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Mario Kart 7 & 8 Tournaments
« on: May 24, 2014, 03:03:40 PM »
(These will have separate threads on the public board.)

Well, I've build up the mandatory parts of the tournaments, which will both be mostly the same, except the amount of players per group (7 in MK7, 11 in MK8).
Because MK8 will only launch in 6 days after this post, I'm not 100% sure how its online works with communities/tournament functionality, so that will be determined ASAP after it's release.
  • Like last year, every round and groups will have their own community.
  • Grouping the players will happen based on their timezones, though as the tournament proceeds, this might get tricky if for example there are only people from America, Europe and Oceania. That is something I simply can't predict, and I will place a disclaimer on that.
  • I as host will join every race to act as a referee and note the scores. In MK8 we have MKTV though, so depending on it's functionality of being able to watch races friends play(ed) or not, I might not join those.

On the side note, I want to participate the MK8 Tournament myself too, so while I'm not eliminated, the referee/MKTV part won't be a problem.

For some race-specific things...
  • Races are going to be at 150cc, all items.
  • People have to select Random for every course. Should they fail to do so, I'll see if it brings consequences.

As for Tokens, I took the schema from last year, and didn't change anything in it as it worked pretty well then.

Winner of the Tournament   
30 Tokens
Runner-up of the Tournament   
20 Tokens
Third in the Tournament   
15 Tokens
First of a round   
15 Tokens
Second of a round   
8 Tokens
In the Top-4 of a round   
5 Tokens
   If one gets first or second, they get this too, not just one of above two.
Eliminated in the first round   
5 Tokens
   As a consolation price.

Lastly, the dates.

For MK7, I have picked the weekend of Friday 18 July to Sunday 20 July. For MK8 it is the week following that, 25 to 27 July.
These dates are around the time the MK7 Tournament was hosted last year (which was 19-21 July).

If there is anything I forgot or questions or additions, let me know.