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Re: Awards Mafia 6 - Game Thread - Splatfest: Lord Bowser vs. NEXandGBX!
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Current Voting Tally

Lord Bowser [8] - Fanta, Turboo, Roserade, TPG, MCD, SGOW, Mariofan169, Smasher

  • Time Remaining: 2:50:00
  • Mafia eliminated: 3
  • Innocents eliminated: 9
  • Players of unknown alignment eliminated: 2
  • Locations available: 30/32

Be sure to vote, and send in night actions!

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Re: Awards Mafia 6 - Game Thread - Splatfest: Lord Bowser vs. NEXandGBX!
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phase locked!





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Re: Awards Mafia 6 - Game Thread - Splatfest: Lord Bowser vs. NEXandGBX!
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Goddangit I'm still instinctively clicking on smileys


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Re: Awards Mafia 6 - Game Thread - Splatfest: Lord Bowser vs. NEXandGBX!
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RIP B. "Walkazo" Dalziel. December 16, 1991 to March 27, 2016.

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Re: Awards Mafia 6 - Game Thread - Endgame - The End of the Mafia
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Spoiler: music (click to show/hide)

The most macabre Splatfest ever hosted lasted well into the night. There wasn't a single drop of ink or a Turf War on the objectively best stage Moray Towers, but there was plenty of dancing, raving, takoyaki stands, and support for the killing of Lord Bowser from nearly everyone enjoying the festivities. Hell, even Mayor Perch and Ms. GBAToad had emerged from the town hall to enjoy the party.

However, when the sun began to rise, Roserade, who had been dancing backup to the Squid Sisters hosting the splatfest, stepped forward.

"Thank you everyone! It's been a great night tonight, but the Splatfest has now concluded! We'll tally up the results, and get prepared to lynch the winner!"

Everyone couldn't wait. With a party of this magnitude happening, it almost felt like they'd already defeated the Mafia. A few minutes passed with the crowd talking in excited murmers and pointing at Lord Bowser, who sat isolated from everyone else. He refused to make eye contact, or even speak for the whole party. Suddenly, a bit of feedback emitted from the speakers as Roserades microphone was turned back on. This silenced the crowd immediately.

"With 100% of the votes, our winner is..."
"...Lord Bowser!"

Cheers erupted from the town, and a noose fashioned from bendable red and blue glow sticks descended from the stage. Turb and SGOW began to grab Lord Bowser to hoist him to his fluorescent end, while Banjo snuck away from the commotion quietly.

Just as Turb grabbed his shoulder, Lord Bowser let out a howling scream and pointed to the sky. The rest of the town looked up in shock as well.

A giant, glowing eyeball was flying overhead.

This caused everyone to launch into statements of bewildered confusion:

"What the heck is that?"
"Can I eat it?"

The eyeball seemed to jerk and bulge rapidly, almost as if it was filling up with something. Small cracks began to appear, and spew out familiar black particles.


A dark, twisted laugh came from Lord Bowser, who had knocked Turb and SGOW to the ground while they were distracted.

"What a worthy sacrifice Tucayo's soul made, now that my lord Duma has returned his strength to us! AHAHAHAHAHA! IT'S OVER NOW, YOU FOOLS!"

The eyeball contorted a final time, and erupted into a cloud of darkness that covered the rising sun. Amidst the darkness was a singular round ball of light they thought was long defeated.

"The...core..." muttered Smasher, who struggled to make coherent sentences while both drunk and stuffed full of texan corn.

Suddenly, almost as if on cue, stlast exploded into a pile of power suit pieces and smoke.

These events made Lord Bowser cackle again.


The swarming, writhing void began to descend upon them all. It began consuming the outer reaches of Mariowikivillacityopolis. The islands of Jabberwock began to sink into the ocean. The lights in Manhattan began to shut down. The corn in Texas began to wilt away.

"N...NOOOOO!" screamed Smasher.

And with that, she pulled out a small gun that she had been carrying with her since Day 1. It was a simple gun with a single green light, and with a bit of fumbling, she shot a glowing beam straight into the sky.

A large green portal opened up above where the eyeball once was.


The town sprung into action.

Roserade grabbed the glowing noose, and begun to sing his most inspiring song to the innocents.
Lakituthequick, finally overcoming his goombahization, begun to rap in the background to make Roserade's song even more fresh.
MCD began to zip around the continent and curb the growing darkness with bullets made of light.

But despite their best efforts, the Mafia Core was not receding.

"I...It's not enough...!" said The Pyro Guy who had begun constructing a small, green Mech to fight with, and deployed a bunch of small robonoids to help out.
"We're going to die here!" said Fanta, who laid on the ground surrounded by her favourite stolen items as her injuries got worse.
"HE WILL NOT DIVIDE US!" yelled Mariofan169, who had run to Location 8 to grab a single flag and wave it around like a maniac the whole time

"No we're not!" yelled Smasher. She grabbed her gun from NEX, who as a certified plumber, was just making sure the machine worked, then snatched the glowing noose from Roserade, and turned to LN1, someone who had been constantly targeting him throughout the game, and with a look of mixed regret and desperation said two words.


The self-proclaimed King of Dreamland complied to someone's orders for the first time...and sucked Smasher into his gut. Three seconds later, with as much force as he could muster, LN1 spat Smasher out right at the heart of the darkness above them.

With a scream, Smasher lasso'd the Mafia Core in mid-air, and hung it in the noose for the final time. It let out a lovecraftian roar, and without a second to spare, she twisted her body and used the remaining force to fling the whole thing into the portal above her.

With a flash of green lightning, and a clap of thunder, the portal closed, and the darkness began to fade. The town begun to cheer briefly, before realising that Smasher was plummeting to her death from the sky.

Packy, who had been sleeping like a fat-ass the whole game, woke up to the scene, and with a scream of "I'LL SAVE YOU, SMASHER!", he used a spell of white magic to bring Smasher down to earth safely.

Finally, with the darkness eliminated, and the sun beginning to peek over the horizon, the town was able to celebrate the defeat of the Mafia. Lord Bowser had collapsed to his knees while his god and godfather were whisked away from his universe, never to be seen again, and had frozen in that position of despair.

The town was contemplating what to do to him, when Fanta let out a cry of pain. Her injuries would certainly become terminal if no one helped her out right away. Turb, finally recovering from the *bleep*show he had just witnessed, walked over to Fanta and offered his hand to help her stand up.

With a weak "Thank you", Fanta reached out for it...
Then Turb punched her in the face.
He then rummaged through her dress for coins, nabbing himself a large wallet full of them.

"WE GOT IT BOYS!" screamed Turb, "THATS 10 GRAND!"
"LET'S GET OUT OF HERE!" replied Shy Guy on Wheels.

Suddenly, a jeep decorated in orange and brown stripes carrying a large pile of Money bags screeched around the corner and into the plaza, running over Lord Bowser, who was still collapsed on the ground. In the driver seat was Banjo, who was now wearing a fursuit. Turb and SGOW hopped over the doors and into the car.

"WE'RE RICH! I CAN'T BELIEVE WE ROBBED THIS INSANE TOWN DRY!" laughed Banjo as he and the other Tanookis drove off into the sunset.

In complete bewilderment, Mayor Perch and Ms. GBAToad stared at the scene before them.
Lord Bowser was dead.
Fanta died of her injuries.
stlast had blown up.
There was a strange man waving a flag around on the town hall while naked.

But in the end, the Mafia had been defeated. Their ultimate being of darkness was no match for the Innocents of Mariowikivillacityopolis.

The town in shambles, many of them decided to leave the city forever that day, never to return. The next day, Mayor Perch resigned from his position, and this conversation between him and Ms. GBAToad occurred.

- Are you really leaving, Mayor Perch?
- Yes, sadly. My time as a politician and diplomat who has served as one of this great city's leaders during the Mafia attacks is at an end. I'm keeping the hat though, for sentimental reasons.
- But, you haven't nominated a successor yet? Who is going to run the town now?
- Well my dear, normally the Mayor's second in command would be in charge, but... circumstances have changed.
- Oh...?
- I found it odd, really, that the Mafia suddenly returned a week after I had promoted you to secretary, despite their general absence for over a year. The disappearance of President Stooben was enough to make anyone raise an eyebrow, but for me, well, I've always been a skeptic.
- You, Ms. GBAToad, are the true leader of the Mafia. You were the one who helped these scapegoats raise a being of colossal darkness from the underworld, and you did it all to avenge your husband's death by my hands.
- ...
- So, you figured it out. Well done, Blocky.
- And now, as my parting decree for this town, I'm dismantling it for good, and ending you right here.

Blocky pulled out his trusty Private Investigator gun, and with a single bullet, shot Ms. GBAToad in the head.

The Mafia were finally dead, and Awards Mafia was over for good.

As Blocky departed the Town Hall for the last time, he couldn't help but think about the single unsolved mystery that plagued this town. The missing bodies of DragonFreak, stlast, and Stargazing could never be recovered, and neither could any murder weapons.

Regardless, the past was the past, and Blocky no longer wanted to dabble in these mysteries. He hopped into his car, and when he pressed his keys into the ignition...

His car exploded, leaving behind no evidence of its existence.


Spoiler: true music (click to show/hide)

From his house, Shoey let out a grin as he clipped his nails for the third time this week.

Everyone had left. There was no one in town that could stop him now.

He could finally live the quiet life he always dreamed about.


Days later, in a solid gold mansion, Turb wrapped his arms around his fellow Tanookis Banjo and SGOW, and with a sigh of relief, said
"Well, it looks like the real Awards Mafia 6... was friendship... all along."

Lord Bowser was lynched! He was Jedah, Mafia Cantor/Doctor!

Spoiler: Lord Bowser's Role (click to show/hide)

stlast exploded! He was Samus, Innocent Upgrader/Bounty Hunter!

Spoiler: stlast's Role (click to show/hide)

Fanta succumbed to her injuries! She was Marisa Kirisame, Innocent Thief/Itemscanner!

Spoiler: Fanta's Role (click to show/hide)

The true form of DragonFreak has been revealed! She was Bojack Horseman, Innocent Actor/Silencer!

Spoiler: DragonFreak's Role (click to show/hide)

The true form of Stargazing has been revealed! He was Monokuma (DR2 version), Mafia Jack-of-all-Trades!

Spoiler: Stargazing's Role (click to show/hide)

The Tanookis have won the game, and left the town for good!

Spoiler: Turb's Role (click to show/hide)
Spoiler: Banjo's Role (click to show/hide)
Spoiler: SGOW's Role (click to show/hide)

The remaining Innocents have won the game!

Spoiler: MCD's Role (click to show/hide)
Spoiler: LN1's Role (click to show/hide)
Spoiler: NEXandGBX's Role (click to show/hide)
Spoiler: Lakituthequick's Role (click to show/hide)
Spoiler: Packy's Role (click to show/hide)
Spoiler: Roserade's Role (click to show/hide)
Spoiler: Smasher's Role (click to show/hide)
Spoiler: The Pyro Guy's Role (click to show/hide)

Shoey has won the game!

Spoiler: Shoey's Role (click to show/hide)

Mariofan169 has also won the game!

Spoiler: Mariofan169's Role (click to show/hide)

This concludes Awards Mafia 6. Please head over to the lounge for ratings, rolecards, and post-game discussion!
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