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Re: Rest in Peace, Walkazo
« Reply #220 on: August 07, 2016, 11:26:34 PM »
I never knew her but this is sad  :'( :'( :'( :'(

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Re: Rest in Peace, Walkazo
« Reply #221 on: September 20, 2016, 02:32:43 AM »
I felt very sad when I first found out she died. When I first joined this wiki. I didn't know I joined only on her last two months (or three if you count January). My condolences to Pantaro Mr and Mrs Daizel and the rest of her family and friends. When I checked her talk page, I was really lost for words. I'm so proud of all the work she's done on the wiki. Don't know how I will go on without her but I will try and I only ever talked to her once, this wiki won't be the same without her and I haven't forgotten even after 6 months she's in a better place now (Heaven) and her legacy will surely live on. And I will most definitely remember the great days where she was still alive.  :'(
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R.I.P Walkazo; December 16 1991 - March 27 2016 :(


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Re: Rest in Peace, Walkazo
« Reply #222 on: December 16, 2016, 01:41:58 AM »
Reposting this here for posterity:

I sent the donation, here is the automated email I got back:

Dear [my name],

Thank you very much for your donation of $1,000.00 to The Living City Foundation in memory of B. "Walkazo" Dalziel.

Your gift will be directed to the Tommy Thompson Park Bird Research Station.

Your support is very much appreciated and will help us to fund projects of Toronto Region Conservation and beyond. Rest assured that your gift will help us to make a difference where human settlement can flourish as a part of nature's beauty and diversity.

If you have any questions, please feel to contact me at 416-667-6291 or by email at

Again, my thanks.

The Living City Foundation

I did receive a pdf to use for tax purposes that I can use as proof of donation.  If anyone feels that they need it, I can provide a copy, as well as screen caps of me receiving monetary donations and moving the money around (I had to put it in my bank account because they didn't accept paypal, just bank cards).

I will keep you all updated with any other message I receive.

I also felt I should share this find from the TTPBRS site:

A raptor researcher in Thailand, had heard about the tragedy we had in March concerning Bronwyn. He was moved by her story and commitment to bird research at TTPBRS.

He contacted us and asked if it would be ok to name one of his satellite transmitted birds, Bronwyn. We thought that was a perfect way to honor her.

Only 2 Japanese sparrowhawks have ever been fitted with transmitters. They move through Thailand and Malaysia and little is known on the timing and migration strategies used by these birds.

Bronwyn's movements can be seen on the map.

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Re: Rest in Peace, Walkazo
« Reply #223 on: December 16, 2016, 07:14:41 PM »
Her birthday is on Sunday. This is going to be hard for her family.
May Walkazo always be remembered on MarioWiki for years to come.
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Re: Rest in Peace, Walkazo
« Reply #224 on: December 16, 2016, 07:18:19 PM »
I thought it was today.

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Re: Rest in Peace, Walkazo
« Reply #225 on: December 16, 2016, 07:32:45 PM »
A couple years ago when I tried to wish her a happy birthday, she told me she would periodically go into the settings of her online profiles and change her birthday date, to keep people from knowing when her actual birthday was.

I don't know if she kept doing it after telling me that though, or how often.

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Re: Rest in Peace, Walkazo
« Reply #226 on: December 16, 2016, 07:55:03 PM »
So I wrote up a short poem in honor of Walkazo, but I'm not sure if I want to post it, reason being it's not really finalized as of this minute. Should I wait until the 25th to post it or just post it now?


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Re: Rest in Peace, Walkazo
« Reply #227 on: December 16, 2016, 08:40:15 PM »
Thank you, Anton. And thank you to everyone in our community who had made a contribution to this cause.


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Re: Rest in Peace, Walkazo
« Reply #228 on: January 20, 2017, 11:11:02 PM »
I know I'm way late on this, but I wanted to express my condolences to everyone, especially those close to her. I saw this the day it was posted and I shed a tear, even as someone who didn't really know her all too well. A car accident is how my grandmother died, so I can really relate to and sympathize with how sudden of a loss this was. I feel like I can't say any more than was already said, so I'll just say, may Walkazo rest in peace.


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Re: Rest in Peace, Walkazo
« Reply #229 on: January 28, 2017, 04:07:52 PM »
I know, I am new user, and I never knew Walkazo, but I just want to say that I am very sorry for you guys and Walkazo's family. She seemed like a great person, reading her Userpedia, and I wish I could have met her. It is sad to have a loved one go, and even it is a person on the internet, it it very saddening.

Condolences to anyone who knew Walkazo and cherished her being. I wish for you to stay positive and go on, even without her. (This is mostly for her family) I may have never had a loved one die yet, but it must be very saddening. Anyway, I hope her family and you guys can get through this, as it is sad. I know I already said it a million times in this post, and everything in the post I mean.

Now, if you know me better, you know I am sort of an *bleep* on the site, but I truthfully am a great and understanding person. Just know that. Anyway, I better end this post, it has gone on forever. And any mistakes or anything that sounds strange in the post is my fault, I had a headache while typing this.

And Walkazo, stay safe in the clouds and remember, we will miss you.
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Re: Rest in Peace, Walkazo
« Reply #230 on: January 29, 2017, 11:35:20 AM »
I wish I had seen this thread sooner. And I know it's too late to give my condolences, but I still want to pay my respects. While Walkazo and I didn't interact often, I would be lying if I didn't say I looked up to her. I remember a long time ago, I would log in, check the "I heard you have a dragon problem?" thread, and laugh my ass off. Walkazo was an amazing member of the community and it truly makes me sad knowing she is gone. Rest in peace, Walkazo. And to those who were close to her, both her family and the community here, thank you all for staying strong.


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Re: Rest in Peace, Walkazo
« Reply #231 on: February 02, 2017, 11:19:16 AM »
I came up with a poem of sorts last night about Walkazo. I suppose it would've been more meaningful to post it on the 27th of March, but I really wanted to post it. It's not perfect, but enjoy anyway.


The "Year of Death" is finally over
and we lost a lot of friends
After 365 days
it finally came to an end

From Prince to Carrie Fisher,
it all felt very icky
Not a single form of media was safe,
not even the Super Mario Wiki

A fatal accident made us lose
a woman who gave it her all
It truly made us sad to see
one of our very own fall

A kind bureaucrat with a love of birds,
she's done so much to make
the Super Mario Wiki a great place,
so we must continue, for her sake

It's only been a year,
but it feels like so long ago
All we can do is press on and say
"Rest in peace, dear Walkazo."


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Re: Rest in Peace, Walkazo
« Reply #232 on: February 24, 2017, 03:09:40 PM »
This is very shocking and Sad :'(, i never met Walkazo and i wish i could've met her earlier.

I am very sad this happened, Condolences to Her Family, You were very meaningful to Mario Wiki members and your Family :'(
It is very sad to hear that you are gone, I am happy that during your life here you became a wiki Bureaucrat but the Mario Wiki will be Strong!

Rest in Peace Walkazo

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Re: Rest in Peace, Walkazo
« Reply #233 on: February 25, 2017, 05:35:06 PM »
Guys, I'm sure we all appreciate the gesture, but can you please stop posting in this thread?

It's been nearly a year. A lot of us are trying to move on, especially those of us who actually knew her and have been hit by the loss of someone that's helped shape us.

I'm not trying to be a dick. I really don't want to start a fight in the thread meant to memoralize my dead mentor, who I've been thinking about nonstop for the past few weeks for some reason.

But I would really appreciate it if you guys would let this rest. You don't need to mourn over someone you never met. None of us are going to resent you for not taking part in it, and none of us are going to think particularly more highly of you for sharing in our grief. This isn't something you need to do.

Please leave this be. I love Walkazo and I miss her every day, and I'd really just like to stop seeing this thread pop up in my notifications every time I stray by Marioboards. I feel the same jolt every time, every time I remember exactly how I felt when I clicked this thread for the first time.

I can't force you to do anything, but I ask you earnestly not to continue bumping this thread if you didn't know Walkazo. Please.

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Re: Rest in Peace, Walkazo
« Reply #234 on: March 06, 2017, 10:03:40 PM »
After discussing this internally, the mod team has decided to close the thread to new replies. We will leave it stickied to remain as a memorial.