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Re: Awards Mafia V - Endgame - This *bleep*ing Game
« Reply #1500 on: September 04, 2015, 10:40:09 PM »

Just twelve days ago, thirty-five people began lynching and killing each other. Some were innocent, others not so much. Most of them wanted to rid the town of everyone, but a couple didn't care and just wanted to get out alive, and one just wanted to watch everything burn.

That first day, GutsehMan ended up being the main focus of discussion. After initially gathering the majority of votes, he managed to convince the town that lynching him was a mistake, and no one died that day. The first casualty of sorts came that night when Stargazing suddenly became QuizmoManiac. The first true deaths ended up being Fantanoice, NEX, and Nysic, who were all innocent. Chibiki Daisy, Crackin, and Tucayo were all seemingly injured by Nysic, which would soon make them targets, and RandomYoshi, one of the most vocal townspeople, had been frozen solid.

The second day was less eventful than the first, and was mostly just a discussion between LN1 and Nabber. No one died that second day, not even any of the injured people. The town seemed to want to go after Chibiki first, but surprisingly, she was killed that night, and ended up being innocent. Nabber, also an innocent, also lost his life, and Smg2daisy took RandomYoshi's place as the frozen person.

The third day originally ended up being a discussion between whether Crackin or Tucayo should go...but after Stooben delivered news that Freakworld was a member of the Robots, the town jumped to lynching him instead. Unfortunately for the town, there weren't any robots attacking the town this year, and Freakworld turned out to be an innocent one. Glitchy was the innocent victim that night...but the town was surprised to find that a member of the Mafia, Icemario, had also been killed. Fanta had also returned to life that night, originally seeming to be because of her auto-reviving.

Day number four went back to the discussion between Crackin and Tucayo, though Shoey claimed he killed Fanta originally and thus she could not have revived on her own. Regardless, they decided not to let Crackin and Tucayo go any longer without one of them dying, and ultimately Crackin was the lynchee. He ended up being a thief who wasn't aligned with anyone but himself. That night, Neptune was killed, but his death was not in vain, and before he left for the great beyond, he brought Freakworld and Nabber back to the world of the living.

On the fifth day, Fanta was the first target. Later in the day, however, it was brought to light that Pi and Vocal Beat scanned as Wizards. The town ultimately decided that Pi would be a bigger thread, and killed him. It turned out he was indeed a Wizard, giving the town one more threat to worry about. At night, however, the threat was weaken further when another Wizard, Banjo, was killed. Cirdec was also killed, but before the town could go after Vocal Beat, the day was plunged into an extra night. Also, Packy got frozen for a day and Mariofan169 turned into Epic Nitwit around this time.

As it turned out, the sudden night ended up being a waste of time, and every remaining townsperson lived through it. Before another night could take place, it was revealed it was opposite day, and the night now acted like a day. The town used the opportunity to get rid of Vocal Beat, who went down without a fight. Sure enough, he was another Wizard.

On day seven, Super Mario Bros. accidentally ran over Lumastar, and in grief took his place. The town decided that it was time to get rid of Fanta, but when they tried to lynch her, it didn't work. Before Fanta had a chance to use the night to her advantage, the sun decided not to go down for the day, and she was finally lynched as a result. She turned out to be an Undead convert, giving the town another threat to watch out for.

Day eight originally had NSY and tfp under the hot seat, until Stooben threw out Packy's name. The events led to Packy admitting he was the Serial Killer, and at that point, all hell broke loose. While many innocents thought it was better to keep Packy around since he was no longer a threat at all and could help get out some actual threats, they were outvoted, though Packy did not die. That night, Freakworld and Gutseh did die, and in Freakworld's case, it would be a permanent death, as his ghost was eaten alive...wait, how can you be eaten alive when you're a ghost? Actually, who even cares? Shoey also fell into a deep sleep, Time Turner was frozen solid, NEX stopped being dead...and out of nowhere, LN1 fled town to let the remaining losers kill each other.

With several allies either dead or out of commission, Packy was even more under attack on day nine than he was before. He once again survived, and this time was able to fight back. While ARFU and Time Turner were being killed by others, Smg2daisy was being injured, and Nabber went to sleep, Packy put turb on ice, killed traitor cop tfp, and summoned a giant laser from the sky. This laser aggressively chased Stooben around until he finally couldn't run away anymore. Despite having several forms of protection, the laser was able to easily kill Stooben...and revealed him to be the Mafia godfather.

Despite having been a huge help to the innocents, Packy still wasn't able to get enough support, and finally died on the tenth day. Smg2daisy also died for her injuries, ridding the town of another mafia. Uniju was injured himself that night, and SMB and Nabber bit the dust...though in an unusual event, Nabber's current alignment could not be determined right there, though in reality he had been innocent the whole time.

On the eleventh day, Quizmo accused Bones of being the Wizard godfather, but this accusation quickly fell flat. Instead, Turb led the defeat of the true Wizard godfather: Uniju. As it turned out, he was also the final Wizard, and the town had one less threat...but two still remained, and that night, they wiped out Bones and NSY.

This morning, Turb stated that he thought NEX had been converted to the Undead, and with confirmation from Quizmo, the town got rid of him. While Turb and Quizmo correct, it turned out to be a trap, made even more clear by the sudden revive of Stooben.

And with everything caught up, here we are. On the twelfth...and final night.

As Shoey walked among the streets, he came across a terrifying sight: the corpse of GBAToad. As went over to examine it, he suddenly heard a noise. When he looked toward it, he saw a group of people, who he quickly recognized as the remaining townspeople, plus tfp, who had somehow returned to life.

And then Shoey realized what was happening.

He was the final Innocent.

But he wasn't going down without a fight. Shoey charged up his fists. He was tough, and he knew he could take them all out if he wanted to, and he definitely wanted to. He ran over and began to let loose a punch towards one of the enemies, and then...

...before he even knew what was coming, Shoey's arm seemed to develop a mind of its own, and it popped up and smashed him in the face, the impact killing him instantly.

And just like that, it was over.

The innocents had failed to protect their town.

They were all dead.

GBAToad was shot! He was...
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Shoey punched himself out! He was...
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

It can now be revealed that Nabber was still Innocent. However, he had found his location before his death:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

The Innocents have lost.

With no one left to stop them, the Mafia and Undead quickly destroyed what was left of the town and parted ways. Though they had helped each other out, and each side was grateful to the other for helping them survive, it was time to move on. The nine survivors said their goodbyes, as they left the ruined town to be forgotten in time.

The Mafia, Undead, and LN1 are the winners!

Remaining roles


Stooben was the same role as before.

Meta Knight:
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Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Spoiler (click to show/hide)


Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Epic Nitwit:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Spoiler (click to show/hide)

tfp was revived and converted to the Undead.

The game is now over. Head on over to the lounge. Thanks for playing, everyone!