raspy voice, startling me. "If you don't mind, Subaru-chan... I wanna pick the board this time. I was the winner, so it should be fair."
Subaru just bemusedly looked at her. "You're going to pick the creepy one, aren't you?"
Ran shrugged her shoulders, a grin forming on her face. "Maybe."
"Oh! King Boo's Haunted Hideaway, you mean?" Hinagiku pointed out. "I really like that one! It's luck-based, I guess, but it's fun to play on! My favorite is Koopa's Tycoon Town, because..."
She kept trailing off, and I had to nudge her a bit. "A-Akane-san, it's fine... I'm glad you're passionate about it at least..."
After all of that, Subaru finally put her controller on her lap and crossed her arms. "Aw, fine. 10 turns again, though."
Ran nonchalantly clapped her hands together, her expression not changing at all, and got the game started.

Of course hat guy was back... but only to explain the board, at least for now. It seemed like a doozy, too; randomized rooms?! Does Ran just leave everything up to luck? Is that why she wanted to play on this one? Gah, you can only see a few spaces ahead of yourself here too... and the candy system is pretty different from the items I'm used to... I don't think I'll do very well.
I ate my words later, though, and actually managed to get into second, with Subaru in first, Hinagiku in third, and Ran in fourth. You could tell that Hinagiku was trying, too, but she just got really unlucky with pitfalls and the pinball machines stealing coins from her... uueeee, I can't imagine what it would be like to be in her shoes. She seemed to be having fun, though.
Subaru, meanwhile, was probably only glad because she was in first. She kept moping around when it came time for the minigames, and acted like she was getting more mileage out of rolling the dice. And Ran... well, I don't want to say she wasn't trying at all, but... someone else commented on it before I said anything rude without thinking.
"Honestly, Ran-san wins one thing and then she checks out for the rest of the day..." Yasuko teased. Ran responded with her own retort-- I-I think I heard a slight hint of annoyance in her voice, even...
"...I don't want to hear that coming from you of all people, Yasuko-chan." She went back to absentmindedly staring at the TV right after.
I could notice Subaru leaning over and whispering Hinagiku, giving Ran the evil eye the entire time (though it doesn't seem like she minded). "There's nothing like Chance Time in this game, right?"
Hinagiku almost immediately responded. "No, there isn't." She got a puzzled look on her face mid-sentence. "Why?"
Subaru smirked. "Just wondering." And so, we all went back to playing... looking at just how far behind Ran is here, I can probably guess why she asked about that...

Ultimately, our placings stayed the same at the end of the game, with Subaru securing her win even further through lucky DK spaces and making the right turns on the map. She kept talking about having "the blessing of DK," or something... I guess it's like that curse she was yelling about before. Ran seemed content with her previous win, and Hinagiku took her loss pretty well. As for me, I'm perfectly fine with 2nd, especially when this is my second time ever playing a party game. Not too bad!

I used the relative silence after the game as a chance to ask Subaru her thoughts. "How did you feel about playing it overall, Subaru-chan? We might need you to talk about that later."
Subaru sheepishly steepled her fingers together. "Well... even besides the minecart game I was complaining about earlier, the minigames just aren't that great, y'know? But maybe I just don't like the controls, like I've been saying." She tapped her chin, suddenly remembered something, and then continued. "Oh, the board was fun to play on, though."
No surprise that the minigames are the most important thing to her, geeze. "We-well, at least you know what your priorities are when you play party games, Subaru-chan..."
Yasuko chimed in from the back. "I can agree with her, generally. Even from a spectator's perspective, these minigames did not seem to be very exciting."
Before we got a chance to chat much more, I noticed Hinagiku starting to move.

1st Track
More Surprise Guests?! A Minecart Club Favorite is Decided!!

She got up and... bowed in gratitude? "Well... I got overconfident in that last match, I think, and it didn't pay off. I had fun, at least! Thank you for letting me play with you!"
She headed towards the door, and I put my hand on her shoulder to try to stop her, causing her to turn back in confusion. "Wa-wait, Akane-san," I began, "umm... could you stick around? You seem to know a lot about Mario Party, and... we might need that later, you know? Plus, we still need to play another game, and you could watch..."
She tilted her head, her hair falling to the side. "Oh my, you need me for that?" I could see her awkwardly dragging her soles on the ground, and she went on. "Well... plenty of other girls at school have asked me for help with mining and smelting, but never this. It's a bit surprising."

Wait, did I never actually tell her WHY we were playing?! I could have done it when I asked Subaru for the 2nd place results, uueeeeee...
Well, now's as good a time as ever to explain it! I cleared my throat and began. "Akane-san, the reason we're doing this in the first place is because... w-we received a package meant for the Mario Awards!" I pointed to the chest on the table. "The protocol is to get the results out on time no matter what, so we decided to unpack, review the games, and use the broadcast room later on tonight."
She took a minute to process what I said, and it looked like her face was beaming more and more with every passing second. "Did you say the Mario Awards? Like... THE Mario Awards?"
"Um, yes--"
"Oh my goodness," she practically shouted. "Takenaka-san! I've been listening to the Mario Awards over the radio for years! Oh gosh, I've wanted to do a presentation for as long as I can remember!"
She clasped her hands together and practically threw herself in my face. I knew she had a lot of energy, but this much?!
"If I could help you with this award, I would be honored! I mean, I'm sure you've realized it already, but I know almost everything there is to know about Mario Party! If you need it, I will gladly assist!"
Wa-wa-wa... I'm glad she's so excited, but it's a bit intimidating! "Stick around, then, Akane-san! With how little most of us know, we'll definitely need you around..." It was awkward to admit, but it was true... at least two of us were first time players.

And so, as Hinagiku sat herself down next to Yasuko and waited patiently for the final game we would pick and play...
The door slammed open again.
Oh no, oh nononono. There were only so many people it could be at this point! Uuueeeeeeeeeee, we finally got found out--!!
I braced myself fully, and--
It was my two childhood friends, Shiori and Ringo!

They both slowly stepped in, the afternoon light from the hallway windows illuminating them from the back. Shiori brushed her hair out of her face and explained. "We were looking for you after our clubs finished for the day, but we couldn't find you in the minecart club room. So we just wandered around instead of taking the sensible option and calling you, or rather," she pointed to Ringo before resuming, "this idiot dragged me around and across the school with no other option. And then we heard the screaming from down the hallway, so..." Hinagiku rubbed the back of her head in embarrassment after hearing that.
Ringo rubbed her hands together and practically started gushing. "Uhuhu... with how intense it sounded, I really thought you all were, you know... I thought you were reenacting my favorite doujin, Umechii!"
"Uueeeee?! No, no, it's nothing like that!"
"UhuhuhuHUGJK!" Shiori gave her a good chop to the head. "Honestly, Ringo-chan, even now that's all you can think about... you're nothing but trouble."

Shiori put her hands on her hips and went straight into asking questions. "What are you all doing, anyway? If I was going to expect indiscriminate screeching from anyone here, it'd be Ringo, but she's been with me the whole time."
"That's mean, Shiorin..." Ringo frowned.
How do I even explain this? "Umm... we're playing Mario Party, but we're doing it for the prefecture's awards ceremony?" Yeah... they'll understand that, I-I guess.
Shiori stared at me, dumbfounded. "How in the world did you get permission to present?" Oh geeze.
"We-well, they accidentally sent the package with all the materials here," I said, showing the table off yet again, "and the protocol says we need to get the results out however we can."
Ringo got a huge grin on her face just from hearing that. "That's so cool, Umechii!" Her eyes darted around the room, taking in the amount of people sitting around, before she said anything else. "Can we join?" she said, suddenly clinging onto Shiori's shoulder, making her instinctively try to unlatch her.
"I'd- rather- not," Shiori said through gritted teeth, still trying to get Ringo off of her. "If you're all busy, we'll just go home. I only wanted to make sure you weren't dead, Umeko-chan."
"But Shioriiiiiiiin!" Ringo shouted, still trying to hug her arm.

I sighed. Before I could open my mouth any further, the other girls in the back spoke up.
"I am not busy, personally," Yasuko commented. "I am just here to watch Umeko-san, Subaru-san, and the others finish their awards work." She gave another one of her trademark smiles. "If you'd like to join in, feel free."
"...I'm done for the day, so do as you'd like, you know?" Ran said, not bothering to look up from whatever book she was reading this time.
Lastly, Hinagiku spoke up. "Oh, er... I'm just here to help with the results later! So, you four could play a full game together if you wanted, even!"
"Am I just being taken for granted?" Subaru asked, scratching the back of her head.
"Of course you are, you're the one who organized this whole thing in the first place..." I pointed out to her.
"Then in that case, you don't have an excuse, do you, Shiorin?" Ringo said, a certain smarminess to it. "We have to play with Umechii and her friend because we're the only ones available."
Shiori balled her fists to the sides, blush overcoming her face. "F-Fine. Honestly, all of this is so much more trouble than it's worth, but... I'll play. There, I said it."
"Uueeeeeeee, you're the one making it more trouble than it was worth..."

With that settled, I asked Subaru for the final result, the first place winner.
She dug into the chest and pulled out four copies of...
"Mario Party DS." She pointed to the title right on one of the boxes. "Shouldn't be too bad. Though I still can't believe it was a one-vote difference..."
We set the new systems up, handhelds this time instead of anything using the TV, and turned them all on.
"I don't know how this one got first..." Subaru pouted and stared at the DS. "There probably aren't even any minecarts in it, judging by the plot. Everyone's too small to ride them..."
"I guess you could say you have a one-track mind?!" ...Uueeeeeeeee, that was bad. The only reaction that got was Ran snickering out of pity... I couldn't even get Ringo to laugh...
Ignoring that, we all set up multiplayer and went to the selection screens as usual. Ringo picked Yoshi, and Shiori seemed to not care at all, so she just picked Mario. Subaru and I were Daisy and Peach again.
Subaru pointed her finger in the air, as if she realized something. "These have all the maps unlocked, and I was the last winner, so let's go to Bowser's Pinball Machine!"
"This one looks almost as scary as the ones you were complaining about to Ran..." I pointed out, sweatdrops on my forehead. "Plus, I don't know if Ringo-chan and Shiori-chan have played this game before... definitely not Shiori-chan, actually."
"Don't just make assumptions like that..." she blushed a little.
"It's fine!" Ringo asserted. "I'm always up for a challenge!"
"See, they're fine with it, Umeko-chan. And we need something climactic, right?" Subaru questioned, a glint in her eye.
"Hey, I won't stop you, Subaru-chan. It's only fair that you get to pick!" I simply shrugged my shoulders and waited for her to finalize the turn count and map.

As we loaded in, I could tell that this one would be... a doozy, to put it lightly. It was absolutely sprawling, you could only get stars through landing on specific event spaces, there were no Bowser spaces and instead you just lost all of your stars and coins if you were unlucky enough to end up in his area of the board... this was going to be the longest 10 turns of my life.
...Although, in practice, it wasn't as bad as the explanation made it out to be, surprisingly. It was pretty even, maybe TOO even. Because...
...on the last turn, we each had three stars and were only split by our coin counts. I took the last roll and landed on a blue space, putting me two coins ahead of Subaru into 1st place, but Ringo and Shiori could easily overtake me if they won a minigame too...


Sprinkler Scalers?! 2v2?!

... me and Subaru vs. Ringo and Shiori...

Subaru turned towards me, fire in her eyes. "Umeko-chan! We need to win this!"
What?! "B-But, Subaru-chan, if you win it for both of us here, then... I'll end up in first, not you!"
She took one of her hands off of her DS and held one of my own. "You're just gonna have to trust me, Umeko-chan!"
And just like that, almost like a scene out of a show... our button presses were in perfect sync. Ringo and Shiori were bickering the whole time, but they still stayed extremely close behind us... expertly dodging the bolts in the pipe just as we did. But, when it was all said and done...


We... we did it.
"Umeko-chan! Umeko-chaaaaaaan!" Subaru hugged me, practically sobbing. And... I hugged her right back.
"Wh-why, Subaru-chan? You didn't have to do that for me! You could have just been spiteful about it, I mean, I left all of those hex traps...!"
She looked up at me, tears in the corners of her eyes. "Who cares, Umeko-chan?! You finally won! You finally won a match!"

Yasuko and Hinagiku got up, joining our hug and cheering the entire time, while Ran slammed her book shut and slowly clapped for us.
"Uhuhuhuhuuuuu... pure looove..." Ringo cackled, her nose starting to drip blood. Shiori didn't say anything, just looked at us and back at Ringo, while her cheeks turned the same familiar shade of flushed pink.

And so... it was all over. Well, at least for a little bit, ehehe. We still needed to announce the results!
Two hours later...
"Broadcasting live from Shin Ojimachi High School, it's theeeee..." I felt awkward continuing this, but... "the unofficial-official Mario Awards M18 presentation! Hope all of you out there enjoy this one," I paused to look at the wall clock, "even in our allotted five minutes!" I steeled myself for what was to come, and started reading.
"In 14th and last place, with only 21 out of a whopping 2193 votes, is Mario Party Advance! Why is it so low? Well..."
I actually didn't know this one, since we skipped it... and everything else besides the top three looks so unfamiliar... and, I'm sure everyone's wondering why I stopped... uueeeeeeeee...
I stayed silent and panicked for a moment, everyone else in the room just staring at me, until--
"There there, Takenaka-san," Hinagiku interrupted. "I can take over the announcements if you don't know what you're doing." She did seem really excited about being able to do this, so it's only fair.
"O-Oh, sure, Akane-san... Um, we'll be back in a se-second, everyone!" I got up from my seat and traded places with her, ultimately ending up next to the broadcast microphone.
She fiddled with the positioning a bit before clearing her throat and speaking into it. "Sorry about that, everyone! Let's get on with it and announce the results!"
She read off from the document like it was nothing, and inserted her own details on each nominee, too...! I have no idea how she knows so much about any of these games, but somehow (and still with time to spare for our presentation!), we made it to the top 3.

"...And, as unfortunate as it is, Mario Party 3 only gets fourth place, almost a whopping 100 votes behind third. But it does lead us into our top three, at least!" Hinagiku jogged the sheet of results on the desk next to the microphone, and motioned for me to come over, whispering in my ear. "Do you want to get all of the winners to talk about the top three here?" Uueee? "I've already gotten enough time at the mic, I think." She smiled at me, leaving her previous question open.
"So Ran-chan, Subaru-chan, and me? Umm... su-sure, I guess..."
Hinagiku nodded, raising her voice and mentioning into the microphone that we'd be RIGHT back.
I called for Ran, who was... already sitting in the back of the room, and reading a book she got from somewhere? One titled "The Occult History of the Destral Diner," even... creepy... she did agree to get up and head to the microphone, though, and took Hinagiku's place in the broadcasting chair.
She glanced at the results and tapped the microphone. "Mario Party 2," she said dully, "got third place, with 278 votes. It's for the Nintendo 64, and it got rid of most of the joystick twirling from the first, which was a smart move... but it doesn't have Waluigi, so overall it's not much to talk about... Bye." And just like that, she got up and headed for the back again?!
"Ran-chan, whyyyyyyyyyyy... you were supposed to describe it more... uueeeeeee..."
"You said you were on a time limit earlier." She went straight to her old seat and buried herself in her book again.
I would've pleaded some more, but I knew I had to get the ball rolling, so I next asked Subaru if she wanted to come up and talk about how she felt. She said yes, of course.
She sat down with a flourish, and put her open palms on the broadcasting desk. "The second place winner is Mario Party 8, with 296 votes! Even if it's not much to my tastes, I can see why people like it; it was the first Mario Party with motion controls, which either makes or breaks it. It also has a fair share of boards, extras, and unlockables, so anyone who plays single-player shouldn't find too much to complain about!"
She rose up, still standing close enough to the mic to give her final speech. "Look forward to first place, folks! It was impossibly close!" She then completely headed back, giving me a thumbs up on the way. "Your turn, Umeko-chan!"

Oh gosh, Subaru is so much better at being a good hostess than me... uueeeeee... I hope I can pull this off. I nervously pulled the chair out and scooted in, then took a deep breath...
"The winner of M18, Favorite Mario Party Game, is Mario Party DS, with 297 votes; y-you heard that right, only one more than the second place runner-up! And geez, this game really deserved the win! It's super fun, the minigames are unique and the stylus controls feel intuitive, and- and more than anything, it promotes teamwork! Not to get too personal, but this is the first Mario Party game I ever won in, and... it was all thanks to my best fr--!" ring ring ring




Where is that coming from?

Wait, is it that alarm I set...?

I looked at my phone-- 7:50 PM?!

"Wa-wai-wait, we're out of time?!"

results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

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results table design (c) pidgey 2015, probably

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