Author Topic: What inspired YOUR username?  (Read 116322 times)

Creature from the Depths of Hell Itself

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(What inspired YOUR username?) CUNNING GOD OF DEATH
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For SuperDoom, it was from an odd fanfic about Plants VS. Zombies that I kept only in my mind where I was a Doom Shroom named Super Doom. I refuse to return to it.

As for Creature from the Depths of Hell Itself...I just pulled that one straight outta my mind.
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Re: What inspired YOUR username?
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well you see, i wanted to be on the Kyoobur Company (Which i am on, btw) so i decided to go with "MediaVideoEditor"as my basis. why? because a lot of kyoobur company users have "Media" In there name. (eg, MediaFilipinoEditor254, MediaLogoEditor606 (Btw, MediaLogoEditor606 chaged its name to NeoVideoEffects, that was his old name))and so i put "MediaVideoEditor" there because it sounded like it. and for "856" well, i went to (Not a sponsor) and put 1000 and see what i got. I got the number "856" so thats were 856 came from. And why did i shorten it? well, thats because my old account had the Full Name, MediaVideoEditor856. So i decided to shorten it to letters "MVE", btw, so thats why i go just under "MVE" i got under "MediaVideoEditor"almost everywhere else. so yeah!


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Re: What inspired YOUR username?
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My Nintendo network ID (also Toadettefan14)

My current and upcoming display names are named after characters from video games I like/love(Toadette is my favourite video game character of all time and my favourite Mario character)
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Marchionne Evangelisti

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Re: What inspired YOUR username?
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Well, Marchionne is Mario, just from a previous life. However, he is not my creation. He was created by Marios-friend9 for her fangame, (Mario) The Music Box [Arc]
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Re: What inspired YOUR username?
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i havent posted here? anyway zelenpixel is the username i go with everywhere, though i go with just zelen sometimes like what everyone calls me
zelen comes from russian for green but its not pronounced the same at all lmao. its like. zyelyon(yi) versus "helen with a z"
pixel is because i do pixel art also just sounds nice
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