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Mario Awards XIII / Re: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament
« on: June 16, 2019, 02:23:56 AM »
Well that's settled, I'm okay with starting the tournament a little early so here we go!

Round 1 ends June 26, 2019, 02:59:59 AM (June 25th, 11:59 PM PDT)

Round 1:

Round 1:

I will allow it.

Other than that, sign ups closed

Edit: I will accept one more team to keep an even number

Because a number of you did poor planning and have procrastinated until the last minute to post sign-ups, I will grant a 12-hour extension. Sign-ups now close at June 15, 2019, 02:59:59 PM! (12 PM PDT)

Realistically I'm not going to wake up at noon just to close sign-ups so if you post after the deadline but before I wake up I'll probably let it slide.

Sign ups close in 6 hours!

Sign ups close in a little over 3 days!

Video Games / Re: I just beat __
« on: June 08, 2019, 08:56:17 PM »
Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards

And yes I did get the true ending


This is the embodiment of Mario Kart Wii for me.

Off-subject Discussion / Re: I have a new/avatar/sig/whatever.
« on: May 30, 2019, 10:07:26 PM »
You met a knight

Video Games / Re: I just beat __
« on: May 28, 2019, 11:52:39 PM »
 Dedede's theme actually debuted in the original Kirby's Dream Land.

Nice review though

Elimination / Re: Hurt and Heal Duel: UPPERCASE Vs. lowercase
« on: May 28, 2019, 10:09:04 PM »
And there we have it folks! The winner is UPPERCASE! CELEBRATE WITH DESPAIR.

Packy you're banned from my elimination games

Elimination / Hurt and Heal Duel: UPPERCASE Vs. lowercase
« on: May 28, 2019, 10:03:43 PM »
That's right we're having a duel between uppercase and lowercase letters because why not and while we're at it lets set some rules:

- You only get to use 1 point
- Both entries have 1HP
- You can't heal why is it even called hurt and heal then this game sucks
- This should have been KO a Character but isn't for arbitrary reasons I'm too lazy to explain.

aaaaaaaaaa [1]


Mistakes were made here.

Hey all, sign ups are still open so please join us for that! I need at least two more teams or else I will have to cancel the teams tournament, so you all should grab a buddy or bully them into submission to join your team and get ready to smash!

Sure. I just have a NA copy of the game.

Elimination / Re: Hurt & Heal duel J. D. Sumner vs. Michael Jackson
« on: May 17, 2019, 09:01:38 PM »
J. D. Sumner [90]

Michael Jackson [98]

Elimination / Re: Hurt & Heal duel J. D. Sumner vs. Michael Jackson
« on: May 17, 2019, 07:53:32 PM »
J. D. Sumner [94]

Michael Jackson [98]

Enjoys beating up Wario in whatever possible. I remember using your Wario Boomer mod in L4D2. It was incredibly amusing fighting a bunch of generic zombies and then all of a sudden "WAAAAA"  *explodes*

I am signing up as a team with Geeky

Team Name: MetAmy
Usernames: Meta Knight & MsRetroGeek
Switch Names: Meta & Geeky
Switch Friend Codes: SW-1512-5360-0639 & SW-2490-9555-5028
Time Zone: PDT & PDT

The joke's on you, I'm already in the game

Username                     Switch Name          Friend Code                     Time Zone                       
Meta KnightMetaSW-1512-5360-0639Pacific Time Zone (PDT) (UTC-7)
YoshiFlutterJump (Bandana Waddle Dee)GarrisonSW-4083-0841-7914Eastern Time Zone (EDT) (UTC-4)
StarkussStarkussSW-1595-8380-3420British Summer Time (BST) (UTC+1)
fantanoicefantanoiceSW-1185-3678-7111Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) (UTC+10)
UltraMarioUltraMarioSW-3714-8210-5043Eastern Time Zone (EDT) (UTC-4)
SmasherSmasherSW-7628-2111-0913Central Time Zone (CDT) (UTC-5)
Superchao (Hibiki Tachibana)SuperchaoSW-1115-1546-9324Eastern Time Zone (EDT) (UTC-4)
The Pyro Guy (Ice Cream Man)TPGSW-5186-2405-5711British Summer Time (BST) (UTC+1)
CoffeeCoffeeSW-0440-9847-6020Pacific Time Zone (PDT) (UTC-7)
rollerC (Madeline)RollerSW-2196-5910-2518Pacific Time Zone (PDT) (UTC-7)
Shoey (Maki's #3 Fan)BorisSW-3381-2939-9982Central Time Zone (CDT) (UTC-5)
TurbooturbSW-1512-5312-3150Arizona Time (AZ) (UTC-7)
Snack (Chihaya Kisaragi)SnackSW-1793-4482-7996Eastern Time Zone (EDT) (UTC-4)
Fun With Despair (Dante From The Devil May Cry Series)    idiotSW-6649-9643-5876Mountain Time Zone (MDT) (UTC-6)

Team Name              Team Members               Switch Names          Friend Codes                     Time Zones                       
MetAmyMeta KnightMetaSW-1512-5360-0639Pacific Time Zone (PDT) (UTC-7)
MsRetroGeek (Amy Rose)  GeekySW-2490-9555-5028Pacific Time Zone (PDT) (UTC-7)
The God ModsSuperchao (Hibiki Tachiba)SuperchaoSW-1115-1546-9324Eastern Time Zone (EDT) (UTC-4)
SmasherSmasherSW-7628-2111-0913Central Time Zone (CDT) (UTC-5)
Worlds CollideSonicMario (Northern Verve)TylerSW-3372-3971-1325Eastern Time Zone (EDT) (UTC-4)
MST3K (Weasel)WeaselSW-8406-2414-6708Eastern Time Zone (EDT) (UTC-4)
löded diperThe Pyro Guy (Ice Cream Man)TPGSW-5186-2405-5711British Summer Time (BST) (UTC+1)
StarkussStarkussSW-1595-8380-3420British Summer Time (BST) (UTC+1)
Satellite LoversCoffeeCoffeeSW-0440-9847-6020Pacific Time Zone (PDT) (UTC-7)
Roserade (Host Kamek)RoseradeSW-5046-6095-0140Pacific Time Zone (PDT) (UTC-7)
Hotel MoscowTurbooturbSW-1512-5312-3150Arizona Time (AZ) (UTC-7)
UnijuUnijuSW-1916-6981-7878Eastern Time Zone (EDT) (UTC-4)
Zurui yo Magnetic TodayShoey (Maki's #3 Fan)BorisSW-3381-2939-9982Central Time Zone (CDT) (UTC-5)
thefreshprince (Rin Tohsaka)AdrielSW-7997-8764-7276 Pacific Time Zone (PDT) (UTC-7)
Team Better Than Shoey's Team       Fun With Despair (Dante From The Devil May Cry Series)   idiotSW-6649-9643-5876Mountain Time Zone (MDT) (UTC-6)
Lord BowserLBSW-8053-5976-6500Pacific Time Zone (PDT) (UTC-3)

Round 1 ends June 26, 2019, 02:59:59 AM

Round 1:

Round 1:

Hey everyone and welcome to the first Mariowiki Awards Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament! As you can guess, this will be a tournament for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. There will be two tournaments opening simultaneously here, a Solo tournament for 1-v-1 matches, and one for Team Battles. Please read the rules for more information on that. Credit to Groden for some of the ideas used here.

So to keep things balanced, this tournament will lean towards more competitive settings. What this entails is the following set of rules:
  • 3 Stock Lives
  • 8-Minute Timer
  • Items: Off
  • Spirits: Off
  • Final Smash Meter: Off
  • Stage Hazards: Off
  • Team Attack: On (For the Team Tourney)
Legal Stages:
  • Battlefield (All Battlefield forms count as Battlefield)
  • Final Destination (All Omega forms count as Final Destination)
  • Lylat Cruise
  • Pokemon Stadium 2
  • Smashville
There are no character locks, so feel free to play as whoever you want, whenever you want.

There will be 5 rounds for each tournament, with 10 days between rounds to complete sets. If you fail to complete a round, it may count as a round forfeit. If it happens more than once you may be removed from the tournament. If everyone completes their matches early, the next round will start immediately and will have the leftover days be added on to the round time (For instance if Round 1 finishes 5 days early, Round 2 will be 15 days).

The tourney will use a Swiss system to find similarly ranked teams to play against in best-of-3 sets. For those unfamiliar how it works:
  • The first team you will fight against will have a similar collaborative rank to your own.
  • Afterwards, you will face off against teams with similar win-loss records in an attempt to rank up.
  • You will never fight the same opponent twice in the same tournament.
This means that even if you lose a match, you're still able to play in future rounds!

The tournament brackets will be generated by Challonge. I will have links to them in the forums as well as displayed in this thread and update it as the tournament moves along. There will be no tokens at the end, as that system is being retired. Depending on the situation in the future, I may offer something in the future, but that is not a guarantee.

Participants can either mutually agree on a stage to play, or use stage striking:
  • Participant 1 bans one legal stage.
  • Participant 2 bans two legal stages.
  • This leaves Participant 1 with a choice between two of the legal stages to start the set on.
  • The losing participant of the previous round then picks the next stage from the legal list, if that stage has not been played   in the set yet (bans for the first match do not matter).
When the winner is determined, send me your scores either through forums post/PM, IRC PM, or Discord. As long as you make it clear to me what the results were and make sure I see it, I don't mind how it's reported.

As mentioned, there will be two simultaneous tournaments occurring, a SOLO and a TEAM tournament. You can think of this like how the Smash 3DS/Wii U was done simultaneously a few years ago. You are free to sign up for one or both tournaments.
To sign up for the Solo tournament, I will need the following:
  • Your Username
  • Your Nintendo Switch Nickname
  • Your Nintendo Switch Friend Code
  • Your Time Zone
To sign up for the Team tournament, I will need the following:
  • Both of your Usernames
  • Both of your Nintendo Switch Nicknames
  • Both of your Nintendo Switch Friend Codes
  • Both of your Time Zones
  • A Team Name
Sign-ups are open right now! They will be open for a little less than a month, closing on June 15, 2019, 02:59:59 AM (June 14th, 2019, 23:59:59 PDT). The tournament will then begin a day later, on June 16, 2019, 03:00:00 AM (June 16th, 2019, 0:00:00 PDT), and run approximately 50 days (ending around August 5th). Please join so that you can be one of the cool folks!

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