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Fan Creations / Re: Make your own Mario character!
« on: December 06, 2018, 04:24:57 AM »
Name: Warule

Side: Evil, though she is very cowardly and flees at the slightest sign of danger.

Relation: she is a doppelganger of Peach but notably looks nothing like her, she is a princess of a land called the Arain biome and she has a grudge aginst Peach and Daisy because they are more attractive than her. The first people she encountered in the Mushroom kingdom were Wario and Waluigi, she almost instantly fell head-over heels in love with Waluigi but he doesn't quite feel the same. she stays with them but has to pay for in coin, she stays with them both for protection and so she can stalk Waluigi easily

Age: unknown

Gender: Female

Description: she has short brown messy hair that spikes out in all directions, she also wears a brownish pink crop top and black shorts with overalls. she has the iconic pink nose and blue under her eyes like the other doppelgangers as well as a small crown baring her logo

Logo: Her logo is a orange D with a pink P in the center

Motive: Her hatred of Peach and daisy has brought her to the Mushroom Kingdom, she met Wario and Waluigi and are now paying them to help her overthrow the the princesses 

Likes: attention, dressing up, complaining, and stalking Waluigi

Dislikes: being teased, Peach and Daisy, and loud noises

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