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I, TYROREXDMZ (hereafter also referred to as “DMZapp”, “I”, ”my”, and all first person pronouns) permanently and irrevocably waive any and all rights to Nintendo Co. Ltd (hereafter also referred to as "Nintendo", “Nintendo of Japan”, "them", "their" and "they") regarding MY IDEAS FOR AN EXPANDED VERSION OF PAPER MARIO COLOR SPLASH, as well as any further post I personally make in this topic/thread, the GameFAQs version of this topic/thread, and/or any further dedicated topics/threads on any website, message board or discussion platform anywhere, including website types not mentioned or yet to be discovered/invented. I also waive any & all rights to Nintendo regarding images I personally create, alter and/or display in some way regarding MY IDEAS FOR AN EXPANDED VERSION OF PAPER MARIO COLOR SPLASH, as well as the ideas the images convey. All loopholes which would circumvent the intention of this waiver (TO GIVE NINTENDO THE RIGHTS TO NEW IDEAS REGARDING PAPER MARIO SO THEY AREN'T LOCKED OUT OF SELECT PARTS OF THEIR OWN FRANCHISE) are closed.
WARNING! While this topic differs from the original game in many ways, at heart, it is still Paper Mario Color Splash. Therefore, DO NOT READ THIS TOPIC UNTIL YOU HAVE COLLECTED ALL 6 BIG PAINT STARS IN THE ACTUAL GAME!
NOTICE: Due to how much longer than expected Act 2 ended up being, the Marioboards version will be split further into one extra act.
Bird and goat people abound!
Strange swordsmen with a nonsensical scheme!
Interdimensional travelers!
A general with a ship to fire with!
And a more merciful, yet still treacherous adventure all around!



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Mega Jump

Damage: 21 > 3 > 3 > 3 > 3

Mega Iron Jump
Damage: 21 > 3 > 3 > 3 > 3, can jump on spiked enemies

Mega Hopslipper
Damage: 4 > 4 > 4 > 4 > 4 > 4

Mega Line Jump
Damage: 8 > 7 > 6 > 5 > 4

Mega Drill Jump
Damage: 29, pierces Defense

Mega Tornado Jump
Damage: 13 > 3 > 3 > 3 > 3 (main target), 3x every successful jump (other air enemies only)

Mega Thunder Jump
Damage: 15 > 3 > 3 > 3, can shock enemies

Mega Hammer
Damage: 39

Mega Eekhammer
Damage: 6 > 7 > 8 > 9 > 10

Mega Hurlhammer
Damage: 30

Super Burnhammer
Damage: 14, Fire attribute

Super Chillhammer
Damage: 14, Water attribute

Mega KO Hammer
Damage: 36 > 24 > 12 every enemy afterwards

Mega Quakehammer
Damage: 20

Mega Spinhammer
Damage: 21 > 14 > 7 successive

Mega Mushroom
Heals 100 HP.

1-Up Super
If Mario is KO’d within 2 turns of using this card, he regains 1/2 his max HP.

Super Frog Suit
Powers up the first jump of Jump cards by 10 for 2 turns.

Super Tanooki Tail
Allows Mario to reflect most attacks by pressing A at the right time. Reflects ½ the damage of close range, and x6 of long range.

Super Spiked Helmet
Inflicts 15 damage on enemies who use aerial attacks on Mario the turn Mario uses this card.


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+There are some wide gaps with poles in the rotating pipe room, requiring Edwin’s use.
+SoundStones block the way up to the pipe on the east side of of the rotating pipe room. This means Marirana time.
+A series of fences blocks the way up the higher part of the rotating pipe room, preventing Louis from easily solving the problem.
+In the third room, there are fences blocking the way to the ledge with the northost pipe. However, this time, the gaps are wider with no poles. Therefore, Louis must be used to circumvent the level design.
+Atop the pipes in the third room, there are thin fences. This calls Nya’s Vanish ability to task. However, due to the diving Pokeys, timing is key.
+In the third room, the blank spot on the bottom-left pipe has been moved from it’s left side to it’s front.

Dry Dry Pokey
Drybake Pokey
Green Pokey
Mystery Creature 1
Mystery Creature 2

HP: 22
ATK: 18 (charge attack), hyper-flex (powers up next attack by 12)
DEF: 5 (spiked)
MARK: None
QUOTE 1: You think Im’ma just sit and wait?
QUOTE 2: Im’ma runnin’, pal!
QUOTE 3: My charge’ll mess ya up!
QUOTE 4: You know what my favorite music is, buddy?! Grunge!
QUOTE 5 (if it successfully hits Mario): Yeah, how do you like that, greasy?!
QUOTE 6 (near defeat): I thought my spikes would save me…

Pit entrance- Orange
Atop green pipe in rotating pipe room- Yellow
Atop green pipe in swimming Pokey room- Purple


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+When Mario and co. arrive at the big hole…
MARIRANA: Well, blow me over a ravine! That gian’ colorless spot was a sinkhole almost huger than my hair buns!
HUEY: Uh, I hope the Chef who was lounging there is OK…
Wario and Waluigi sneak up behind Mario. Wario can be heard breathing…
MARIRANA: EEWWWWW! Did you eat somethin’ funny on our way here, Mario, suga?
Mario shakes his head.
WARIO: HEY! What’s a-so weird about dipping a-sour keys in a-garlic sauce?!
Mario and co. turn around.
HUEY: …I think I’m rusting, just hearing that description! Also…YOU GUYS AGAIN?! I thought we taught you a lesson at Kiwano Temple!
WALUIGI: Silly a-bucket boy! I a-was never a-good student! I preferred to be a-SNEAKY!
WARIO: And maybe you a-need to linger in a-the scent of my snack!
Wario exhales fiercely, pushing Mario and co. off the edge.

HUEY: Gah! We’re getting blown away!
MARIRANA: And that smells just NASTY, hoooooooonnnnnnnn…..!
Mario and friends fall into the abyss.
Wario and Waluigi turn around.
WARIO: That’ll a-show them! No-one insults a-the snacks of WARIO!
WALUIGI: Yeah! Hehehehe! The only one who gets to do a-that is a-WaluIGI!
WARIO: You a-want some of a-this?!
WALUIGI: Maybe you need a-cavity search from a me- so I can a-remove them-!
????: Oh, for the love of…JUST JUMP IN THERE, LIKE I PAID YOU TO!
Kidd charges in, knocking Wario and Waluigi over the edge!
WARIO: You a-won’t get away with this, you a-smelly goat!
Wario and Waluigi fall in, too.

+Upon reaching the bottom of the pit,
Mario sees Huey lingering around the sand.
MARIRANA: We have to git him back, hon!

+Upon saving Huey from the Pokeys…
MARIRANA: Huey…? HUEY!? Mario, he’s not breathin’!!
+After hitting Huey…
HUEY: Mafio?! Mafifana?! Whaf waff I fooing?! I refemfer Wafio’s waft few uf, and I fell in thiff fole, and fhen…
MARIRANA: I…don’t get what you’re sayin’, Huey.
HUEY: Riff. Fold on, giff me a fecond…
Huey moves over the sand. He then empties himself.
HUEY: Ah! That’s better…I hope you all didn’t panic too much when I went under the sand there.
MARIRANA: ...wait- yer a bucket! You probably don’ even have lungs! I almos’ worried m’self for a minute…
HUEY: I’m all good now, Marirana, so let’s figure out how we’re getting out of here!


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+When Mario and co. find Bakke T…
HUEY: Hey, look! The chef IS down here. But it seems like she’s doing…OK.
BAKKE T: Mario! My MAN. It’s me, Chef Bakke T. There are, like, way too many Pokeys around here. You can come over here and relaaaaax with me for a bit, though.
+Upon entering the umbrella…
BAKKE T: Oh, hey. Did you have a reservation for my private parasol paradise?

BAKKE T: I’m just messin’ with you, man. You can chill with me for a bit, though. This thing has room for plenty.
The parasol opens.
BAKKE T: …never mind. Look what you did to the parasol!
EDWIN: Sorry, ma’am! Huey, can you take the rap for me?
HUEY: I…I’m not even touching it! You’re on your own here, Edwin!
The parasol sinks into the sand. Bakke T peps up at this.
Suddenly, the gang’s surrounded by all three Pokey types!

+Upon reaching the north exit of the rotating pipe room…
BAKKE T: Thanks for the help. I guess. I mean, I was floating kinda peacefully all by myself. But thanks for rescuing me after you ruined my catnap.
Bakke T holds up a key.
BAKKE T: I was getting bored in there anyway. Figured it was about time to go back and check on the café. You wanna come with? I got this key right here. Wouldn’t let this thing outta my sight, you know?
Bakke T puts the key away.
BAKKE T: You’re on the wating list, aren’t you? A few years down the line? Well, I got a proposition for you.
EDWIN: I’m listening…
BAKKE T: You get me outta this pit, and I’ll seat you right away!
EDWIN: …oh. That’s, uh, good, I guess.
BAKKE T: That’s A-list, my green friend. Higher than A-list. Nobody gets a same-day seat in my café. Except you guys. Or my sister. I’ll even get you a prime seat next to that fancy star. You with me?
LOUIS: Gonzales, I think what Bakke T is trying to spiegare is if we take her back to the surface, she’ll show US the Paint Star!
HUEY: She’s got the key to the café anyway, so let’s help her out.
BAKKE T: Listen to your gang, yo. We can help each other out here.

+Upon reaching the other side of the third room’s recolored pipe…
MARIRANA: Al’righ’, Bakke T! You’re good to go!
Bakke T enters the pipe. She exits the other side.
BAKKE T: Aw, yeah. Now, that’s how you use a pipe, yo! Easy slidin’.

+After Mario, his partners and Bakke T. are kidnapped, Wario and Waluigi fall in the sand pit.
WARIO: Rrrrr! That a-old goat should a-do it her-a-self!
WALUIGI: “Weeeeeeeeeeh! I’m a-WArio! I’m afraid of a-big, bad Mario!”
WARIO: That’s a-YOU whenever you a-play a GOLF against a-Mario-!
Suddenly, more Snifits surround Wario and Waluigi.
WARIO: EH! Ooooooh….
Wario and Waluigi are dragged down.
WARIO: AAAAAA-wawawawa!


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+The jail-cell’s weak point has a white spot over its weak point. Coloring it reveals a Sound symbol, requiring Marirana to break.
+There’s a thin fence in the jalhouse’s basement’s left, right before the Sound sinkhole. Nya and Marirana to the rescue!

Slurp Guy
Shy Guy
Red Koopa

+After Mario and co. are locked in jail…
Edwin is steamed. He and Louis try rushing the door.
LOUIS: No good, uomo. It’s too tough.
Nya tries vanishing…however…
NYA: It is too thick to vanish through. I apologize.
EDWIN: What is this place? How did the Musketeers miss a Snifit hideout beneath the desert?
LOUIS: …I guess we’ll have to find a way, even with these impenetrabile prison cells. Gonzales! You’re pretty smart- you’ll figure a way out of here before us!
Suddenly, a shaking sound is heard underground.
LOUIS: Except maybe whoever’s below us, amici.

+Upon reaching the bottom cell, which has now been broken apart…
LOUIS: I called it! You ARE the uomo, Gonzales!
MARIRANA: Teh be hones’, ah thought ye lost it when ye dove down into the sand. But ye lept before ye looked, suga, an’ it turned out that sand-pit had no floor limitin’ it. Now let’s go fin’ Bakke T an’ get outta here. I reckon poor Huey prob’bly wants his handles on tha’ Paint Star…
LOUIS: And figure out what made THIS accadere…

+In the Snifit’s office, there’s a curious set of notes…
NOTE 1: Containment device for Project Shiny complete.
NOTE 2: Possible landing site of Priority Shiny discovered. Bring containment device, minions, and popcorn.
NOTE 3: Vending machines refilled.

+After defeating the minions near Bakke T.’s cell…
BAKKE T: ‘Sup, guys. This place isn’t too bad.
MARIRANA: …you know, I could introduce her to Keirf. They’d make such a’dorable couple!
+After unlocking the door.
BAKKE T: I was actually enjoying the peace and quiet, you know? But I guess it’s time to get back to the grind. My sis would give me an earful if I dozed too long. Peace out, jail.

+When Mario returns to the surface…
HUEY: Listen, Mario. We spent a LONG time in that jail. Maybe we should head back to the south room and save?


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+When the north orange pipe explodes, out comes Wario and Waluigi…
WALUIGI: HEY! You a-ruined the signal! Mr. A-Microgame President!
WARIO: At least I a-get to smash up some a-heads! All you a-do is a-stomp on you’re a-competition!
Wario and Waluigi realize Mario is watching. Wario then redirects his attention.
WARIO: And where-a do you think you’re a-going, Mario?
WALUIGI: I don’t a-care what a-he thinks. I only a-care what I a-want!
Wario and Waluigi burst up from below the sand!


HP: 133
ATK: 19 (shoulder dash), 7x2 > 10 (burning run [burn]), 0 (scary face, scares allied enemies away), 38 (garlic breath- two turn attack, poisons Mario for five turns)
DEF: 0
MARK: Wicked (friendly fire on between Wario and Waluigi, but will target Mario first)
QUOTE 1: I a-had some onions on a-chocolate and nachos while a-waiting.
QUOTE 2: Wa-ha-ha!
QUOTE 3: You’re a-baker friend wouldn’t want a-walk in the woods with WArio!
QUOTE 4: Who’s a-pushing who around a-now, Sheriff?!
QUOTE 5 (if Edwin is present): That a-money bag’s even a-bigger than before!
QUOTE 6 (if Marirana is present): Ooooh- you a-hiding any a-cash in that a-hair, lady?
QUOTE 7 (if Waluigi is beaten first): What- so a-now Waluigi’s your a-arch rival?!
QUOTE 8 (near defeat): Uh Ooooooh…

HP: 117
ATK: 10 (Bob-omb toss [fire, can start Wario’s burning run]), 10 (hockey slap [wet]), 10 (tennis ball [shock]), 0 (steals an allied enemy, then uses it as ammo), 6 x 6 (dig pummel- two turn attack)
DEF: 0
MARK: Wicked (friendly fire on between Waluigi and Wario, but will target Mario first)
QUOTE 1: Yeh-heh-heh!
QUOTE 2: WAluigi is a-unpreDICtable!
QUOTE 3: You don’t want to a-fight…? Too bad!
QUOTE 4: After a-beating you, I’LL a-be the star of this a-game!
QUOTE 5 (if Louis is present): Why don’t a-you dress up like a-REAL plumber, bird man?
QUOTE 6 (if Nya is present): Hey! Purple’s a-MY color, a-leetle girl!
QUOTE 7 (if Wario is beaten first): Wario’s a-gone. Maybe I can be WA-MARIO too, now!
QUOTE 8 (near defeat): You’re a-CHEATing again…!

+After defeating Wario and Waluigi…
WALUIGI: WAAAAAH! No amount of a-goat lady gold is a-worth this!
Wario and Waluigi exit through the pipe.
HUEY: “Goat lady gol-“
Huey and Edwin realize the same thing.
EDWIN: She must me getting desperate.
BAKKE T: Those two were disgusting, yo! Why didn’t, like, their moms clean their mouths out when they were little?

+Upon returning to the surface…
BAKKE T: Ahh, that fresh air. Nothing like a little dungeon time to help you appreciate the little things. Come on- let’s head back to the café. Bet I’ve got quite a line going….

+The Yellow Toad near the bottom right of the café is now a male Memphawk guy.


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+Other than Chugga T, most of the Toads have been changed to Memphawks and Piantas.

+When Mario and co. arrive at the entrance to Regale Trainworks….
??????: …oh, you are such a kid, K-girl! Of course I’m fine! I mean, have you seen all the strong guys around here? You learn so much just by talking to them.
??????: I’m just glad you’re OK, Ell- hey, look! MARIO! OVER HERE!
Mario and co. turn around. They see Kersti, along with a shell-themed Sticker Fairy.
SHELL STICKER FAIRY: Like- you’re Mario? Oh. My. GOOOSH. K-girl here’s been talking about you non-stop, after she takes breaks from her anti-jungle crusades! I didn’t think you’d be so hairy! And look at that hat- I totally want one like it! No, wait, make that two of them! Then me and my girl Kersti here can wear them in front of the others! It’ll be so cute- a crown and shell wearing a gangsta hat!
MARIRANA: That does sound a l’il cute, suga…uh…
SHELL STICKER FAIRY: Oh, where’s my manners? Girlfriend, you can call me a lot of things- a gossip, a huge tease, K-girl’s Shell Pal- bwehehe! But if we’re going to hang together, you can call me Ellshe, the most BEAUTIFUL Sticker Fairy of all!
NYA: The Sticker Fairies- here of all places! What has befallen the Sticker Comet?
ELLSHE: To make a long story short, girlfriend- and I love tell long stories, B.T.W. - me, my boy-buddies and K-girl here were taking a WILD RIDE on the Sticker Comet! It’s that time of the year, you know- Sticker Fest! Suddenly, this giant airship just rudely floats in front of us, and we’re all scattered across this is-land… Wait- a bucket? Yeah, Kersti told me about you, too- you’re Louie!
ELLSHE: Dewey?
HUEY: Nope, but you’re close.
ELLSHE: …Scrooge?
KERSTI: Ellshe kind of has a tough time remembering new names. Elli, that’s Huey.
ELLSHE: Huey, Huey, right! It was totally on the edge of my hair! But I bet you didn’t come to gossip with me, did you?
HUEY: I’d like to say yes, but we’re actually looking for Paint Stars. And the last one we found brought us here.
ELLSHE: So that’s why it’s not dullsville around here anymore. We should totally tag along, K-girl!

KERSTI: Okay, Elli. We haven’t been together for nearly a day, anyways…
+After Mario and friends enter the trainworks…
Kidd emerges from behind a crate.
KIDD: And if what that Koopa Prince told me is correct, you two won’t be together much longer!
Kidd runs off.

+When Mario and co. enter the trainworks…
MEMPHAWK MALE [ ]: Welcome to Regale Trainworks. We’ve worked on engines and big train cars here for nearly a millennium. …OK, maybe not me- I’ve been foreman since you were a little above my shoe. Sadly, demand’s been slow lately. It might be time for old Ferress here to hang it up. But after one last job.
LOUIS: Well, I hope your last job’ll be a memorable one at least, Ferress. Oh, and my amico Huey been looking for Paint Stars. You’ve seen any, uomo?
MEMPHAWK MALE/FERRESS: I’d love to help you, Louis- after all, you’re Orion’s boy, and I’d do anything for him. But…I don’t think so. Not unless that weird star made of paint over there is a Paint Star…

As if on cue, the Orange Mini-Paint Star drops from above.
FERRESS: Oh- I guess it is. Go on, Louis- take it. I got no use for it.
LOUIS: Aw, thanks, Ferress! You’re a featherscratcher!
HUEY: You’re serious? Like, we don’t have to go on a big voyage to some island, or fall in a hole and then escape from jail? All we had to do was talk to you?! This is my kinda mission!
FERRESS: Things are rough enough as it is. Nothing wrong with taking the easy victories when they come, y’know? Course, there’s always satisfaction in completing those big, tough jobs that always come around…But lately, I’ve been thinking that sometimes it’s OK for things to end on a whimper. As if I had a choice…
LOUIS: If that’s what you think, amico…We’ll take it!


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+Mario and the gang meet up with Peach, Toadsworth and Kitanu again.
PEACH: Mario, it’s great to see you’re doing so we- wait. Kersti, is that you?!
KITANU: It is good to see you, my friends. I hope your travels have been safe.
ELLSHE: Oh my gosh, Kitanu. You are too polite!
KERSTI: And on the nose. You’re such a- raccoon tail sometimes. And we like you for it.
KITANU: So we are almost all reunited. Now only Nabana is missing.
ELLSHE: Tanny, knowing old Nabana, he’s probably having the time of his life on this island!
KERSTI: Yeah, Elli! He probably thinks he’s the most dangerous thing on the island now!
KERSTI: HAHAHA…Kitanu, you’re not laughing..?
KITANU: Your Majesty? Perhaps you should let my friends know….
PEACH: You’re right, Kitanu…Mario, Kersti….everyone…Bowser Junior’s found the Sticker Comet.
Mario is shocked.
KERSTI: You’re…you’re kidding, Peach, hahaha! …Kitanu, please tell me Peach is joking around.
Kitanu closes his eyes.
Kersti and Ellshe are horrified.
ELLSHE: Aw, naw.
TOADSWORTH: All we have to go on is one…disturbing tidbit we overheard from that harlequin, Motley.
PEACH: Sometimes, Junior goes into his room at the Koopalings’ hideout. When he comes out, he reveals things. And when the troops check…he’s always right.

KITANU: It is strange. As if someone were in the room with him. Yet whenever Motley goes to check, there’s no one else there.
NYA: Princess Peach, I believe you should kn-
PEACH: I have no time! I have to find Bowser Junior now and confront him-!
TOADSWORTH: That’s QUITE enough, Princess Toadstool!
Everyone is surprised at Toadsworth’s sudden behavioural change.
PEACH: …Toadsworth?
TOADSWORTH: Your Majesty, forgive me for speaking out of turn, but I ask you- you must slow down! Before you run into a problem neither of us can overcome! And for the love of Grambi, PLEASE at least say hello to Mario’s somewhat motley crew!
PEACH: I suppose you’re right, Toadsworth…now, who might most of you new faces be?
EDWIN: I’m Edwin! I was with the Musketeers for a while, but I split for my…own reasons.
LOUIS: I’m Louis, senorietta! Gonzales has saved you several times before, hasn’t he?
MARIRANA: A’hm Marirana Deeps, Yo’ Majesty. A’hm travellin’ with yo’ squeeze so I can understand how he really connec’s wit’ his fans!
Nya is standing in a corner.
PEACH: You know, I could swear I’ve seen that Ninji before. Or at least, someone like her…
EDWIN: Eh, Nya’s like that.
PEACH: …well, if she’s not saying hi-!
Suddenly, Peach bolts off.
TOADSWORTH: Princess…why?!
KITANU: I do not agree with the Princess’ actions, either. However, she is free to make her own path, so long as she understands there are sometimes consequences to her choices.
Kitanu starts to fly after Peach.
KITANU: I wish upon the Sticker Comet a safe journey for you, Kersti and Ellshe.
KERSTI: And I wish the same to you, Kitanu.
ELLSHE: After this whole paint mess is over, we’ll all laugh it off on our way home.
KITANU: I hope so, my friends…farewell…
Kitanu flies after Peach.
TOADSWORTH: *sigh* The Queen was so much easier to care for…
Toadsworth and Nya bow to each other.
NYA: Do not be upset with Her Majesty, Toadsworth. I believe she has good reason for her recent actions. Perhaps it is best she discover the hard way, as Kitanu has said.
TOADSWORTH: Wise, yet somewhat harsh, words, Miss Nya.
Toadsworth then runs after Peach.
+After Mario and co. enter the Grill, Aace appears from thin air with a Boo.
BOO: Aace…?
AACE: Cadet…I need you to spy on Bowser Junior. Do not let your eyes off him for even a cotton-pickin’ second! As soon as you see anythin’ unusual on his person, report back to me, and only me, as soon as possible!
BOO: But why-?
AACE: Just go, son!
The Boo, surprised, flies off.
AACE: I truly hope my suspicions are an old Boo’s worries, and nothin’ more.

+Upon talking to the Toad boy waiter…
TOAD BOY WAITER: Bonjour, monsieurs et misseurs! Do you ‘av reservations at zis restaurant? It may look like we ‘ave space, but we are expecting a large party who MADE A RESERVATION. I’m sure zey will be here any moment now…I heard their train was stopped at Kiwano Temple.

+The Blue Rescue Squad member here is Stabyl T. Therefore, most of his dialogue is the same, except for his salute.
STABYL T.: Stabyl T of the Blue Rescue Squad, reporting for duty! Since I’ve been separated from Captain Verda, I’ll report back to Port Prisma HQ until further notice!


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+The passengers in said car are all kids, now. In addition, they’re diversified in terms of species. However, to allow the game to more easily load the 14 characters, only 6 models are used between them.
++Red Toad Boy (2)
++Orange Pianta Girl (2)
++Yellow Pianta Boy (2)
++Green Brustache Boy (3)
++Blue Brustache Girl (3)
++Purple Toad Girl (2)

+Upon arriving at Kiwano Temple, Chugga T is with Verda.
CHUGGA T: WHAT DO YOU WANT?! Sorry, I’m just ticked off about this situation with the tracks.
Mario and the gang take a closer look.
CHUGGA T: This is a real soup sandwich. Who woulddo this? Who doesn’t like trains?! Anyway, I’ve got a passenger car back there full of hungry kids who’ve been waiting for too long. If I get my hands on the numskull who destroyed my track….AGHHHHHHHHH! This kind of scum who would d this is beyond redemption! Don’t you agree, Mario?
LOUIS: Hey, whoa, arrabiato….Let’s not jump to conclusions, you know? Whoever did this might have had a reason perfetto. Like, maybe he just wanted to see what would happen if he smacked a column antico with his hammer…
VERDA: There, there, boys- what’s done is done. The only thing we can do now is clean up this mess. Verda, leader of Blue Rescue Squad, at your service. Unfortunately, while I wish I could say this kindly, the Rescue Squads are currently…unorganized. I’m afraid the Squad Captain has much on his mind, poor thing. If you see my other four teammates in the yellow district of Port Prisma, please tell them to meet me here.
LOUIS: Certainly, Verda! We’ll keep our eyes peeled, ma’am! And I hope everything gets sorted out with these tracks soon. Remember- nessun problema.


+When Mario checks in with the Squad Captain…
SQUAD CAPTAIN: Attention, Stabyl T, Den T, Wrodes and Kanviss! Report to Captain Verda in Kiwano Temple on the double!
STABYL T, DEN T, WRODES, KANVISS: Understood! Over and out!
The Blue Squad moves out.
As Mario is leaving, however, Merlon comes in.
SQUAD CAPTAIN: Merlon?! What brings you to the Rescue Squad HQ?
MERLON: I’ve foreseen glimpses of something you may wish to know. It concerns Port Prisma, and I would believe-
Merlon and the Squad Captain turn around.
MERLON: I’m afraid this is a matter between the Captain and I, Mario. You head to Kiwano Temple- success will follow if you overlook Blue Rescue Squad’s actions. If you need to know about any Artifacts you may need to find, you can find me here temporarily.


+Upon returning to Kiwano Temple, Verda is in front of her other Squad members.
VERDA: Roll call!
DEN T: 2
VERDA: And I’m 5! The whole team’s together again! OK, teammates. You know what to do. We’ve trained for this. To our positions!
All five members climb onto the train track.
Verda spreads her body out.
Stabyl T and Den T climb onto Verda’s hands.
Wrodes and Kanviss head to the other side of the track.
Verda tips over at the same time Wrodes and Kanviss do. Altogether, they create a bridge.
VERDA: Good work, team!
Chugga T. looks happy. The train then takes off.
Suddenly, without warning, an evil Thwomp maniacally crushes the train, ejecting a Paint Star out of the chimney.
CHUGGA T: MY BEAUTIFUL ENGINE! Hold on, baby. We’ll take you to Regale Trainworks and fix you up real nice. Attention, kids! I have a (tiny little) favor to ask of you...
BLUE BRUSTACHE GIRL: Ugh, we were waiting SO LONG for the track to be fixed, and now this happens? We’ve got places to be! *sigh* I guess we’re not going anywhere unless we help...
All the kids exit the car.
BLUE BRUSTACHE GIRL: All right- everyone ready? Let’s MOVE IT!
The kids all move the train to the best of their abilities.
KIDS: Chugga, chugga, chugga.


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+The wood boxes up the crate stairs near the open train front are gone. Also, there’s a fence blocking off the normal stairs opening. Louis is required.
+There’s a thin fence with a door locked from the other side in the shed on the second factory screen. Nya is needed, of course.
+The bent track has a Sound symbol on it, requiring Marirana to quickly put back into place.

Yellow Fuzzy
Green Fuzzy
Rebazy Dayzee

CHARACTER CHANGES (used among other Trainworks employees)
Rolling Barrel Green Toad- Male Memphawk
Crane Green Toad- Boy Pianta
Coal Car Green Toad- Male Pianta
Coal Track Green Toad- Boy Memphawk

+When Mario and co. returns to the entrance to Regale Trainworks....
ELLSHE: Before we go in, there’s something I need to say to Huey!
HUEY: Oh, OK- shoot.
ELLSHE: I forgot to ask this the first time we met, Huey-boy- are you a Sticker Fairy? Because I’ve never seen a Sticker Fairy like you before.
HUEY: Actually, I’m not a Sticker Fairy, Ellshe. I’m just you’re average floating, talking, magical paint-using bucket. Nothing unusual.
ELLSHE: I can totally see that, Huey! But are there more bucket guys like you?
HUEY: ...well, though I can’t remember where exactly, I think I was built somewhere in this region. We’ll probably see it somewhere down the line.
Mario is surprised at this.
ELLSHE: Oh, that’s so cool! You know, it’s funny- we Sticker Fairies have absolutely no clue how we’re made. Before last year, the Sticker Comet used to travel alone- whenever it comes back, there’s usually a new Sticker Fairy with it! And someone new for me to gossip with!
KERSTI: Yeah. It actually took a lot of convincing the Sticker Comet for me to tag along- but only me.
HUEY: I guess it just wants to keep its kind safe. Like the...oh right! The King’s old trainworks! He used to love making mechanical stuff here!
KERSTI: “Used to...?” Why? What happened to him?
HUEY: I...don’t know. I haven’t seen him in quite a while...He said he’d be back someday.
KERSTI: ...Eh, he’s probably taking the scenic route.

+When Mario and co. re-enter the Trainworks themselves, they’re horrified to discover it’s been overrun with enemies!
FERRESS: Mario, Louis, am I glad to see you! You’ll never guess what happened...We got an order. A real order! An engine needs repairing. It’s just so perfect for my last job! But Kidd and her flunkies are...oh, how do you kids say it...? All up in our biz, so now we can’t do any repairs! And repairs is my biz! I’m a lover and a fixer, but Orion knows I’ve never been much of a fighter. Think you could help us out?
LOUIS: Gonzales! Ferress here gave us a Paint Star before like it was no problem. The least we can do is help him go out with a bang here!
FERRESS: We’ve already repaired or replaced all of the train’s parts. Now we just have to put the parts in the right places! I know it won’t be easy to do while you’re fending off these lug jits, but you’re Mario, right? Talk to me if you want to get a status update, OK? I’m always happy to help Orion’s kid and his friends.

+Due to Ninjis and Scaredy Rats not being in the Recut bestiary, Yellow and Green Fuzzies take their spots for battles here.

+When Mario and co. enter the passenger car...
RED TOAD BOY: Oh, Mario! So glad you’re here!
All the kids jump for joy...before starting a battle with Mario!

One of the kids’ lines is changed...
ORANGE PIANTA GIRL: My turtle ran away!

+Regarding the VIP car...
GREEN BRUSTACHE BOY: Apparently, this is the VIP car. It’s a fancy car for adults and bigshots. I wish my allowance was big enough for a ticket there. The other kids would be jealous!


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+When Mario and co. go to check on the coal...
NYA: These Fuzzies seem unusually bold...
EDWIN: Hey! Get your stinky little fur off that coal!
????: These guys would love to. There’s just one little problem, though...
Kidd jumps in from above.
KIDD: They love me too much to DISOBEY. ORDERS. I’m a proper lady, after all.
Mario and the gang stop their assault. However, Kersti and Ellshe come out.
ELLSHE: K-girl, chill out! I thought you got over thi-
KERSTI: YOU?! A proper lady? You’re nothing but a troublemaker, goat woman!
KIDD: I’m not a troublemaker, “k-girl”- I’m a very smart Vellbex. NOW!
Suddenly, a bunch of Fuzzies drop down from the ceiling, grabbing Kersti and Ellshe.
Kersti’s spiked crown hurts her captors. Unfortunately, Ellshe isn’t so lucky.
ELLSHE: Not cool, animal chick!
KIDD: Whoops- didn’t take the silver crown into account. ...oh well. Whatever that kid wants, he only needs one.
HUEY: Let Kersti’s friend go, Kidd! Or Mr. Bucket’s going to have to open a can of pain... on your horns!
KIDD: ...nah, I think I’ll keep your shell friend. Toodles, Tin Thi- “Mr. Bucket.” Places to be, pointlessness to prove. Oh, and that coal you wanted so badly? It’s all yours...HEHEHEHEHE!
The Yellow Fuzzies let go, allowing Kidd to escape while the coal carries Mario and friends down the ramp.

Inside the trainworks...
MEMPHAWK BOY: How long am I gonna have to wait for the coal to-
As if on cue, the coal arrives, burying the team and Memphawk boy in that car.
HUEY: Are you all right, Mario? Kersti?
Mario makes it out of the coal alright. However, Kersti is dazed.
HUEY: You could use a shower, but I’m glad you’re not hurt. And at least those Fuzzies are gone, eh? But...Kersti and Elli...
The Memphawk boy digs himself out of the coal.
MEMPHAWK BOY: The coal’s in place! Oh- your friend there doesn’t look too good. And where’s that other girl?
KERSTI: That...crazy goat her...
Kersti faints.
MEMPHAWK BOY: This doesn’t look hot! You guys finish things here- with this train, you can catch up to Kidd. The guys and I will help Kersti back to full health!

+After fully repairing the train...
FERRESS: At a glance, the train doesn’t look no different, but all of the parts have been overhauled and tuned up. Should run just as well as it did before it was crushed. And not to brag, but like the King and his creations, me and this train seem to be connected to each other!
MEMPHAWK GUY: Well said, foreman! His Majesty wouldn’t consider that bragging- you know a lot about trains!
PIANTA GUY: We’re sad to hear that this is your last job! You’re still gonna do odd jobs here and there, right?
PIANTA BOY: Let’s toss the Mr. Ferress in the ar in a heartfelt-but-super-dangerous show of gratitude!
The workers gather around Ferress.
WORKERS: Heave ho!
The workers toss Ferress in the air. After celebrating...
FERRESS: Aw thanks, guys. But I can’t take full credits for this particular success. You all did the drty work, and we couldn’t have done it without Mario and his friends here.
MEMPHAWK BOY: *Psst* Change of plans. Let’s do the same thing to Mario and his friends...
[Later in the cutscene, after the train leaves..]
FERRESS: One last run...Give it everything you’ve got, engine.
Ferress and his co-workers look at Mario.
FERRESS: This is all thanks to you, Mario, so please take this.
FERRESS: Your friend, Kersti, found it hidden in the factory. Said she had a gut feeling it was there. Right, gather round, boys...
The coworkers gather round.
FERRESS: This is the end for me. I’m officially retiring now. Thanks for all the good memories.
WORKERS: We love you, Mr. Ferress, sir! It’s us who should be thanking you...
The workers run off.
FERRESS: I’m going to stay and nurse Kersti back to normal, while I soak in these trainworks. Try to cement these memories in my heart. But unlike me, your work isn’t over yet. You’ve got a bright future ahead of you, after punishing Kidd. Enjoy it. It goes so fast...
LOUIS: Graci, Ferress. Mario, let’s head back to the restaurant. Maybe someone’s seen Kidd there. There might be a Mini-Paint Star for Huey, too.


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+Marirana is needed for flattening the dough. In addition, her Sound Boom Blast can affect the frying pans, meaning she can flip two nearby pans at the same time.
+There’s a little more lenience in cooking the pizza, as Mario can be off by 1.5 seconds, + or -.

Yellow Fuzzy
Green Fuzzy
Mystery Creature (in cupboard)

+As Mario passes by Chugga T...
CHUGGA T: Thanks again for helping us get the train working, Mario! There was a small delay, but we’ve finally managed to get those kids to their destination. Everyone’s inside the restaurant enjoying delicious food with big, innocent smiles on their faces.
+Upon entering the restaurant...
RED TOAD BOY: I’m starving! Where’s the grub?!
All the kids look restless.
BLUE BRUSTACHE GIRL: Do you have any idea how long we had to wait on that train?! THIS IS INSUFFERABLE!
All the kids become even angrier.
TOAD BOY WAITER: Oh, Monsieur Mario! Zis is bad! Awful! Catastrophic! Mon classmates finally arrived but ze food is nowhere to be found!
MARIRANA: Maybe there’s too many cooks in the kit’chen, darlin’?
TOAD BOY WAITER: I zink not! We have an incredible crew of skilled food preparers working alongside Shaek T! Perhaps zey are overwhelmed with orders? Or perhaps culinary disaster has struck? A collapsed soufflé or... an unbaked Alaska?! In any case, mon orders indicate zat I cannot leave my station! Monsieur Mario, Misses Marirana, please check ze kitchen! I beg of you! Ze future of our establishment depends on you!
MARIRANA: We’re kinda busy findin’ our friend and Huey’s Paint Stars. But...OOOH! It’s impossible to turn down a cutey for anythin’! Yer so adorable, even with yer workload! We’ll go and check out the kitchen.

+Inside the kitchen, several Fuzzies are threatening the food and mixed gender Toad crew, including a somewhat familiar Toadette chef.
YELLOW TOADETTE: This kitchen! It’s the very definition of a hostile work environment! I can’t practice my craft amid such chaos! I don’t know who you are, or your particular set of skills, but please do something about these Fuzzies! I beg you!

+After Mario finds all the enemies and eliminates them all...
YELLOW TOADETTE: The Fuzzies are gone! And you even got rid of another pest we didn’t know about! Thanks, stranger!


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+Mario heads to the front of the room.
?????? ?: Ow ow ow...
The Toadette Chef gets up.
TOADETTE CHEF: Mario, dear! You have brought peace to my culinary oasis!
MARIRANA: Bakke T?! I didn’ know you work here!
TOADETTE CHEF: So you’ve met my sister already? I’m the head chef here at Tangerino Grill, Shaek T. My thanks to you!
Shaek T looks at herself.
SHAEK T: I’m a little ruffed up from Kidd, but my spirit still flows like a fine passion reduction! On the downside, I can’t feel most of my body right now..
MARIRANA: So tha’ nasty goat was here! Do you know where she went, Shaek suga?
SHAEK T: If you do me a favor first. I cannot cook until I’m fully healed. However, I see a tasty spring and a passionate rhythm in your gaits...I see it now! You will both take my place as head chefs! A delectable future lies ahead!
SHAEK T: You two are a gentleman and a belle.
MARIRANA: Like my sis used to be...
SHAEK T: Hopefully chefs as well. Our featured dish today is a time-honored classic. PIZZA!
Suddenly, Keirf rotates across the screen!
After Keirf leaves...
SHAEK T: I was saying, you’re going to make our house special, the Mamma Mia Pizza! There are three steps to our special secret pre-grill prep! Step 1: Spread out the pizza dough into a nice, thin circle. Step 2: Thinly slice the onions so that they will practically dissolve the second they hit the pan! Step 3: Give the onions, and any other toppings you want, a quick sear in the frying pan! The last thing you need to do is place the pizza in the oven and bake it to perfection! If you make a mistake, of course you can start over, but let’s try not to waste our ingredients...We use only organic, free-range tomatoes. Let’s see your Mamma Mia Pizza!

+Regarding the new way to open the dough...
GREEN TOAD: Hold Y and let go to unleash your soundwave, Ms. Deeps. You’ll have five chances to get an EXCELLENT hit.

+After the Toad kid waiter brings the pizza out to the kids...
SHAEK T: I really appreciate your help today, Mario and Marirana. Why don’t you head to the dining room and spy on the customers’ reactions?

+After Mario makes a successful pizza...
Shaek T. enters the restaurant’s main room.
SHAEK T: Fantastic, Mario and Marirana! I took a little bite myself, and I must say...Mamma Mia! Delicious! In fact, that pizza was so good, so passionate, I instantly made a full recovery. I can resume cooking right away! Say, friends, why don’t you take a piece yourself? Go ahead. You’ve earned it.
Mario and Marirana take a bite. Mario gives a thumbs up, while Marirana dances.
SHAEK T: Ahh, the kids are beaming with satisfaction. The deliciousness of your Mamma Mia Pizza has everyone feeling full of life again! ...Speaking of which, regarding where Kidd vanished off to, I overheard her say St-
????? ?????: HEY!
The gang turns towards the side door.
[The cutscene proceeds mostly as usual, except Shaek T refers to both Mario and Marirana].


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+When Mario and co. enter the VIP hallway...
????? ?????: Smashed-up body? Two to four weeks to recover? Well, get someone else to make the food! I swear I can hear kids eating pizza out there. Who made THAT? And why can’t they cook for ME?!
TOAD BOY WAITER: Ze VIP is in ‘ere. Please talk to him through ze curtain. One of ze VIP services we provide is a complete lack of eye contact.
MARIRANA: But then how am I supposed teh get teh know ‘im, then? It prob’bly wouldn’ hurt to take a little peek-!
TOAD BOY WAITER: Sorry, Misses Deeps- non exceptions.
The Toad boy waiter walks out.
+When Mario and Marirana approach the curtain...
????? ?????: Are you two the ones who made that pizza I can hear everyone eating? You are, aren’t you! Well... [...]
[Cutscene proceeds as usual]

Regarding the steak battle...
HP: 100 (weakened state), 140 (full HP)
ATK: 6 (soft hit), 12 (medium hit), 18 (hard hit)
DEF: 0
MARK: None
+When the steak is weakened, Mario merely needs to use a Fire-attribute attack, followed by a Water attribute one, to cook it.

+After successfully cooking the steak...
????? ?????: Oooh! Th-th-this is the best steak I’ve ever eaten! You really are very talented chefs! This flavour is so unique! It’s like there’s a dance in my mouth, and no-one’s running away! I’ll officially recognize this place as one of my favorite one and a half star restaurants! And I’ll leave this here.
The curtain opens, revealing 200 coins. The coins all instantly gravitate towards Mario.
EDWIN: Whoa, look at that TIP! If I’d known we’d be paid that much, I would’ve cooked, too!
Shaek T runs in.
SHAEK T: You did it, Mario and Marirana! Thank you! That VIP barely ever touched any of the food I cooked for him, but he wolfed down your steak like some kind of...wolf...or something. And what’s more...he gave our restaurant a star! And a half!
TOAD BOY WAITER: Ze VIP was tres satisfied when he finished eating ze food. He is transferring to ze Sunset Express after zis. Ve saw ze moustached Boo vith ze big star you up ahead a few days ago, but Misses Shaek T has a little star ready for you right now!
SHAEK T: Not yet, Pien T. I just noticed something. Marirana, where’s your sister, Suebelle?
MARIRANA: I got into a bit o’ a fight with her. She was awful mad ‘bout some stuff she didn’t say fer a’while. We got so fumed at each otha’, I don’ think we’re ever gonna fix it.
SHAEK T: Oh, I’m sorry to hear that... it’s never fun when sisters, or any family members, fight each other. ...but all the same, you’re still family. What did you get mad at her for? And why was she itching?
MARIRANA: She says I wasn’ payin’ attention to how she felt. An’ I was mad she wasn’ being hones’ with the feelin’s behind her dancin’.
SHAEK T: Hmmmm...this is a tough one. I don’t know, never personally met your sis. Maybe there were just things she wanted to talk to you about. Maybe she wanted more attention from the crowd- she does wear a lot of cold colors. Maybe she’s afraid you’ll get hurt and attract the wrong attention. Maybe she might even be mad at herself. Maybe it’s all of those things. Or maybe it’s nothing like that.
MARIRANA: Why would ye say that about my sis?
SHAEK T: Because- I’m kind of like that towards my sister, Bakke T, too. She’s so relaxed, don’t you think? Sometimes, I envy her a little. But no matter how mad we get at each other, I love her just the same.

MARIRANA: Yeh...yeh do? Then I wonder if Suebelle...?
SHAEK T: You’ll have to ask her yourself when you meet her- it’s the only way you’ll know. For now- here’s a little something that should help you.
Shaek T tosses an Orange Mini-Paint Star onto the VIP table.
HUEY: It’s a Mini Paint Star!
SHAEK T: If I know Prism Island, this should take you to the Sunset Express. I overheard that troublesome Vellbex mention it while she was going to town on me.
MARIRANA: Aw, thanks, Shaek suga! Now, we’ll be able teh save Ellshe from tha’ mean goat!
EDWIN: “Moustached Boo”...Aace has a Grand Paint Star up ahead? But there’s nothing but a cliff at the end of the Sunset Express.
HUEY: ...unless he brought it THERE...but there’s no way he could know about... Mario, Edwin, Marirana, we need to get on the Sunset Express ASAP!


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+Louis can be used to jump higher in the first area.
+Even after being Unfurled, the upper platform on it is gone. However, there’s a pole allowing Edwin’s use.
+The fence to enter the track’s inner area from the right is blocked by a SoundStone, requiring Marirana.

Shy Guy

+When Mario and co. arrive at Sunset Express...
KOLORADO: Mario, old boy! Your timing is impeccable, as always. Funny how that works. This is the first stop for the Sunset Express bound for Starlight Cape! The engine is about to arrive from the restaurant, but-
+The Sunset Express arrives. It then stops suddenly.
Chugga T comes out of the train.
CHUGGA T: Hey, what’s going on here?! We finally show up, and the light is red!
KOLORADO: That’s what I was about to tell Mario here! This Kidd character caused a major rockslide a little way up the tracks! But the locals aren’t strong enough to clear the tracks, so they’ve been standing around, waving their arms, and blinking rapidly. And...I may have felt the urge to join them in this activity.
CHUGGA T: That crazy woman’s up ahead?! Panic, everyone! PANIC!
NYA: Do not listen to him! Panicking does not solve anything! We need to clear the tracks. If the Sunset Express does not run, we cannot travel to Starlight Cape. And if we cannot get to Starlight Cape, we will never find the Grand Paint Star.
HUEY: If we don’t find the Grand Paint Star...WE’RE ALL DOOMED! EVERYBODY, PANIC!
NYA: ...
HUEY: Whooooo....Sorry about that.

+Waiting near the path to the tracks is...
O’CHUNKS: Maria! Imagine bumpin’ into yeh again!
NASTASIA: Good to see you made the appointment, Mario. Although you’re a few hours late, but I can let it slide.
MARIRANA: Oh, so you have a girlfrien’, O’Chunks? An’ she’s so small! Yer so adorable together!
NASTASIA: Oh, we’re not a couple. We’re just work associates who are very close.
MARIRANA: There’s more to it than th’at. gettin’ on the train t’gether?
O’CHUNKS: Are we e’er! We heard about this locomotive from some of the local birds, an’ thought we should take a ride! But the road ahead’s blocked by a mass’ive Thwomp! I tried teh carry the big thunk, but it’s too sharp teh touch! Sssssss- I can still feel it naow...

+When Mario arrives at the rock slide...
MEMPHAWK FEMALE: Mario! Look at this humongous rock! I’ve been firmly asking it to move out of the way, but it won’t listen to me.
NYA: ...
EDWIN: Maybe you just need to be a little more polite.
Edwin bounces up to the Thwomp.
EDWIN: Ahem. Excuse me, sir? Could you move aside?
The Thwomp doesn’t move.
Edwin gives up.
NYA: Save your breath. I do not think it can hear us. Perhaps it slumbers...
EDWIN: ...wait. If we found a way to make my voice louder, I bet we could force him awake!

+After Unfurling the water tower...
??? ???: HEY!
Mario and co turn around.
EDWIN: Yeah? What do you guys want?
SHY GUY: We weren’t done rolling all the logs!
The Shy Guys push the logs off the train.
SHY GUY: That’s more like it!
The Shy Guys fight Mario.


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+After re-awakening the Thwomp...
Suddenly, the Thwomp re-awakens. It then slowly lifts.
MEMPHAWK FEMALE: Wow! Your incoherent screaming woke that sleepyhead right up! Thanks a bunch, Edwin, Tin Thing!
HUEY: Thanks a lot, Miss- wait a minute. Did you just call me Tin Thing?
EDWIN: And I don’t remember anyone saying my name near you...
The Memphawk female tears herself apart, revealing Kidd.
NYA: I should have known something was amiss!
HUEY: Where’s Ellshe?! Give her back!
KIDD: Oh, you mean this little lady?
Kidd holds up a strange purple containment device with a clown face, red hair, and pink spikes. Within the device is the captive Ellshe.
ELLSHE: Ohoho- if you think you’re getting away with this, goat lady, you totally crazy!
NYA: That device! Where did you obtain such a thing?
KIDD: I got it from a buddy of mine. You might know him as...Bowser Junior? He heard I was getting in your way. Instead of throwing a tantrum about it or being a worrywart like his clown sidekick though, he gave me this thing- to test on shell girl here! And if it works, he’ll let me borrow it to help with a little something.
EDWIN: You made an alliance with Bowser Junior?! You can’t trust a kid like him to keep his end of a deal!
KIDD: Ehehehe- he’s not so bad when you get to know him! I bet he would’ve loved to meet- what am I saying? HE’S why I’m doing this! I might actually have something to care about! I can’t wait to rub this in the “Captain”’s self-righteous face! Now, pucker up!
Kidd then kisses Mario.

+As soon as the battle begins...
EDWIN: I knew you were trouble the moment you picked a fight with all of us, Kidd! But to go this far...You're lower than a Stretching Boo.
KIDD: If you knew why I agreed to this, you wouldn't be blowing as many words out, Edwin! Let's turn this thing on...
Kidd turns the machine on. It spews purple mist on her, making her Shiny. At the same time, it drains color from Ellshe.
KIDD: What do you know? It works- it extracted their Sticker Fairy energy, like he thought it would, heh! And with that, I can wipe my fifth least favorite person off the face of the island!

HP: 170
ATK: 24 (Charge attack), 17 (nab attack, steals 2 of Mario's cards if not blocked), 37 (enemy launch), 12x4 (rush barrage), 48 (wind-up rush; takes two turns to charge), 15 (slurp straw- steals an equal amount of HP from Mario- only used twice during the battle)
DEF: 0 (normally), Halves all (shiny)
MARK: None (normally), Mystery (shiny)
QUOTE 1: What happened to your stache, red boy...your girlfriends not worth it anymore?
QUOTE 2: You don't even need to collect Paint Stars. The island's just going to lose its color again anyways.
QUOTE 3: So are you going to fight, or have you realized how boned you are?
QUOTE 4 (if Edwin is out): After I spank your team, that money bag's mine!
QUOTE 5 (if Louis is out): Just like those other idiots in his dad's Squad...or mine.
QUOTE 6 (if Marirana is out): Oh- I believe your message NOW, Deeps. This Vellbex has no limits anymore!
QUOTE 7 (if Nya is out): Can you keep your eyes on little old me, Ninji girl?
QUOTE 8 (after taking Mario's cards): I know someone who'd like these more!
QUOTE 9 (if Kidd converts an enemy): Your thug is much redder for me than you, red!
QUOTE 10 (after launching an enemy): I can always get more of them.
QUOTE 11 (after her wind-up rush): Oh, you thought I was a weak little troublemaker, red? Think again!!
QUOTE 12 (after her rush barrage): There's more where that came from, Red!
QUOTE 13 (near defeat): This is far from over, you overidealistic saps...

Ellshe (machine)
HP: 150. Machine drains 30 HP at the start of Mario's turn when it's active. If Ellshe loses all her HP, game over. Cannot be targeted directly.

HP: 12 (damage carries over to Ellshe. Kidd repairs machine after 2 turns of inactivity). Provides Shiny effect to Kidd.


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+After defeating Kidd, she falls to her knees...
KIDD: HEhehe-HACKHACK! Wait- stop! I can’t take it anymore!
ELLSHE: Mario...someone...get me...out of this...bogus toy...
Ellshe faints.
Mario, Louis and Nya try to destroy the machine. However, they’re not strong enough.
LOUIS: Aw, no, amici. We’re not strong enough to even dent it!
NYA: And Ellshe is still inside!
? ??????: CHUNKS AWAY!
O’Chunks barges into the scene, destroying the machine. This frees Ellshe. This also cancels the Shiny effect on Kidd.
LOUIS: O’Chunks! We owe you big for this, amico!
O’CHUNKS: It’s nothin’, bird Maria! I heard a ruckus over here, so I rushed o’ver teh give a shoul’er. But yeh should help yer frien’ there. She doesn’ look too well.
Mario, Marirana and Louis hurry over to Ellshe. Meanwhile, Edwin and Nya guard Kidd.
ELLSHE: Thanks, M-dog...that machine was really cramped! It felt like it was taking my shell power!
HUEY: Uh, Ellshe, don’t be alarmed,’ve lost a LOT of your color.
Ellshe looks surprised.
ELLSHE: Ah, that’s fine, Huey! Nothing I can’t wo.r.k.w..i..t..h...o.....u......t.......
Suddenly, Ellshe falls silent. She then flat-up falls to the ground, unconscious.
Nastasia arrives on the scene.
NASTASIA: O’Chunks, is there a...what happened to that fairy?!
MARIRANA: Ellshe, suga!!
HUEY: Mario, Paint Hammer her up!
Mario nods. He uses his Paint Hammer! ...however, though it restores Ellshe’s color, she still doesn’t awaken.
HUEY: It...didn’t work?!
LOUIS: Oh no...this isn’t good, amici. This is molto bad...
KIDD: HEughg-eugh...I don’t get it! That little prince never mentioned the machine would do this! ...unless HE SET ME UP! When I get my hooves on-!
NYA: You think you are blameless in this?
EDWIN: You aren’t going anywhere, goat. I’m bringing you back to Port Prisma, no matter what it takes. Then, I’m using MY coins to pay someone to help Ellshe out! And you better hope they succeed!
KIDD: Do you think I’m afraid of you, kid? Please- there’s no point in being afraid! Do your worst- you’re no different from me.
O Chunks charges over. He looks mad.
O’CHUNKS: ...Really, lass? Yeh used that ‘orrible machine on their friend, to make ye’self stronger? And then, to top it off, yeh ‘av the HORNS to tell HIM ye’re not so different?! ...Congratu’lations, Kidd- yeh managed somethin’ I did nae think was possible. Yeh showed me yeh REALLY don’t care about anythin’ at all.
NASTASIA: O’Chunks? Maybe we should leave this to Mari-
O’CHUNKS: Oh no no no, Kidd needs teh hear this! What am I sayin’- yeh all need teh hear ‘dis! Me lass Nastasia and I- we knew two co-workers who used teh think a lot like yeh. While I was on the islan’, I kep’ hearin’ stories about this goat lady who did nae care abou’ anythin’. I was thinkin’ teh meself “She’ll come around- ol’ Blecky did.” But now I see it better- yeh really ARE crazy. Yeh hurt someone they cared about, just teh prove a point. Well, BRAAAAAA-vo, lady. Was it wort’it?
KIDD: ...b-b-b-but a world without him in it DOESN’T matter-!
O’CHUNKS: Tha’s how Blecky boy though’ too. But if yeh keep goin’ down the path yeh’re on naow, yeh’ll become more like tha’ othe’ fella...
O’Chunks angrily turns around.
O’CHUNKS: An’ I wouldn’ want anyone teh travel tha’ path.

Kidd’s face seems to change. Everyone is shocked, especially Mario.
HUEY: Oh, uh- I didn’t expect this coming from your mouth.
MARIRANA: I- I al’ways thought Nya or Louis would give tha’ speech before you. Or at least, somethin’ like it.
NASTASIA: O’Chunks...I didn’t know you felt that way.
O’CHUNKS: Well, I do. It’s nau’ nice to say, and I dunnae feel any better getting’ it off me chest, but she had teh know. Yeh all did. Now... le’s get yer wee turtle friend off these tracks and head back to Port Prisma. Ma’be someone there can help, like Shady T, or Mawk and Pawk Hawk, or even this islan’s Merlon-!
The gang is interrupted by the sound of Kolorado approaching.
KOLORADO: MARRRRRRIOOOOO! Eveything’s just fine and dand- what transpired here, old boy? And what is that contraption? It looks an awful lot like-!
MEMPHAWK GUY: MARIOOOOOO! Everything’s awful- even when you’re part of a team! The VIP and his friends are wreaking absolute havoc! Just as we were about to leave, too!
The Sunset Express is chasing after the Memphawk Gal!
Mario, his friends, Kolorado, the Memphawks and Kidd escape into the fence alcove. The Sunset Express destroys the machine, as though it was never there. However, the unconscious Ellshe gets swept up into a certain someone’s claws...
HUEY: That was close for us! But that suspicious character on the the roof...HE GOT ELLSHE!
LOUIS: OK, that was me. Totally me. I dropped the sticker on that one. Sorry, amici-
KIDD: Save your breath, bird-face- it was me! I screwed up- I know! And I can’t magically fip-flop my opnion after one long speech from a literal heap of squares! But if you REALLY care about your friend that much, and if it’ll get you off my back, then fine- I’ll prove I’m not a psychopath as beardy put it. I had my reasons!
HUEY: No way! We are definitely NOT allying with someone like you! Right, Mario? ...MARIO!?
Mario has his hand stretched out towards Kidd.
HUEY: Mario- have you gone crazy?! You know what she just did, right?!!
Mario nods.
EDWIN: Then why are you letting her anywhere near us....?
Mario speaks...
HUEY: think she deserves a second chance? Really?
Mario nods. He then jumps.
LOUIS: I don’t know whether you’ve gone loco or I’ve gotten I’m gonna say the latter. Because THIS, this is why I’m a fan of Gonzales- he always gives people a chance to prove themselves, no matter what. Even... me. Well, then, call me a hippogriff.
NYA: I must go on record and remind you of what this Vellbex did. But...I will not argue against the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom. And I, too, have not always been clean with my tactics or words. Yet Mario has looked past this.
MARIRANA: So THA’S what I’ve been missin’ in my message- accep’tance. REAL accep’tance.
Keirf suddenly pops in.
KEIRF: Yeah, Mario’s a real cool DUUUUUDE like that!
Keirf vanishes just as quickly as he appeared.
EDWIN: She can come. BUT- she double crosses us, she’s not coming with us anymore.
HUEY: OK, it seems I’m outnumbered. And honestly, after hearing about Mario so much, especially from that random eel...I’m going to have to agree. Of course, you’ll have to apologize to everyone you hurt. A real apology. Even if they don’t accept it.
KIDD: ...fine. But don’t expect anything like hugs or kisses from me! ...OK, maybe a kiss.
KIDD JOINED THE PARTY! Hold the Y Button to Dash, allowing her and Mario to evade trouble! In battle, Kidd can use Vexxing Smooch to draw an enemy to Mario’s side of the field! While fighting alongside Mario, Kidd will use Any Means Necessary to power up Mario’s Hammer attacks by a lot [x1.3]!
KIDD: Alright, so now I’m on your team! So why don’t we go and catch up with that train?
Mario nods.
+After Kidd and Mario dash after the train...
O’CHUNKS: Good teh know I got through the someone, eh, Nastasia?
NASTASIA: I concur, O’Chunks. I definitely concur.
O’CHUNKS: Maybe we’ll hit the beach next an’ get a few RAYS after tha’ emotional-
?????? ?: MARIOOOOOO!
Chugga T. arrives with a minecart.
O’CHUNKS: Nastasia! They’re multiplyin’!
CHUGGA T: Mario! It’s terrible! The VIP hijacked the engine as soon as they heard you were heading to...Starlight...Mario?
NASTASIA: You missed him, Chugga T. He booked another ride.
CHUGGA T: Oh. Well, I should still catch up with him in my lightning-fast...handcar.
KOLORADO: I’LL go with you, old boy! There’s something up there I need to check, anyways.
CHUGGA T: OK, whatever, WE GOTTA GO!
Kolorado jumps on the handcar. He and Chugga then start trading pumps.

KIDD- Vexxing Smooch

Target: 1 Enemy
Damage: Draws one enemy to Mario's side of the field. If Mario already has an allied enemy, the one Kidd recruits replaces it.

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