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I, TYROREXDMZ (hereafter also referred to as “DMZapp”, “I”, ”my”, and all first person pronouns) permanently and irrevocably waive any and all rights to Nintendo Co. Ltd (hereafter also referred to as "Nintendo", “Nintendo of Japan”, "them", "their" and "they") regarding MY IDEAS FOR AN EXPANDED VERSION OF PAPER MARIO COLOR SPLASH, as well as any further post I personally make in this topic/thread, the GameFAQs version of this topic/thread, and/or any further dedicated topics/threads on any website, message board or discussion platform anywhere, including website types not mentioned or yet to be discovered/invented. I also waive any & all rights to Nintendo regarding images I personally create, alter and/or display in some way regarding MY IDEAS FOR AN EXPANDED VERSION OF PAPER MARIO COLOR SPLASH, as well as the ideas the images convey. All loopholes which would circumvent the intention of this waiver (TO GIVE NINTENDO THE RIGHTS TO NEW IDEAS REGARDING PAPER MARIO SO THEY AREN'T LOCKED OUT OF SELECT PARTS OF THEIR OWN FRANCHISE) are closed.
WARNING! While this topic differs from the original game in many ways, at heart, it is still Paper Mario Color Splash. Therefore, DO NOT READ THIS TOPIC UNTIL YOU HAVE SEEN THE CREDITS OF THE ACTUAL GAME!
An extra advent for the fifth Grand Paint Star!
Monsters galore!
The strange secrets of royalty!
Dark reawakenings!
And a giant monkey with bananas for swords!



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Re: Paper Mario Color Splash Recut- Act 3+ (SPOILERS FOR END OF REAL GAME)
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2016, 08:33:21 PM »


+The hallway leading to Peach’s portrait is mostly covered in black paint. Therefore, Toadsworth is needed.
+At the points where there isn’t black paint, there’s rubble blocking the path. O’Chunks away!
Shy Guy
Slurp Guy
Red Koopa
Red Paratroopa
Hammer Bro

+On their way to the castle...
LUIGI: Well, it sounds like you’ve been on quite an adventure, Bro!
DAISY: But at least we can help you out with the driving!
NABANA: Shadhema ‘oman, here we come!
LUIGI: We’re getting something.
The team sees something in the distance.
LUIGI: MAMMA MIA! It leads to a giant creepy rock in the sky!
DAISY: Don’t get blue feet at the last minute, Luigi!
NABANA: Yeah, mon! Everyone in dis kart’s worked way too hard for you to chicken out!
LUIGI: Hold on! I’m-a gonna floor it! Hopefully we don’t fly off the road. Lakitu’s not a-here to save us!

+Eventually, our heroes arrive at the Koopalings’ castle...covered in graffiti and stickers.
O’CHUNKS: So...this is where the chariot-rider lived? I’ve seen nicer castles.
DAISY: It looks like they redecorated when they got here.
NABANA: Maybe this is the reason why they hid Princess Shadhema’s crypt so well, mon- it reminded them of this. Something about the decorating seems familia’, though. It must be those stickers.
LUIGI: You guys be-a careful in there, OK? I’ll...I’ll just wait here. You know. In case you need a ride back.
LOUIS: Thanks, Luigi, brutha. If anyone gives you any trouble, just give them that mean stare you showed us earlier.
HUEY: Alright Mario. Let’s go save Princess Peach.
O’CHUNK: An’ Kersti!
EDWIN: And stop Shadhema!
MARIRANA: And prove tha’ I can connect with new people!
NYA: And finally leave this Eclipse Empire behind as a memory!
KIDD: And figure out if there’s a cure for my boy’s condition!
TOADSWORTH: And find out if I’m truly fit to be the princess’ second hand!
LOUIS: And show we are united!
Mario jumps.

When Mario and co. enter the castle...
HUEY: LOOK! It’s Princess Peach!
O’CHUNKS: What ‘av they done teh yeh lassie?!
HUEY: They’re drained her color and framed her like some kind of pretentious art!
O’CHUNKS: Then let’s go refill ‘em!

When Mario and co. enter the trapdoor...
HUEY: OK. Shadhema’s a crafty princess.

TOADSWORTH: Indeed. But I’m thankful we’re not surrounded by vagabonds!
?????: I prefer the term “bad guys” myself.
Without warning, Perry and, surprisingly, a bunch of Goombas spin in around Mario.

TOADSWORTH: *sigh* Perhaps it would have been wise not to say that.
PERRY: What’s the matter? This many bad guys too much for you? Talk to the foot!
Perry and all the Goombas rush towards Mario and co.


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Re: Paper Mario Color Splash Recut- Act 3+ (SPOILERS FOR END OF REAL GAME)
« Reply #2 on: November 04, 2016, 08:34:09 PM »
BGM- Megasparkle Goom... (Paper Mario Sticker Star [Recut])
HP: 200
ATK: 20 (headbonk), 5 x 5 (multibonk), 8 x 4 (Goomba shuriken [only when joined]), 40 (rollout [only when joined]), paper airplane (form change)
DEF: 0 (normally), halves all damage (joined), aerial (joined, airplane form)
MARK: Musketeer
QUOTE 1: I’m not the Goomba you used to know, Mario!
QUOTE 2: Let’s see how YOU like being bent out of shape!
QUOTE 3: You make LUIGI look competent!
QUOTE 4: Can you hurry up? We have old friends to catch up with!
QUOTE 5 (joined up): Im’ma roll over ya!
QUOTE 6 (joined up): Welcome to Goomba Flights! Next destination- Mario’s EYE!
QUOTE 7 (joined up): What’s the matter? Afraid of a little Goomba?! Good!
QUOTE 8 (if Edwin is in the party): Why’d you give up on such a great future, Slurple?
QUOTE 9 (if Louis is in the party): Look at this! Now we get ANOTHER chance at crushing 2 Marios at once!
QUOTE 10 (if Nya is in the party): It’s the Decal Lands all over again...
QUOTE 11 (if O’Chunks is in the party): Your girlfriend shouldn’t have said anything at the Coliseum! I’m gonna mail you, piece by piece, as payback!
QUOTE 12 (near-defeat): ...Gary, buddy...I don’t get it...

HP: 10 x 8
ATK: 2 x 8 (headbonk)
DEF: 0
MARK: Musketeer
QUOTE 1: If we go against Perry, we might upset Shadhema! And she scares us!
QUOTE 2: Nothing personal, Mario- just self-preservation!
QUOTE 3: We should live among the Princess’ people again. At least we’re treated nicely when we treat..them...oh.
QUOTE 4 (near defeat): Thank you...Mario...

+When the battle begins...
PERRY: After all this time on the island, I’m FINALLY ready to give you a taste of your own medicine, you brute! Now we’ll see once and for all who’s the stomper and who’s the stompee! And you can’t jump sneak attack me this time!

+Midway through the battle...
PERRY: You’re pretty tough- I’ll give you that! But with Shadhema on my side, I relearned an old trick! Remember when I fought you at the fortress in the Decal Lands?
Mario shakes his head.
PERRY: Really?! I was the Goomba on the left! ...You know what? Maybe I’ll just give you a reminder of what I was like under ol’ Megasparkle...except for talking like a loon. Alright, boys!
All the Goombas form a 3x3 grid.
PERRY: You’re going down!

Mario vs. Goomba Grid Goliath

+Near the end of the battle...
The Grid Goliath disassembles, leaving Perry and the other Goombas exhausted.
PERRY: We can...hold it together! We just have to try again, and-!
GOOMBA 1: Yeah, uh, I got a clarinet lesson. In the dungeon. Which your new boss took over. ...good luck.
The first Goomba walks off.
GOOMBA 2: Rock and I are watching his lessons!
GOOMBA 3: Yeah! It’s gonna- it’s totally gonna be great, Mirty! With all the, uh, music notes and stuff!
Rock and Mirty run off.
GOOMBA 4: know, we don’t have an excuse. We just think you’re a jerk.
Goombas 4-7 run off.
Goomba 8 is about to run off.
PERRY: Gary! Wait! Don’t leave me, too!
GARY: Sorry, Perry. I mean, I understood when you sold out Luigi to that blue lady why you jumped ship. But this time? You have a problem at this point. Come back when you know who’s side you’re on.
Gary runs off.
Steam blows out Perry’s head.

+After defeating Perry...
PERRY: I don’t get it! I thought if I learned under Aace, I could start over again! But my friends hate me even more now! WAAAAAAAH!
EDWIN: Perry...buddy...If you join just for strength, you’ll end up far weaker than before. And if you join for coins, like I end up a poorer person.
Edwin gets two coins out of his coin bag.
EDWIN: Here’s my two coins. Use them to buy a sense of loyalty. Then you’ll become a valued fighter, for whoever you serve.
PERRY: think so, Slur- Edwin?
Edwin looks back at Mario and Toadsworth. He then looks at Perry.
EDWIN: I know so.
PERRY: Maybe I’ve been looking at this all wrong the whole time.
Perry takes off his hat.
PERRY: I’m not a Musketeer...
Perry shakes his head, loosening his beard.
PERRY: I’m part of Bowser’s Army, the Koopa Troop!
Mario nods.
TOADSWORTH: Ah, splendid! So I suppose we can have the portrait of Peach back?
PERRY: ? Portrait of Peach? The Princess is here...?
EDWIN: She’ the hallway above us.
PERRY: But we haven’t seen Peach since we took over this castle...You go find Aace! I’ll find my friends! GARYYYYY!
Perry runs off, towards the path into the factory.
HUEY:, it couldn’t be. But it’s the only other explanation...


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Re: Paper Mario Color Splash Recut- Act 3+ (SPOILERS FOR END OF REAL GAME)
« Reply #3 on: November 04, 2016, 08:35:04 PM »

+The moveable staircase is gone. Instead, Louis is needed to reach the upper belt.
+Instead of Bob-ombs, Mario needs to use O’Chunks to destroy boxes. Meanwhile, to ignite the Big Bob-ombs, Mario needs to lure an infinitely-respawning Beastshroom over.
+The rising black ink’s speed has slightly increased, requiring Kidd’s running ability.
+For the black paint running section, O’Chunks’ shoulder bash can be used to destroy large obstructions, such as the gate near the large Bill launcher.

Blue Koopa
Blue Paratroopa
Dark Boo
Dark Boosketeer

HP: 20
ATK: 13 (rolling attack [wet]), 20 (shroom toss [wet])
DEF: Halves all damage
MARK: Shroomsday
Quotes shared with Slugshroom.

HP: 30
ATK: 17 (vine whip [shock]), 26 (ramming attack [shock])
DEF: Halves all damage
MARK: Shroomsday
Quotes shared with Carrishroom.

HP: 35
ATK: 13 x 2 (double pincer scratch [burn]), 30 (shroom fist knuckle [burn]), Pincer grab (captures Mario’s partner, preventing the use of their attack or perk)
DEF: Halves all damage
MARK: Shroomsday
Quotes shared with Monstroom.

+When Mario and co. get in the factory, they see Shy Guys carrying buckets on a conveyor belt.
EDWIN: What’s going on here? This is the sixth creepiest thing I’ve ever seen!
Mario and co. peer closer at the large buckets.
EDWIN: And look at those buckets! They’re like the ones attached to the airships! And if Morton’s bomb drop is any indication, whatever’s in the next room’s not gonna be pleasant.
HUEY: Why aren’t the Musketeers stopping those Shy Guys? Just what’s Aace and Shadhema planning?

+Under the stairs...
SHY GUY UNDER STAIRS: Those weird justice guys invaded the castle, so I’m hiding here! It’s not a good plan, but it’s the only one I’ve got...

+Upon entering the paint bomb belt...
HUEY: They’ve restarted making black paint bombs! They’re like the ones that fell on Sunglow Ridge and Mossrock Theatre. Remember those horrible messes? With this many bombs, the Koopalings wouldn’t just have ended Shroomsday’s game- but the whole world’s!

Mario and co. look over to the left.
HUEY: It looks like they’re pumping all of the black paint from that room over there. We HAVE to put a stop to this!

+Upon pulling down the flagpole...
LOUIS: Pulling the flagpole down never gets ol-
Everyone looks at Louis.
LOUIS: ...sorry. I know- the black paint. I’m not a fan of it either. Just trying to my mind off it. Like those Big Bob-ombs over there.
HUEY: Big Bob-ombs...?
Everyone looks behind. They see a fleet of Big Bob-ombs.
HUEY: Louis, you’re a genius! What if we blew them up? I bet they’ll be strong enough to destroy the black-paint tank!
LOUIS: I can get behind that, amico! Sounds like it’ll be MOLTO fun!

+When Mario and co. arrive at the conveyor belt, they see Perry and the other 8 Goombas.
PERRY: Mario! Me and the other Goombas’ll evacuate everyone else! Aace should be somewhere up ahead...
Perry and the other Goombas run off. However, Perry heads back.
PERRY: Be careful! There’s a reason Aace is the teacher, and I’m the student. The other Boosketeers respect him a lot...
Perry runs off again.


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Re: Paper Mario Color Splash Recut- Act 3+ (SPOILERS FOR END OF REAL GAME)
« Reply #4 on: November 04, 2016, 08:35:47 PM »
+When Mario and co. arrive at the conveyor belt, Aace is nowhere in sight.
EDWIN: That little Goomba tricked us! Aace probably never even came to this part of the factory!
????: *sigh* Why is it anyone I care about never wants to listen?
Aace suddenly appears from behind Mario.
EDWIN: Aace!
TOADSWORTH: So you must be the leader of these “Musketeers” I’ve heard so much of.
Mario looks stern.
AACE: I never meant...for things to turn ou’ this way.
EDWIN: But- you wanted to bring Shadhema back, right? You told me yourself- it was for a new world.
AACE: I jus’ wanted to see her face again. Wanted her to come home. Wanted to help ou’ the Squad Captain’s son. Wanted her to send this accursed black paint and it’s creator into another dimension. Instead...Shadhema hasn’ changed. I believ’d the best in her, but it turn’d out it was all jus’ an ol’ Boo’s memories. Where did I go wrong?!
TOADSWORTH: ...if it’s any consolation, my man, the Princess I serve tends to take her own road, instead of what I suggest. Do I wish she would listen more? Of course I do! But as much as I don’t agree with her choices, I know she has a good heart. And I believe your Princess may, too.
AACE: Well, if Shadhema does, she hasn’ shown it since she awoke. And yet- do you folks wanna know the real sad part in all this?
Aace retrieves his sword.
AACE: I still care a lot about her! You wanna duel agains’ her, you better prove yourself agains’ her teacher! Even with the King’s invention, I’ll fight to the las’ whisker!

HP: 240
ATK: 28 (sword slash), 8x4 (sword furry); 40 (spooky sword wave)
DEF: 0. Can turn invisible for 2 turns. Can turn invisible 2 turns after de-activating.
MARK: Musketeer
QUOTE 1: You will trouble Her Majesty no more!
QUOTE 2: What a mighty fine mess this became...All to see her again.
QUOTE 3: Prove how much you care abou’ this world!
QUOTE 4: I should have travelled with them more often...
QUOTE 5: While patience is a virtue, fellers, it’s not infinite!
QUOTE 6 (if Louis is out): Do you believe in yo’ father’s words, Orion’s son?
QUOTE 7 (if Edwin is out): Can you measure up to Shadhema, my ex-student?!
QUOTE 8 (if Marirana is out): I’m prepared fo’ your tricks this time, Misses Deeps!
QUOTE 9 (if Kidd is out): I’m...truly sorry ‘bout yo’ son...
QUOTE 10 (if Toadsworth is out): I don’ think you know wha’ you’re really pilotin’, sir...
QUOTE 11 (while invisible): You still don’t have readiness for this!
QUOTE 12 (near-defeat): A-a-hack...very- good..

+When the battle begins...
AACE: No mo’ practice! This time, I’m goin’ all out!
Aace turns invisible.
MARIRANA: Remember wha’ happened las’ time we fought this critter! He tries hidin’, ah can flush ‘im out!

+When Aace reaches 80 HP...
AACE: No...ah can’t jus’ give you this vict’ry! Otherwise, you folks won’ be ready to face Shadhema! You’ve forced me to use the ancient Boo technique...MUSKETEERS!
45 Boosketeers show up.
AACE: It’s fin’lly time, fellers! Let’s form AACELOSSUS!
The Boosketeers all converge on Aace.
Soon enough, a large version of Aace, with tiny eyes and attached Boosketeers, is formed.
AACELOSSUS: Yeh can’t defeat this technique, yeh can’t defeat Shadhema!


ATK: 50 (Aacelossus spook), 40 (body slam- poison if not blocked), Suck in (sucks in air to prepare for next attack), 2 x 45 (Aacelossus Blast)
DEF: Halves all damage. 3 “sharp” attacks (Drill Jump, Spiked Helmet) break Aacelossus apart permanently.
EXTRA QUOTE 1: Refer teh me as “the ghost with the most”!
EXTRA QUOTE 2: I shoulda recruited some o’the ghosts from Evershade.
EXTRA QUOTE 3: Could you hurry up...? I need teh use the restroom- after I find it in this mighty big maze.
EXTRA QUOTE 4 (if 0 hits of Aacelossus blast are blocked): Oh...oh dear. This bodes poorly for you.
EXTRA QUOTE 5 (if at least 15 hits of Aacelossus Blast are blocked): Well- a master of blockin’!

+If Aacelossus is dismantled...
AACE: ..e..excellent! Yeh figur’d out teh dismantle a form only m-m-mighty powerful Boos can assume...*cough cough*

+After the battle...
AACE:’ve outdone the Musketeers at ev’ry step of the way. No wonder...Shroomsday’s agents... transported the folded your Princess. Well done...yeh...lot. But now, yeh have...Her Majesty...teh duel with. She’s a...master of the saber...You’ll need...every advantage ...Please ....destroy this horrible factory...stop Shadhema ...from herself ... and tell her- tell everyone ...I’m so sorry-!
Aace explodes.
HUEY: He’s...he’s gone. Not even his hat. Wow- I didn’t think we did that much to him!
EDWIN: We didn’t. Aace just didn’t have it in him to go against Shadhema. I don’t know whether he was too brave or too cowardly. Mario?
Mario thinks.
HUEY: We have to finish this, once and for all. You heard Aace- this factory needs to go.


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Re: Paper Mario Color Splash Recut- Act 3+ (SPOILERS FOR END OF REAL GAME)
« Reply #5 on: November 04, 2016, 08:36:25 PM »
+After igniting the Big Bob-ombs and landing on the platform...
HUEY: It worked! So much for the Koopalings’ bomb factory...
Suddenly, the factory starts rumbling.
KIDD: All the black paint is flooding the room! THERE SHOULDN’T BE THIS MUCH! We need to hurry out of here!

+Upon entering the next room...
HUEY: Whew! That was close!
O’CHUNKS: Yeh tellin’ me, Huey! Ah never wanna see another drop o’black as long as ah live!
+As Mario and co. proceed further...
??????????: (black textbox) You shouldn’t leave...not without a little black paAINT!
The black paint enters the hallway!

+After permanently leaving the basement and returning to the upper floor, Mario and co. meet up with Perry and the other 8 Goombas.
GOOMBA: What happened down there?! Did you create a mess?
HUEY: You could say that, Perry.
GOOMBA: No, I’m Gary. That’s Perry!
PERRY: It’s OK, Gary. You just haven’t eaten your Goomnuts, yet.
HUEY: We’re just glad that WE’RE ALIVE! But now Princess Peach is gone...And so’s the black paint!
Mario and co. look down the hallway. Sure enough, all the obstacles are gone...
PERRY: Seriously, I’m telling you- we never saw a picture of Peach when we arrived. ...although...
HUEY: What is it, Perry?
PERRY: While we were waiting in the basement for you guys, we heard...strange voices.

GARY: It was the creepiest thing ever! “They will all feel the gift of black paint.”
Huey looks horrified.
GOOMBA 3: It sounded like the bosses were back...but they were all the same guy now. Even Wendy.
GOOMBA 4: Well, when you think about it, we’re all the same guy, too.
PERRY: Anyways, Shadhema’s up ahead. Prepare yourself before you fight her. Oh, and if the Koopalings come surface side, tell them Perry said hi.
The nine Goombas all leave.

+As Mario and co. cross the bridge...
HUEY: Before we go any further, there’s something I need to tell you all.
EDWIN: Yeah, Huey, buddy?
LOUIS: I’m all feathers, amici.
MARIRANA: Shoot, sugar!
NYA: You have my attention, metal one.
KIDD: Spill, Huey. Or maybe don’t. What am I saying?
O’CHUNKS: Anythin’, laddie!
TOADSWORTH: We’re listening, Master Huey.
Mario nods.
HUEY: You know...never mind. Now’s not the time. Let’s keep moving.
KIDD: ...Huey.
HUEY: You’re right...I really need to get this off my chest.
Everyone pays close attention.
HUEY: I feel like we’ve gotten to all know each other pretty well, guys. Ever since that day when Mario woke me up by crushing my face with a hammer. We’ve had some laughs, some hard times, some sadness, some victories...some mild electrocution. But through it all, none of you gave up on me- or on finding all of the King’s precious Paint Stars.
Huey becomes happy.
HUEY: So I guess I just want to say...thank you. Thank you all.
NYA: From one guardian to another, you are most welcome.
LOUIS: Right back at you, ferro pal!
O’CHUNKS: Ahahaha! Think nothin’o’it!
HUEY: No matter what happens next, I will always be grateful for your friendships.
EDWIN: Huey, buddy...I’m g-g-getting all teary here.
TOADSWORTH: M-m-maybe there’s tissues armed in this contraption.
MARIRANA: Y-y-yer such a sweetheart, Huey!
KIDD: H-h-hehehe. More like a lovable metalhead...You and Billy would be such good friends.

HUEY: Well, there’s just one thing left to do. Let’s go save Shadhema from herself, and stop the Koopalings!
TOADSWORTH: M-Master Huey, that’s-
HUEY: OK, you’re right. That’s two things.
As Huey and all the inactive partners enter Mario’s pocket...
HUEY: (quietly) And if I know HIM, it’s gonna climb to three pretty shortly...


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Re: Paper Mario Color Splash Recut- Act 3+ (SPOILERS FOR END OF REAL GAME)
« Reply #6 on: November 04, 2016, 08:38:29 PM »

+Upon entering the final chamber, the lights are dim.
When Mario steps forward, however, the torches all ignite. Up ahead is none other than Shadhema! However, there’s no Peach portrait in sight...
SHADHEMA: Oh, so you’ve finally arrived at my new castle! I was sure Aace would end you, though! Can’t the Musketeers do anything right- especially for a proper lady like me?!
KIDD: I need your help, Your Majesty. You have to give me some of your hair for a potion. It’s the only way I can wake up my boy, Bi-!
AACE: Oh, you’re the mother of that sleeping goat Aace was telling me about. What does my teacher care about some child he doesn’t tutor?
TOADSWORTH: Princess Shadhema, Aace...he’s no longer playing the game. He’s run out of continues. He’s-
SHADHEMA: Father?! Is that you in that silly toy?! I didn’t think you’d ever return!
The camera zooms in on Toadsworth.
TOADSWORTH: -I am not your father.
Shadhema is distraught!
SHADHEMA: No...that’s not true. That’s IMPOSSIBLE!
TOADSWORTH: ...No, it’s definitely possible. I just got arrived here days ago. But the point stands- even though I’m seated.
NYA: It is over, Shadh- Kersti. We have already destroyed the Koopalings’ bomb factory.
HUEY: Surrender now, and we’ll draw a nice sponge bath so you can clean up your act!
SHADHEMA: DARE you! You have the penicillin to hijack the inventions of His Highness?! Then ruin a day of fun by destroying that ugly factory! And now you DEMAND I surrender!? Well, then, Rusty...
Shadhema summons two Musketeer sabers.
SHADHEMA: Bow before the Eclipse Princess, and soon-to-be-ruler of the world!

NEW BGM- Draft of a New Eclipse (guitar, drums, spooky effects- samples “Spectacular Finale” from Sticker Star, “Shadow Queen Phase 1” from TTYD, and “A Calamitous Clash”)
PLACEHOLDER BGMs- Final Destination (Super Smash Bros. Brawl), NNNN Battle (Bravely Second), Final Battle (Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker)

HP: 500
ATK: 12 x 4 (sword flurry), Megasparkle “Gift” (inflicts Megasparkle status on Mario if he doesn’t have it, reducing all damage he takes to 1), Status reversal (reverses status effects Mario is affected with), 40 (Eclipse beam; one of five attacks whose power cannot be blocked), 30 (hair whip), spatial call (summons 3 Wormshrooms, 2 Chassishrooms, or 1 Beastshroom), sword raise (gives Shadhema one more move next turn), form change (changes Shadhema’s mark, in order of Musk > Shroom > Spore > repeat), 60 (space boom), 10 x 6 (time boom), 12> 24> 36 (triple meteor drop)

DEF: 0
MARK: Musketeer (normally), Shroomsday (space form), Sporepocalypse (time form)
QUOTE 1: I get my looks from my mother, and...nothing from my father.
QUOTE 2: I’ve got you trapped like a fly in a..Scuttlebug web...?
QUOTE 3: I’ll clamp on you like a Piranha...plant...wait...
QUOTE 4: You will never end MY game!
QUOTE 5: Oh, come onnnnn...HURRY UP!
QUOTE 6: I’m the best swordsgirl in the world! E-hee-hee!
QUOTE 7: Perhaps we should all just...slooooow dooooowwwn....
QUOTE 8 (if Edwin is out): Aace?! A word about our soldiers?! ...Aace?
QUOTE 9 (if Louis is out): After I strike you down, I’ll invite the Memphawks to a barbeque. THEN I’LL COOK THEM!
QUOTE 10 (if Marirana is out): My hair’s much lovelier than your hair! You should have dyed it purple.
QUOTE 11 (if Nya is out): Purple’s my favorite color. Too bad your game will end before you appreciate it!
QUOTE 12 (if Kidd is out): Your boy can stay asleep for all I care! You crazy goat!
QUOTE 13 (if O’Chunks is out): Nice beard. Allow me to cut it off!
QUOTE 14 (if Toadsworth is out): You miserable little imposter...
QUOTE 15 (near defeat): No...I am a...proper lady...
+When the battle begins...
SHADHEMA: Not only was I taught by the best swordsman in the world- I surpassed him, too!


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Re: Paper Mario Color Splash Recut- Act 3+ (SPOILERS FOR END OF REAL GAME)
« Reply #7 on: November 04, 2016, 08:38:43 PM »
+After Shadhema is reduced to 350 HP...
SHADHEMA: I fear this is not going to work for me. Oh, I know- here’s a little gift!
Shadhema bestows Megasparkle status upon Mario!
HUEY: Mario! She’s trying that trick from before! Please tell me you equipped the Artifact from the Workshop before we began fighting...
+If Mario doesn’t have the Luma Sponge equipped, Shadhema will continually use Eclipse Beam until the second phase.
+After Shadhema’s reverse Megasparkle strategy is cancelled out by the Luma Sponge...
SHADHEMA: That sponge! Yet another one of my father’s inventions!? Very well- this plan of mine is no longer useful.
Shadhema’s hands glow.
All status effects are cancelled for Mario and Shadhema.
SHADHEMA: Do not think you’re out of the jungle yet, red plumber! I have more tricks up my poofy sleeves!
HUEY: Kersti, please- we have to stop fighting! Remember our detective agency? OK, we never started it up, but-
SHADHEMA: AUGGGGH! Stop calling me my pet’s name! You know nothing of me! No-one does! ...but a detective agency does sound quaint.

+After reducing Shadhema to 250 HP...
SHADHEMA: You are proving far more tasking to end! Allow me to unleash my true nature.
Shadhema’s whole body glows.
When she stops glowing, her dress has pink spikes on the side.
SHADHEMA: Behold- my space form! With this, I’ll rend you apart in a rainbow of destruction!
+Two turns later, if Mario hasn’t reduced Shadhema to her next HP threshold...
SHADHEMA: This form tires me. It’s about time for a change of pace!
Shadhema glows again. This time, she’s red with green spikes. In addition, her back hair is an orange bun, split down the middle.
SHADHEMA: Your clock’s almost up, now that I’m in my time form!

+After reducing Shadhema to 100 HP...
SHADHEMA: That is enough! It is time to end this!
Shadhema opens up 3 timespace holes.
3 meteors of increasing sizes emerge.
SHADHEMA: I cannot believe I am using my father’s ancient technique! But I have no choice! Now, I switch from a cavalier to a...comet...
Shadhema holds her head.
SHADHEMA: I will let these images in my mind bother me no more! You are responsible for this, man in red! But I will eradicate your mustache off the face of the world! ...though I may keep your hat as a souvenir...

+Eventually, Mario drops Shadhema’s HP to 0...
SHADHEMA: But...but how...I am the strongest in the world...Even if Nabana tells you otherwi-
Shadhema covers her mouth.
SHADHEMA: How do I...know that name...? Who...was I...?
Shadhema faints.

+Shadhema faints on the floor, passing out.
EDWIN: Huh- Kersti called that one on the nose. I’m scared guys. Hold me.
LOUIS: Only if you hold me, uomo.
HUEY: I don’t believe it- we actually fought Shadhema- and WON! Now let’s pick her up and bring her to Luigi before something else happens.
KIDD: Billy- momma’s finally waking you up.
Mario nods.

+GAMEPLAY: Though Mario can try to carry Shadhema now if he so wishes, he can also head back out the door, save, head to Port Prisma to buy more cards, save again, play Roshambo, save once more, fill the museum with rare and valuable cards, save yet ag get what I’m saying, right?


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Re: Paper Mario Color Splash Recut- Act 3+ (SPOILERS FOR END OF REAL GAME)
« Reply #8 on: November 04, 2016, 08:39:50 PM »

+Due to the changes in the battle system, Huey can now take 14 hits before kicking the bucket, rather than 11.

+When Mario finally finishes dazing into endless space and decides to pick up Shadhema...
????? ??????: (black text bubble) Yeah- I wouldn’t do that if I were you, hero-guy.
Mario and co. look around.
HUEY: Aw no, not now! Couldn’t he wait just a few minutes and-!
Bowser Jr., Motley, and the seven Koopalings enter the scene! However, they’re all covered in black paint...
BLACK MOTLEY: Ehehe. Terrific work, Mario and “Huey”. Truly your finest outing yet.
BLACK JUNIOR: You got rid of Shroomsday for me! That creep’s been in my way for far too long!
BLACK ROY: As well as that weakling, Sporepocalypse! Oh wait, that was me! BOOM!
BLACK WENDY: You also gathered all the Grand Paint Stars together! I was so looking forward to chatting with them again!
BLACK IGGY: And you even weakened the Eclipse Princess! AHAHAHA! It’s like the holidays came early!
BLACK LUDWIG: I can’t act TOO hasty now. Last time I did, I was given the royal punishment by his majesty.
BLACK MORTON: I shouldn’t have given him the chance to notice. But I was in a giving mood that day, when I first arrived.
HUEY: Like you’d give the world anything good, Morton! Or maybe I should call you by your real name...Splotchleek.
Black Lemmy claps.
BLACK LEMMY: Bravo, Huey. You look past the illusion and see me for who I truly am!
BLACK LARRY: But look- I’m a little hungry right now. There’s only so much an airline meal can fill before the main course. Excuse me a second...
Motley uses his wand to create a blob of black paint. The blob then picks up Shadhema, and places her inside.
BLACK LARRY: Mmmmm! Eclipse Princess...tasty. She’ll keep the Peach I ate earlier company. 11/10, I would eat again.
TOADSWORTH: WHAT JUST CAME OUT OF YOUR MOUTH!? YOU have the Princess?! I’ll show you-!
BLACK MOTLEY: Um, you’re not in any position to push me around.
BLACK JUNIOR: Yeah! BWAHAHA! I’ll share the black paint with everyone, even if it means another Eclipse War! And I'll give every challenger a piece of me- literally!
Black Motley and Black Junior steel themselves. The Black Koopalings follow suit.
Black Morton, Iggy and Ludwig stand their ground. The other six black villains, meanwhile, hop into the black blob.

BGM- Final Battle Phase 1 (Paper Mario Color Splash)
+Mario and co. fights the Koopalings, Bowser Junior and Motley in the same battle, 3 at a time.
+The Koopalings are all in their standard forms. They each only have 3 attacks- magic blast, shell attack, and a unique black paint move.
+As in the actual game, Mario and co. merely need to remove the black paint off of their enemies.
+When all the black paint is removed off a black Koopa All-Star, Splotchleek will call them back into the black paint and replace them with the next combatant.
HP: 50
ATK: 10 (magic blast [burn]), 14 (shell attack [burn]), 13 (stinky paint hammer [burnt if not blocked!])
DEF: 0
MARK: Splotchleek (Shroomsday marked enemies inflict 0 damage. They instead take 4x the damage they would have inflicted, essentially knocking themselves out.)

HP: 50
ATK: 10 (magic blast), 14 (shell attack), 18 (black Chomp lunge)
DEF: 0
MARK: Splotchleek

HP: 50
ATK: 10 (magic blast [wet]), 14 (shell attack [wet]), 4x5 (black missile barrage)
DEF: 0
MARK: Splotchleek

HP: 60
ATK: 12 (magic blast), 16 (shell attack), 20 (black coin rain)
DEF: 0
MARK: Splotchleek

+After Roy enters the battle, the BGM changes...
BGM- ROYal Rumble
HP: 70
ATK: 15 (magic blast), 19 (shell attack), 28 (black paint blast)
DEF: 0
MARK: Splotchleek

HP: 60
ATK: 12 (magic blast), 16 (shell attack), 15 (black smoke lodge [blinded if not blocked!])
DEF: 0
MARK: Splotchleek

HP: 60
ATK: 14 (magic blast [shock]), 18 (shell attack [shock]), 5x5 (black ball grind)
DEF: 0
MARK: Splotchleek

+After Bowser Junior enters the fray, the BGM changes again.
BGM: ROYal Rumble (Blue)
Bowser Junior
HP: 90
ATK: 8x3 (black cannon ball), 22 (painthrower [burn]), 25 (paint blast [wet- only when surrounded by paint shield]), 30 (dark paint blast [shock])
DEF: 0 (normally), 6 (paint shield)
MARK: Splotchleek

HP: 110 (HP will not drop below 1...)
ATK: 18 (magic wand blast), -100 of all paints (creates a paint shield for Bowser Jr. if not blocked)
DEF: 0
MARK: Splotchleek


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Re: Paper Mario Color Splash Recut- Act 3+ (SPOILERS FOR END OF REAL GAME)
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+Upon dropping Motley down to 1 HP...
Motley’s eyes return to normal. Motley then looks around.
MOTLEY:, uh, what am I doing back at the castle?
Motley sees Mario and co.
MOTLEY: MARIO! Oh, uh, Prince Junior’s really going to hate me when he learns you’re in here.
Motley finally sees the black paint.
MOTLEY: ...That’s right! I got really, really mad at, um, Prince Junior. I, uh, started firing magic at him to bring him to Bowser. And then I was grabbed by-
Suddenly, Splotchleek grabs Motley and drags him into the paint blob.
Motley tries to swim out. Unfortunately, Splotchleek reclaims him.
The blob of paint changes shape.
Soon enough, it reforms, into none other than a black version of Motley’s Bossblob form.

BGM- ROYal Rumble (Black)
HP: 680 (de facto), 850 (officially)
ATK: 45 (black orb blast), 54 (giga hammer), 45 (time freeze), 45 (spatial distortion), 36 (time punch), 36 (space punch), 85 (Bossblob desperation slam. One of five attacks that cannot be weakened with blocking)
DEF: 0. Takes double damage from a certain kind of attack...
MARK: Splotchleek
QUOTE 1: I’m what the Shadow Queen saw in her nightmares!
QUOTE 2: What will you do, when the King’s not home? A-HAHAHAHAHA!
QUOTE 3: After I give this world black paint, I’ll travel to the other dimension I heard the Koopa Prince went to!
QUOTE 4: Delaying the battle will only make my inevitable victory that much more rewarding.
QUOTE 5 (if a Koopaling-marked enemy is out): You will join your Prince in the paradise of black paint!
QUOTE 6 (if a Musketeer-marked enemy is out): Drown in the black paint your leader denied the spread of!
QUOTE 7 (if a Shroomsday-marked enemy is out): You miserable parasites are nothing, with or without your master.
+When Splotchleek is damaged, his entire Bossblob body starts vanishing from the bottom, revealing the trapped characters within him.

+Upon realizing normal combat is useless...
KIDD: Grah! This isn’t working, Mario! No matter how much damage this guy takes, the black paint keeps him together!
LOUIS: It’s no wonder the Royal Family couldn’t destroy him, amici! He’s faceless, shapeless, formless, a liquid... Basically, he’s not really there!
MARIRANA: I think we need teh contain tha’ gunky creeper into somethin’, somehow.
Huey realizes something.
HUEY: I have an idea...but I’ll need to return to my original form. From before I was wrung out, remember?
Huey heads into the deck as usual.
However, when Mario tries to use him...
Splotchleek opens his right hand.
As Huey’s card is spinning in place, it’s frozen in a barrier of time.

Mario and everyone look horrified.
EDWIN: NO! HUEY! What have you done?!
SPLOTCHLEEK: I just borrowed some of the Eclipse Princess’ power. Fun fact- the King and Queen created the two Royal Pets of this island not just to be her friends, but her equals. Which means I have access to Sporepocalypse’s control over time, AS WELL AS SHROOMSDAY’S MASTERY OF SPACE!
Splotchleek opens his left hand.
A spatial hole appears in front of Splotchleek. Soon, it sucks Edwin, Louis, Marirana, Nya, Kidd and O’Chunks in!
O’CHUNKS: Maria!
KIDD: We can’t hold on!
NYA: This is no good!
MARIRANA: We’ll block 'im off, darlin’!
LOUIS: It’s up to you, Gonzales!
EDWIN: Save Huey and Kersti!
The six partners are sucked into Splotchleek. Splotchleek’s hand closes.
MARIO: (audio) Oh- NO!
Toadsworth emerges.
TOADSWORTH: Master Mario! It’s up to us to save Master Huey! He holds the key to this fiend’s defeat!
Mario nods.
TOADSWORTH: There MUST be something on this contraption that can help us! You keep that fiend occupied, while I read the enclosed instruction booklet.
Mario jumps.
+For the next 2 turns (if he survives, that is), Mario cannot apply Paint to his cards.


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Re: Paper Mario Color Splash Recut- Act 3+ (SPOILERS FOR END OF REAL GAME)
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+After 2 turns of back and forth with an eternally regenerating Bossblob...
SPLOTCHLEEK: I grow weary of this conflict. Join me now, and get a glimpse of the new world before me...
Splotchleek is about to grab Mario.
TOADSWORTH: ARGH! This instruction booklet's in some ancient language! Mario and Huey are counting on me! THE PRINCESS is counting on me! The WOOORLD is counting on me! If someone is watching from the stars- HELP ME SAVE MY FRIENDS!
A certain celestial someone's quiet laugh is heard.
Suddenly, something glows under Toadsworth's head.
TOADSWORTH: Oh...much obliged.
Suddenly, Toadsworth's car changes shape.
Toadsworth's kart finishes converting- from a go kart to a mechsuit!
TOADSWORTH [ ]: I am the vassal of the Mushroom Kingdom's Princess Toadstool! I've watched over her since she was a child! Watched her friends on adventures! And YOU, Splotchleek- you are going to let her and Master Mario's friends- as well as my friends- go!
Toadsworth's brushes fire a white substance at Splotchleek. Amazingly, this hurts him, freeing Mario’s partners, as well as dispelling the barrier around Huey!
SPLOTCHLEEK: AUGH! Egg whites- my only weakness!
Edwin and co. return to Mario's side.
KIDD: Great job, old ma- Toadsworth! You should get together with my dad sometime!
LOUIS: As well as my papà!
O'CHUNKS: Lookit tha' metal! I guess yeh jus' had teh ask!
NYA: And we have yet more help...
Huey's card finishes spinning. Sure enough, Huey becomes 3D...
BGM- Blackout [End of the Eclipse War] (Paper Mario Color Splash [Recut])
HUEY: Thanks, Mario and Toadsworth. I feel kind of...heavy...but I also feel strong! So, here's the plan. You need to use me as a shield to block Splotchleek's black paint attacks.

EDWIN: But-but Huey, you'll-!
HUEY: Don't worry about me. I feel stronger than ever right now! [..] pressing A at just the right time.
MARIRANA: (excited) EEeeeeeeee! Let's do this, fellas!

+Once Splotchleek reaches 170 HP...
The remaining bits of Splotchleek form into a miniature Bossblob, freeing the trapped well as a portrait of a blank Peach. The mini-Splotchleek then jumps at Mario!
+When Mario manages to block this final attack and Huey sucks old Splotty in...
SPLOTCHLEEK: NOOOO! I needed you......Eclipse Princess....
Huey closes.
The battle ends.


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Re: Paper Mario Color Splash Recut- Act 3+ (SPOILERS FOR END OF REAL GAME)
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+Mario and co are exhausted.
HUEY: We...we did it! We got rid of Splotchleek, once and for all! Now for the Koopalings!
MARIO: Mm-hm!

+GAMEPLAY: Mario must use his hammer on all seven Koopalings, Junior and Mottley to send them flying.
MORTON: Remember me- as the smartest one here!
IGGY: AHAHAHA! See you in the next Battle Royal!
LUDWIG: Note to everyone- don’t use the black paint anymore.
WENDY: Call me, Mario!
LARRY: At least I have a Power Steak to look forward to when we get home...
LEMMY: Keep those cards shuffled like a true magician!
ROY: When we rumble again, old man, you have my permission to dry!
JUNIOR: I should have listened to you, Motley...buddy.
MOTLEY: Thank you, Marioooooo...!

+After removing the Koopalings and the other two...
HUEY: We did it, guys...
Everyone jumps for joy.
HUEY: We beat the Koopalings! More importantly, Splotchleek’s sealed away!
SPLOTCHLEEK: (black textbox) Let me out! I’ll give you free black licorice if you do!
KIDD: That sounds like SUCH a tempting offer, Leeky. Tsk- but no thanks.
Suddenly, the castle starts rumbling a little.
Shadhema drops from the ceiling.... along with the blank painting of Peach!
HUEY: Oh right! The princesses! We should deal with them right away!
The castle begins rumbling even more violently!
Black paint starts surfacing.
LOUIS: ...Suddenly, my idea doesn’t look so grandioso anymore.
HUEY: Black paint incoming!
SPLOTCHLEEK: Oh, yes! My great creation will force you to see the error of your ways!
HUEY: YOU’RE NOT HELPING! I don’t think this castle’s going to last much longer.
O’Chunks leaves the party. He then picks up Shadhema in one arm.
O’CHUNKS: Ah’ll get the wee one outta here. You save yeh princess, then meet me outside!
O’Chunks rushes out. As soon as he does, a pillar drops down.
HUEY: You heard the man! GO GO GO!
+After recoloring Peach...
TOADSWORTH: We can talk later, Your Majesty! We need to leave this dreadful place NOW!
PEACH: Understood. But you all look terrible! At least let me fix you up first.

+GAMEPLAY: Due to the added cutscenes, Mario gets an extra 5 minutes in the castle.

+In the middle room, just before exiting, the pile of wood almost falls on Mario and co.!
NYA: Oh my.
Toadsworth moves to where the wood is about to fall. He catches it, but he’s struggling to keep it up.
PEACH: TOADSWORTH! You- you saved me again!
TOADSWORTH: I would give my cap just to keep you safe, Princess!
NYA: That is very touching, Toadsworth. Now, allow me to make one little adjustment...
Nya vanishes.
Suddenly, Toadsworth vanishes from the mechsuit.
Nya and Toadsworth reappear in front of Mario and co. However, P8R8D3 is still keeping the wood up. Eventually, the wood crushes P8R8D3.
TOADSWORTH: Most appreciated, Misses Nya. But...the mechsuit. How will I prove I can protect the Princess now?
PEACH: You already did, Toadsworth. ...I never cared if you could protect me or not. You being near me is all I need.
TOADSWORTH: Princess...You’ve m-m-made an old man feel very hap-
The castle rumbles again.
KIDD: If we don’t hurry out of here, we’ll be feeling lots of black paint!

+In the entrance hall...
KIDD: We’re almost out. Let’s. Get. MOVING!


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Re: Paper Mario Color Splash Recut- Act 3+ (SPOILERS FOR END OF REAL GAME)
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+Outside the castle, Luigi, Daisy, Nabana, O’Chunks, Perry and the Goombas are all waiting.
Mario and co. exit the castle.
LUIGI: Mario! Peach! Huey! The others!
DAISY: Long time no see, Peach. We weren’t sure you were gonna make it!
PERRY: That was an awkward 20 minutes with Luigi. But at least that’s our cue to exit....Until next time, Mario Bros.! GOOMBAS! ROLL OUT!
The Goombas turn into the Goomba Wheel. They then quickly roll down the Rainbow Road.
LUIGI: Get on the kart! We’re a-getting out of here, too!
PEACH: But there’s not enough room on that kart for all of us!
???????: Did someone call for a RIIIIIIDE?
Cucleer and Pitholl fly up to the entrance.
CUCLEER: And we didn’t come alone...DRAGGADON, GET YOUR WINGS UP HERE!
Draggadon flies up.
EDWIN: You guys are amazing. But what about Khairacles?
PITHOLL; WEEEE found him! Let’s just say he’s watching CLOSELY! And...wait, where’s AACE!?
PITHOLL: ...I see. What a TR-!...what a tragedy.
CUCLEER: He was a great ally. We’ll honor him when we return...WHY AREN’T YOU ON THE DRAGON, YET?!
O’CHUNKS: Keep yeh feathers on!
LOUIS: See you groundside, Gonzales!
NYA: I have much faith in you.
NABANA: I’m changing rides, mon. Someone I need to talk to...
KIDD: Good luck, Tin Thing.
Kidd gives Huey a smooch.
Louis, Kidd, Nya and O’Chunks climb on Draggadon, along with O’Chunks’ cargo. Nabana jumps over.
KIDD: She’s out cold, Big Red. I need her to wake someone else up...
Draggadon flies down. Pitholl and Cucleer follow suit.
Suddenly, another shake occurs.
PEACH: The road is detaching from the castle! Hurry!
+Upon reaching Luigi...
LUIGI: Peach, you first.
Peach looks kind of scared.
TOADSWORTH: I’ll carry you across, Princess!
Toadsworth does so.
MARIRANA: Hehe! Wha’ a gentleman...OK, Edwin!
Marirana jumps on Edwin. Edwin then jumps across.
DAISY: OK, Mario and Bucket Guy...your turn!
Mario jumps across...
PEACH: Your turn, Huey! Come with us!
HUEY: No...I’m afraid I can’t. When this castle collapses, all of that black paint is going to fall out and collapse somewhere. I can’t let that happen. I’m a guardian, created by King Starmageddon to protect the Prisma Fountain in times of crisis. It took me a while to realize it, but my purpose is not to recover the Paint Stars. Nor is it to restart the world. It’s to destroy Splotchleek, and the black paint.

The road begins collapsing.
HUEY: The road is about to collapse! You need to leave NOW! I’ll be right behind you. I promise. I can fly- remember? I just need to take care of this mess first. I’ll see you all at Prisma Fountain!
MARIRANA: Yer- yer not serious, are yeh, Huey?!
EDWIN: Huey- NO! I’m not losing another brot- another friend! Mario, Luigi, say something!
Mario is thinking.
LUIGI: I think he’s right, Bro. Trust me- I’ve fallen off Rainbow Road more times than I can count. It’s a-now or never! But never a-forever!
Luigi drives off with Mario and the gang.
After Mario and co. leave...
HUEY: All right. *Sigh*
SPLOTCHLEEK: Such an act of bravery- massaging the truth to avoid facing them. Oh wait- that’s cowardice. Something that wouldn’t exist if there was black paint everywh-
HUEY: ENOUGH! ...I hate lying to them...But it’s the only way!
Huey flies under the castle.
SPLOTCHLEEK: Wha- what are you doing!? You, of all creatures, can’t really think you alone could-
HUEY: Here goes nothing...Grand Paint Stars, grant me the power to SQUEEZE!
The castle starts squeezing. All the black paint goes into Huey. Meanwhile, the castle becomes Chrome, and floats downward.


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Re: Paper Mario Color Splash Recut- Act 3+ (SPOILERS FOR END OF REAL GAME)
« Reply #13 on: November 04, 2016, 08:42:35 PM »
+With the castle gone, the Rainbow Road rumbles. This knocks the kart and its passengers off.
Luigi, Mario, Toadsworth and Edwin hurry to their respective females’ sides, catching them.
PEACH: Thank you, Mario and Toadsworth!
MARIRANA: Nice catch, Edwin!
DAISY: Good one, Luigi. But just one problem...WHO’S GONNA CATCH US!? AT THIS POINT, WE’LL FALL INTO THE OCEAN!
Suddenly, a huge green shape jumps into the sky, catching everyone and the kart!
Mario and co. look up to see...
KHAIRACLES: Cucleer thought the Koopalings’ hideout would hide in the sky. So they found the Great Khairacles, to act as a safety net.
Around Prisma Fountain, many characters are gathered...
+Luigi, Daisy, Nabana, Ellshe, Kitanu
+Louis, Nya, Kidd, O’Chunks
+Keirf, Orion, Leblaanc, Nastasia
+Pitholl, Cucleer, Merlon, Merluvlee
+ Kolorado, Catguru, Draggadon
+Shadhema (KO’d)
Khairacles places Mario and co. in front of the Prisma Fountain.
KHAIRACLES: Remember to vote for Khairacles at the Emerald Circus.
Khairacles runs off.
Draggadon starts beating his wings.
Draggadon flies out of town.
NASTASIA: Princess Peach, Mario! I came by with the others to make sure you made it safely. Thanks...for everything you did.
Suddenly, the Chrome Koopaling’s Castle Artifact floats into the Port.
MERLON: My word! That’s a miniaturized version of...the Koopalings’ Castle! But...where’s the color?
MERLUVLEE: It’s become Chrome! But the only ones who could squeeze color are Shroomsday, His Majesty, the Grand Paint Stars and...HUEY!

Everyone looks into the sky.

Huey is alone.
HUEY: I...I did it. And not a drop of black paint spilled...
SPLOTCHLEEK: You fool. Now you’re stuck with me forever. And when I break out, I’m covering this whole world in black paint!
HUEY: Then the only thing left to take you and your paint far away from this world. So far...that you can never hurt anyone ever again...And unlike Merluvlee, I’m not coming back...
Huey flies into space.
The sky flashes.


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Re: Paper Mario Color Splash Recut- Act 3+ (SPOILERS FOR END OF REAL GAME)
« Reply #14 on: November 04, 2016, 08:43:02 PM »
+Back in Port Prisma...
????????: YOU! You all have some explaining to do!
Everyone turns around. To their horror, Shadhema’s awake and upset.
KIDD: Well, there goes the neighborhood.
SHADHEMA: Who am I?! What has happened to my pets?! Where is Aace?! Where’s anyone?! That’s it- I’m blasting all of you until I-
ELLSHE: Wait! They just lost their friend! Don’t make this whole thing worse by ending someone else’s game, K-girl!
SHADHEMA: “K-girl”? Someone used to call me that...ELLSHE!
NABANA: That is correct, ‘oman! We used to compete back home all the time!
SHADHEMA: As if anyone could beat this proper lady, Na...NABANA!
KITANU: These fine, outstanding people just defeated you, your ladyship.
Ellshe runs up. Soon, Kitanu and Nabana join her.
SHADHEMA: KITANU! YOU THREE! The ones I’ve been seeing since I awoke! ...I think I know you, but I can’t imagine how.
KITANU: I believe you do. In fact, I would dare say we have all been close for a long time.
SHADHEMA: But I thought my friends were Aace, Petally and Cursedy! fact, they’re my only friends.
NABABA: This ape remembas someting different, ‘oman! YOU’RE Kersti! You always wanted to come to dis world! But you were kept on the other planet for safety!
SHADHEMA: That...that’s right. I was the most popular “Sticker Fairy” on the planet. I used to gossip with Ellshe all the time!
ELLSHE: GIRL, I was the biggest gossip on the planet! Like, did you know Kitanu’s seeing a pretty girl on the side? Or Nabana often slips on his dreadlocks? And even you talked up a storm. Especially about your personal favorite subject...
ELLSHE, SHADHEMA: ...How paper fares in jungles! Ee-heeheehee!
SHADHEMA: ...but, I remember I was kind of mean and bossy. I kept pushing around, at my home...
Shadhema’s eyes shrink in shock.
SHADHEMA: Both my homes.
ORION: Princess Shadhema...Kersti...No matter our reasons, no matter what happened before, we should have tried to find a more peaceful solution. I know it would mean more coming from my ancestors, but I’m still sorry we sealed you in that coffin-
SHADHEMA: No- the fault is mine. If I hadn’t been playing so recklessly near this fountain, the Eclipse War never would have occurred in the first place.
KITANU: It was not all bad, Shadhema. Yes, a series of tragic events followed. But conversely, a series of positive changes ensued. You gained new friends and a new home. We bonded closely, getting to know each other. And then you went on a journey with someone of great respect- Mario.
Mario nods.
SHADHEMA: The one who just defeated me and- saved me. For the FOURTH time!
ELLSHE: See, K-girl? Things were bad at first, but they became better again. It’s funny how all these crazy things unfolded. But you should never forget who or what made you you, girlfriend.
SHADHEMA: Very well...Your attention, everyone! I have reconsidered my stance!
Shadhema’s hands glow. The paint starts floating out of the fountain.
SHADHEMA: I’m still going to blast you all, alright...
The paint starts to move towards each other, as if it’s about to mix...
Instead of mixing, all the paint falls on everyone.
Suddenly, a great paint brawl erupts! Everyone starts throwing paint at each other!
Gulliv T. gets a hit of red paint in on Shadhema.
Immediately, the fight stops.
Shadhema conjures up a ball of paint! ...before letting it drip enough to a small size. THEN she throws it.
The paint fight resumes!
CATGURU: What a wonderous occasion, to avert the Eclipse Princess dulling her subjects over time!
KEIRF: DUUUUUUUDE! Paint! My surfing bros. will get a mondo time out of this!
MERLON: Hmm...perhaps we could have our own version of Sticker Fest to celebrate in Port Prisma! We’ll call it Splatfest! ...the name might need work.
KOLORADO: By jove, that’s a great idea, old bean! I can now say I witnessed the birth of a new celebration!
SHADHEMA: Oh, and the Vellbex captain. Aace was telling me you needed my assistance with something.
Shadhema conjures up her twin swords.
Shadhema’s hair falls off the back of her head. She then gives it to Kidd and Leblaanc.
LEBLAANC: SH-SHADHEMA! I don’t know what to-
KIDD: Our son...BILLY HAS A CHANCE! We’ll never be able to pay you back, Shadhema!
SHADHEMA: You don’t need to, Kidd. If it weren’t for you, we never would have learned the truth. And if I’m being honest, I’m trying a new hairstyle.
KITANU: Hmmhmmhmm! To all started with a color splash.
EVERYONE: Thank you, Shadhema!
SHADHEMA: E-heeheehee! You’re most welcome!
Shadhema looks up.
SHADHEMA: Thank you...Aace...Cursedy...Petally...Father...Huey. ...and you, Mario.
The silhouettes of all five appear in the sky. Mario also jumps in front of them.
The screen turns black.


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Re: Paper Mario Color Splash Recut- Act 3+ (SPOILERS FOR END OF REAL GAME)
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+Nighttime approaches. Everyone is celebrating!
Edwin is giving and receiving coins alongside a dancing Marirana and Suebelle.
Louis and Orion are chatting with Mawk and Pawk Hawk.
O’Chunks and Nastasia are sitting atop a square tree, with Nastasia close to O’Chunks.
Nya is chatting with Capri, while Baabeaussa and Pirra T are doing likewise.
Kidd and Leblaanc are walking...and Billy catches up, awake and happy! Enerr T. is happily walking aside Billy!
Luigi and Daisy are hanging out with the lazing Bakke T, Shaek T and Keirf.
+On the top veranda, Mario, Peach, Toadsworth and Shadhema are watching the festivities.

PEACH: Aww, everyone looks so happy...
TOADSWORTH: Quite! I’m buzzling with glee peace has returned to Prism Island! Though I miss my mechsuit...
SHADHEMA: It is good to see them celebrate one more time, before we head to the Decal Lands. As for your mechsuit...
Kersti’s hand opens, emitting red time energy...
SHADHEMA: It’s gone now. But let’s just say...I’ll give you the gift of a little more time.
PEACH: Wait- you’re still doing Sticker Fest?
SHADHEMA: Oh, didn’t you hear? Merluvlee’s giving me charge of Sticker Star! I’ll be posing as the Sticker Comet from now on! Of course, Merluvlee’s coming with us to help ease me into the job.
TOADSWORTH: Are you going to tell the inhabitants the truth about...?
SHADHEMA: Of course! As well as tell everyone who they really are, so we can bring back everyone who wants to come home. But I’ll worry about that after this festival!
PEACH: Thank you for everything, Mario and Toadsworth. And I’ll be sure to thank your friends, too.
Mario nods.
Everyone then turns to the right. Several Shroomsday-marked enemies are flying in orbs, towards space.
TOADSWORTH: I say- where are those creatures going?
SHADHEMA: With Cursedy gone, there’s no reason for his offspring to linger here. Merluvlee and I found a new, dark, uninhabited planet they can live and thrive on, complete with the essential nutrients!
PEACH: Phew! Now we won’t have to look under the bed anymore.
Mario looks towards the empty sky.
PEACH: What’s wrong? You look so sad...You’re thinking about Huey, aren’t you?
Peach, Toadsworth and Shadhema walk towards Mario.
SHADHEMA: Even if I’m no longer coming here...
Even if he’s stuck with Splotchleek for awhile...
I know my detective buddy is watching over all of Prism Island...
I know he’s happy. I can feel it.


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Re: Paper Mario Color Splash Recut- Act 3+ (SPOILERS FOR END OF REAL GAME)
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+Changes in addition to all the generic Toads getting replaced with their Recut counterparts...

++Edwin is on the Daffodil Peak float.
++Louis is chasing after Orion, who is holding on to Princess.
++Marirana and Suebelle are dancing near Birdo.

++Nya is on the Forest float, alongside Catguru.
++Kidd is on the train, with Wario and Waluigi.
++O'Chunks is with Nastasia.
++ Toadsworth is with Mario and Peach.
+Kamek's float is replaced by one dedicated to the Musketeers.
+Half the enemy floats are changed to Musketeer themed ones.
+Other character additions:
++Shroomsday and Sporepocalypse: after the Koopalings
++Slugshroom, Carrishroom and Monstroom: Undead enemies
++Blight King and Mecha-Toadsworth
++Shadhema and friends: flying above the Banners
++After Shroomsday and Sporepocalypse's floats, just as the music is about to stop, a few silhouettes flash on-screen for a brief second...

+Upon returning to the Title Screen...
A new game mode has been unlocked! Play through it to face an extra form of a powerful foe!

Splotchleek's Koopaling Castle

Slots: 3
Effect: All attacks gain/change to a Black Paint attribute, inflicting x4 the damage on unmarked and Shroomsday enemies. However, no Paint drops after battle from any enemy.
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Re: Paper Mario Color Splash Recut- Act 3+ (SPOILERS FOR END OF REAL GAME)
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+After beating the main game the first time, the enemies exclusive to Koopalings’ Castle’s first visit are added elsewhere.
KOOPATROL: Crimson Tower, Golden Coliseum, Kiwano Temple
WORMSHROOM: Azure Underground, Lighthouse Island, Fortune Island, Mustard Café, Plum Park
CHASSISHROOM: Vortex Island, Fortune Island, Mustard Café, Plum Park
BEASTSHROOM: Plum Park, Vortex Island, Redpepper Crater, Mossrock Theater

+When Mario and co. enter Port Prisma after reloading the cleared save file...
Red time energy glows overhead.
Toadsworth emerges in his car form.
TOADSWORTH: Hmmm? What’s all this, then?
A certain celestial someone’s quiet laugh is heard.
Suddenly, Toadsworth changes from his car form into his mecha form!
HUEY: WHOA! The king equipped that thing with a robot mode?! How’d you know about that?
TOADSWORTH: I-I didn’t! But it’s a welcome gift, nevertheless! This contraption becomes ever so interesting by the minute!
TOADSWORTH CAN NOW CHANGE INTO ROBOT FORM! Press the Y Button so Mario can jump into Toadsworth’s helmet! While riding Toadsworth, both man and Toad alike are safe from ground obstacles, such as spikes or black paint! In battle, Toadsworth can use Egg White Barrage to fire a barrage of egg whites upon enemies! I heard it inflicts extra damage against a certain foe... While fighting alongside Mario, Toadsworth’s new robot form comes equipped with an ability to Super Reload Paint, replenishing [30 points of each kind] paint at the beginning of Mario’s turn!
+GAMEPLAY: Technically speaking, Mecha-Toadsworth Robot Form is a separate party member. However, when switching between this form and Car, a special transformation mini-animation plays.

+At the mail, Mario receives an extra letter...
To one MARIO...
One of the participants of the Eclipse War left behind a most unusual sigil before they were banished back to their home dimension...yet after they destroyed MY original self. However, a malicious, controlling power radiates from it. I highly recommend you use the Timespace Pod in Dark Bloo Inn to deal with it. It’s where that UNDENIABLY PURPLE SHROOM and I were created, after all.
PS. I foresaw colorful times for you, yet didn’t tell the King. You’re welcome.
(This letter was written 200 years ago...)

Toadsworth Mech Mode- Egg White Barrage

Target: All enemies
Damage: 16, enemies drop 1.8x the amount of Paint after battle, inflicts 1.6x the damage on Splotchleek-marked enemies/bosses


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Re: Paper Mario Color Splash Recut- Act 3+ (SPOILERS FOR END OF REAL GAME)
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+Return to the new room with the pod. By giving the Six-Eyed Mark as a sample...

Location: Prism Island Map

BGM: id [Purpose] (Fire Emblem Awakening)
HP: 990
ATK: 80 (Expiration Breath), 66 (Bite), Dragonskin Flash (halves all damage for 3 turns), Hawkeye Flash (prevents blocking from halving damage if this move is not blocked)
DEF: 0 (normally), aerial enemy, Halves all damage (after Dragonskin Flash), takes double damage (inner face. Open by jumping on hilt of “upper jaw” two times in one turn)
MARK: Grima (gets a free counterattack if hit by almost any allied enemy. The only exception is Shroomsday-marked ones.)
QUOTE 1: I am the wings of despair. I am the breath of ruin.
QUOTE 2: ...arrogant plumber....I AM THE END!
QUOTE 3: You cannot defeat...what will never dry...
QUOTE 4: I am Grima. There is nothing flat about me.
QUOTE 5: The future is built upon the past, but that flower never truly saw it!
QUOTE 6: You are all powerless! Frail! Insignificant!
QUOTE 7 (if Edwin is out): See how frail these bonds of yours are?
QUOTE 8 (if Nya is out): I have some purple fleas to take care of.
QUOTE 9 (if Kidd is out): Will you JOIN ME and become ALL POWERFUL?
QUOTE 10: Still you resist me? Very well. Perish, if you wish.
QUOTE 11 (near defeat): CURSE YOU!
+For defeating Grima, Mario receives the Grima Mask Artifact.

Grima Mask

Slots: 3
Effect: Allows Mario to use 1 extra card next turn for every 2 hits he takes on the enemies' turn.

+If Mario and co. manage to refight Splotchleek Bossblob again with Mecha Toadsworth’s Robot Form already in the party, much of the fight’s scenario is skipped over...
HUEY: I have an idea...but I’ll need to return to my original form. From before I was wrung out, remember?
Huey heads into the deck as usual.
However, when Mario tries to use him...
Splotchleek opens his right hand.
TOADSWORTH: Yes so fast, I say!
Toadsworth fires a white substance at Splotchleek’s right hand.
SPLOTCHLEEK: AUGH! Egg whites- my only weakness!
Huey’s card finishes spinning. Sure enough, Huey becomes 3D...
BGM- Blackout [End of the Eclipse War] (Paper Mario Color Splash [Recut])
HUEY: Thanks, Mario and Toadsworth. I feel kind of...heavy...but I also feel strong! So, here’s the plan [...]
Rest of battle and cutscenes proceed as usual.

+The last part ending cutscene is also slightly changed to reflect the postgame alteration...
TOADSWORTH: Quite! I’m buzzling with glee peace has returned to Prism Island!
SHADHEMA: It is good to see them celebrate one more time, before we head to the Decal Lands.
PEACH: Wait- you’re still doing Sticker Fest?
[The ending proceeds as usual]


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Re: Paper Mario Color Splash Recut- Act 3+ (SPOILERS FOR END OF REAL GAME)
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+To access this mode, head to the title screen. Then, press the – Button to switch over to this mode.

AURORA UNDERGROUND (new location!)
BGM- Paintless Prisma Fountain (no intro)
BOWSER: Ugh- my head.
Bowser is lying on the floor.
BOWSER [ ]: What...what happened? Last thing I remember, I was just arriving on Prism Island, when- wait, where is everyone?
Bowser springs up, angry.
BOWSER: Kamek? Kammy!? JUNIOR!? ANYONE!?

BOWSER: And I’m alone.
???????????: You are not alone. You have not been alone for over a year. Trust us on this...
BOWSER: Oh, not the voices again! I just recovered from my sickness! Just reveal yourself, you multi-eyed nerd, and let’s get this over with.
???????????: have some knowledge of us. We would be more surprised if you were unaware even at this point in time.
BOWSER: Stop with the small talk! Who the heck’s there?!
???????????: We are...everyyyywhere. We were created on this island by the ruler to the heavens herself.
???????????: There is...only one way out of these passages. As long as we linger across these enormous caverns, you will never leave. Our power is incredibly unparalleled.
BOWSER: Oh, gwahahaha! How full of yourself are you!?! Buddy, I can beat anything in any dimension!
???????????: Is that what you think, you small-minded life form? Then how about you prove it? We will set up warp holes around where you are now- the resort of Prism Island. Our warps will lead you to the most dangerous sections of the island, with some of the most powerful battlers. That way, you get to enjoy this island before our frie- our mistress’ reawakening.
BOWSER: You talk a lot of crud for someone not near me. You know what? Fine- I’ll wipe the smirk off your face and take on all your little minions!
???????????: Such a predictable answer... Now- the first challenge awaits!
A red portal appears.